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Top 10 Movie Scenes

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The Deer Hunter (1978) "We gotta play with more bullets" In cinema there is no more an immediate scene dealing in death than this one, the sight of Robert DeNiro and his army buddies John Savage and Christopher Walken having to play Russian Roulette with a loaded pistol to entertain their ... Read review

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"...the over-rated Godfather at the top of the IMDB 250, two of only three films to have nine-out-of-ten rankings in that list, and so many fabulous scenes in the movie. The one that stands out is that brilliant twist, one I certainly didn't see coming and skilfully won't be revealing here. I'm sure there are some young ones out there that have yet to see this almost perfect movie and so I won't be denying you that treat. It's the moment when the prisons ..." Read review

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