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published 28/02/2004 | scampi1
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My seven year old son is a avid viewer of a cable channel called 'Boomerang' which generally features older cartoons. Having watched countless hours of this channel myself I happened upon this top ten catergory whilst browsing through the Ciao Cafe and decided to give it a whirl.


Henry (a dog) is the "mild mannered janitor" at a police station who also happens have an alter ego "Hong Kong Phooey". HKP is a super crime fighter who wears a red and white judo type robe an is ably assisted by Spot ( a stripey cat - don't you just love the irony ? ). HKP often has to consult his Hong Kong book of kung fu, before finally catching the villain, but all along it's Spot who's the brains of the outfit. Has me in hysterics every time.


Tom is probably the only cat I like. Boy is his life miserable. Jerry mouse torments him, Spike the dog hates him and the housekeeper just thinks he's lazy. He gets 10/10 for effort but can never successfully catch Jerry despite some valiant attempts to do so

Cartoon violence at it's funniest as Tom gets to swallow irons, have his back 'lawnmowered', doors slammed in his face, hit with anything and everything, and just about any other possible punishment going. Secretly I believe Tom and Jerry are pals but must maintain the pretence of hatred for the viewers sake.


A motley band of racers race their assortment of cars, planes, tanks and rock cars across an assortment of landscapes. Characters include Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect, The Anthill Mob (a group of midget gangsters), Prof. Pat Pending, The Slag Brothers and Dick Dastardly & Mutley.

Dick and Mutley the dog (his faithful but misguided sidekick) cannot win a race fairly so they try to cheat. This usually ends in failure causing Mutley to snigger "sh sh sh sh sh sh " and Dick to cry "Mutley do something !". It's Mutley's cursing of Dick under his breath that makes me laugh "sassin fassin rassin sassin".


This cool rabbit outwits all his opponents with style. Never flustered he manages to wind them up with his catchphrase "What's up doc ?".

Whether they are trying to outdo, shoot or eat him Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam etc... just can't beat him. Bugs Bunny uses all his cunning and guile to turn the tables on them which just makes them madder (especially Yosemite Sam) until they often end up shooting or blowing themselves up. Great stuff.


Actually two cartoons in one, as each show usually featured an Inspector Clousseau cartton sandwiched inbetween two Pink Panther Cartoons.

The Pink Panther is a bit of a failure at life and never seems to be able to complete even the simplest of tasks. Maybe not as unfortunate a cat as Tom, in Tom & Jerry, but probably runs him a close second. The theme music is good too:-

"So here he is the pink panther......The rinky dink panther........ Have you ever seen a panther so pink.....He really is a groovy cat.......What a gentleman, a scholar,what an acrobat...."

Inspector Clousseau is the real star of the show though. Such a brilliant cartoon caricature of the Peter Sellers character which has me chuckling like a good un' every time.


Not strictly speaking a cartoon, but great entertainment nonethless. The clangers are a group of mouse like creatures who seem to be covered from head to tail in pink knitted wooly jumpers. They never speak, instead they communicate by means of a strange whistling noise that sounds a bit like blowing into a bicycle pump whilst moving the handle up and down. The moon where they lived is also inhabited by a large Soup Dragon from whom they obtain their favourite food, soup I never could make the Clanger noise no matter how hard I tried.


Or Cavey as he was known affectionately by the Teen Angels (a sort of teen version of Charlies Angels). This cartooon usually revolved around Cavey and the Teen Angels solving mysteries a la' Scooby Doo. When about to spring into action, Cavey (who resembled a sort of hairy Mr Potato Head) would shout his memorable saying:-

This still cracks me up now when I see it on the Boomerang channel.


"Whose close friends get to call him TC" as the title song goes. The street wise alley cat was allegedly based on Phil Silvers Sgt. Bilko character. Forever up to no good or trying to make a fast buck, TC's adversary was Officer Dibble, a policeman who TC often outwitted, much to Dibble's annoyance. TC slept in a dustbin full of creature comforts, ate all the best food and ruled the roost in his own alley over his gang of feline flunkies. Great cartoon.


Another 'non-cartoon', but I've included it anyway. Bagpuss was a pink and beige striped cat. He made up stories about the history of the pieces of junk bought into the shop where he resided, by the shop's owner, a young girl called Emily. He was assisted by Professor Yaffle (a bookend in the shape of a rather sceptical woodpecker), Gabriel (a banjo playing toad), Madelaine (a singing ragdoll) and who can forget the mice and their "Incredible Mouse Organ. Each episode starts in black and white / sepia until Bagpuss and his pals awake to tell the story, once the tale is told Bagpuss soon tires and all the characters revert to their original dormant state.


Probably the funniest cartoon ever. Roadrunner is proabably the worlds fastest bird, except he doesn't even fly. He does exactly what it says on the tin, he runs on roads, very quickly. Trying to stop him is Wyle E. Coyote, but he always, always fails, and miserably too. He takes more punishment than Tom, in Tom & Jerry. Whatever hair brained scheme he tries to stop Roadrunner backfires, and more often or not he ends up being the victim. The coyote has been flattened by trains, cars and juggernauts, fallen down large canyons, blown up and crushed by falling boulders. All the time Roadrunner just keeps whizzing past going "beep beep!". I'm chuckling to myself now just thinking about it.

Well there's my top ten toons, but some others deserve a mention as being close to making the list:-

The Flintstones
Catch The Pigeon
Yogi Bear
The Hair Bear Bunch

That's all folks.

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  • Collingwood21 published 22/05/2010
    Ahhhh, some of these take me back. :-)
  • scuzz published 27/03/2004
    GREAT!! I loved these. But one yuo missed out has to Count Duckula! Sharon
  • Anonymousguest published 21/03/2004
    really good review there well done x x hey i wanna go watch telly too if ur inviting!!
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