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Top Gun (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack

1 CD(s) - Soundtracks - Label: Sony Music Distribution - Distributor: Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 02/04/2001 - 5099707029624

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Review of "Top Gun (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack"

published 18/03/2010 | atytyut2434
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"Top Gun, top tunes."

The Top Gun Soundtrack is exactly what is says it is, the soundtrack to the movie Top Gun and was released in 1986 by Columbia Records reaching #1 on The Billboard 200. The original release only had 10 tracks but a reissue in 1999 added 5 extra tracks some of which do feature in the film but aren't the cast recordings.

For some reason the makers chose not to include the track "Radar Radio" by Giorgio Moroder which features in the movie. There is other backing music which was written by Harold Faltermeyer (who is better known as the creator of the song "Axel F") that also does not feature on this album or the re-release which makes me think they will eventually release a more definative soundtrack containing all the missing tunes as well as the incidental music. In order to do a full accurate review of the album and the correct running order in the movie I have both rewatched the move and listened to the whole album.

So whats on the Top Gun Soundtrack then?

1. "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins – 3:36
This track was offered to Bryan Adams & Toto before being given to Loggins to sing, his version went on to record a best chart position of #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was co-written by Giorgio Moroder & the track plays over the scene of F-14's being launched off a carrier at the start of the movie as well as playing over the 1st scene at Miramar.

I always feel Loggins voice has a slight femine quality to in in his delivery of this song, he just sounds a lot like a girl in the semi falsetto style he sings it in. Its got a kick ass guitar line & and an amazing drum line too though. Shortly after this track is used is the 1st piece of missing backing music used behind the engaging the MIGs scene.

2. "Mighty Wings" by Cheap Trick – 3:51
This track was co-written by Harold Faltermayer and an instrumental version of it plays over the scene of the first training session at Miramar, the full version plays over some of the end credits. The arpeggio sequence over the drum track really suits the combat sequence its played over.

I always feel some of the synth lines feel a little like warning alarms which heightened the tension created by the tune. Its a shame the instrumental version hasn't been released as it'd make quite a good track to exercise to. Despite being released as a single by Cheap Trick there is no recorded chart position for it.

3. "Playing With the Boys" by Kenny Loggins – 3:59
The track was also written by Loggins and it plays over the scene of Maverick & Goose playing beach volleyball against Iceman & Slider, its a great upbeat rocking track that always reminds me of summer with my friends in the 80's hanging out & tossing an American football around.

The synth pan pipes are quite fun & cool making a great a contrast the very strong drum & guitar lines as well as the vigorous delivery of the lyrics by Loggins. Despite being a very upbeat song it only reached #60 in the US charts as a single.

4. "Lead Me On" by Teena Marie – 3:47
I really love the brass & synth lines that mix with a great slap bass riff, Teena Marie just wails out those lyrics like a woman who really has been led on & is really sick of it and the track plays over the scene after the end of the 1st day at Miramar in the Officers Club bar. The track was never released as a single.

5. "Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun)" by Berlin – 4:11
Yet another of the tracks co-written by Morodor, it won him an Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as a Golden Globe. An instrumental version of the track plays over the scene of Maverick travelling to his date with Charlie, the "humming" version plays over the scene of Maverick leaving Charlies home as well as several other scenes.

Personally I've never cared for this song, I find it too soppy. Teri Nunn gives a great delivery of the vocals but it was around too long & got too annoying as it went to #1 in 4 different countries (Netherlands, UK, US & Ireland) as well as attaining Gold record status in 4 countries (France, UK, Canada & the US).

6. "Hot Summer Nights" by Miami Sound Machine – 3:38
Probably one of the lesser known tunes as the track plays over the scene of Maverick talking to Charlie in the Officers Club bar right after singing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin" to her as well as the scene in the Ladies Room. It is only just about audible because of Gloria Estefans voice, its quite a rocky little tune & atypical of Miami Sound Machines normal latino influenced style - I do like the little brass riffs though. It was never released as a single.

7. "Heaven in Your Eyes" by Loverboy – 4:04
Another of the lesser known tunes, its a bit of a "hair" power ballad and the track plays (very briefly & extremely quietly) over the scene of Goose waiting to meet his wife & son with Maverick. It reminds me a lot of stuff by Boston or Chicago from the same time period. The single reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 US charts.

8. "Through the Fire" by Larry Greene – 3:46
Having watched the entire movie from start to finish I cant identify a single scene where this track is played in any form. Which is a massive shame as its very cool indeed, especially the sirenlike intro that sound like the warning of an air attack. Its another rocking tune, powerful but also understated in sections. That guitar solo in the break is amazing too.

9. "Destination Unknown" by Marietta – 3:48
This is a mostly sequenced synth track, very typically 80's electronica with a good Tina Turner style delivery by Marietta and the track plays over the scene of of the post graduation party. The lyrics are rather cool too, very much about being a lone wolf which suits the section of the movie it sits behind with Maverick having just lost Goose.

10. "Top Gun Anthem" by Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens – 4:12
Unlike anything we previously knew Harold Faltermeyer for this is quite an orchestrated piece but it also has a truly brilliant guitar line played by Steve Stevens. The track plays over the start of the movie, over the "greeting" of the 2nd MIG & numerous other sequences in the movie.

It won Faltermayer & Stevens a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. Faltermayer would recycle the track or parts thereof to use as incidental music across the entire film soundtrack. It certainly is a great uplifting & extremely motivating piece of music, probably my favourite thing on the whole soundtrack. If you get the chance watch the official video for this tune, Stevens has some seriously MASSIVE hair on him in it!

1999 Special Edition bonus tracks

11. "(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding – 2:42
This track plays over a scene of Maverick at Charlies house talking about his parents. Theres not much you can say about this song that hasnt already been said, Otis sounds great, the tune is lovely and simple.

12. "Memories" by Harold Faltermeyer – 2:57
A bit of acoustic guitar & some synth which plays over the scene of the scene of Goose comforting Maverick after Viper castigates them & over the scene of Maverick apologising to Goose for getting them "killed" in the showers, it also plays over the scene of Gooses death.

The low mixed acoustic guitar really reminds me of bits of Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, this is another tune that gets recycled & reused over many different scenes in slight variations on this original version. The tune certainly is filled with sadness & pathos, it can get a bit depressing listening to it too much.

13. "Great Balls of Fire" (Original Version) by Jerry Lee Lewis – 1:57
A version of this track is played in the cafe scene with Goose & his wife with Goose playing the track on a piano singing with his son, the proper version plays over the scene that immediately follows with Maverick & Charlie riding on his motorcycle. Gooses version is just a bit of harmless fun, Lewis' version reached #1 in the UK charts in 1957

14. "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by The Righteous Brothers – 3:44
A version of this track is sung by Maverick in the Officers bar to Charlie. Sadly Tom Cruise is tone deaf and his rendition is awful. The actual song plays on the jukebox in the cafe after Maverick returns to Mirimar & also over the end credits of the cast pictures. The original was #1 in 1965.

15. "Playing with the Boys" (12" Version) by Kenny Loggins – 6:41
A rather industrial sounding extended version of the Loggins tune, its certainly not as good as the original as it messed about with too much for my liking

Correct running order according to the movie:- Top Gun Anthem, Danger Zone, Top Gun Anthem, Danger Zone, Lead Me On, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin, Hot Summer Nights, Mighty Wings, Top Gun Anthem, Memories, Playing With the Boys, Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun), (Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay, Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun), Heaven in Your Eyes, Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun), Memories, Great Balls of Fire, Danger Zone, Memories, Top Gun Anthem, Memories, Destination Unknown, Top Gun Anthem, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin.

As you can see several tracks are replayed several times in the duration of the film. Radar Radio does appear in the movie (in scene after the battle back at Mirimar in the cafe playing on the jukebox in the background) very briefly but was left off the soundtrack for reasons I cant find.

Summing up:- So is The Top Gun Soundtrack any good? Hell yes would be my resounding response, there are admittedly a couple of weaks tracks but I guess they cant all be kick ass rocking tunes now can they? Is it good value? Damn right it is! If you don't own, go & buy it and rock to memories of the 80's.

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  • hillhead published 19/03/2010
    One of my all time favs. I love driving and listening to this. Fab write up. I will come back with an E.
  • lustba published 19/03/2010
    Well covered. Check your guestbook.
  • RPB1968 published 18/03/2010
    Sountracks are indeed varied mixes. Nice review but the tracks are generally not my thing.
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