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Top Ten Freebie Sites

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Freebie searching is one of my favourite and most proffitable passtimes on my computor.Using a variety of types of site from specialised freebie and offer sites,to sites retailer sites that have regular and changing free stuff up for grabs. I have compiled a list of 10 of my best and most ... Read review

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Community Level 7babajane32


One, Two, Free...

Advantagesheaps of freebies

Disadvantagesnone i've found yet

"...you weekly of all the top freebies. 2/ http://www.freeguide.co.uk *** - 3 star rating Whilst updates here are a little less regular it is updated at least once a week,often more. Again having catagories depending on the type of freebie you're on the look out for.They also have a handy little bookmark link,and set to homepage link...handy for those who want to monitor regularly. 3/ http://www.freestuffjunction.co.uk **** - 4 star ..." Read review

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Community Level 4shugardream


Free for all

Advantagesfree stuff


"...is a list of my top ten freebie sites that I think are worth a click. 1. www.gb3b.com, which is Updated DAILY at 3am with REAL Freebies, Contests & Offers - NO password, needed - Get the UK's ONLY DAILY freebies newsletter. DIRECT links in the newsletter mean you get the goodies sooner. WIN up to £1000 in the weekly newsletter draw 2. Freebies4theUK.co.uk, which is dedicated to all Internet Shoppers, offering Internet bargains, UK freebies, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3moneymad1



AdvantagesStuff for FREE, including CASH.

DisadvantagesYou might have to be patient.

"...am going to list my top 10 and explain what the sites offer and how good they actually are. Take a look and start earning today. And unlike many sites that are available on the internet today my top 10 are available to people who live in the UK. So if you are looking for some FREE stuff then why not give these a go: 1) www.freeinuk.co.uk This is a great site. Here you will receive lots and lots of FREE samples and vouchers. You can receive ..." Read review

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Community Level 2earthy


the postman needs chiropractic medicine

Advantagesfree stuff

Disadvantagessometimes get stuff you didn't ask for

"As a sceptical person i wasn't expecting to get any reply from the suggested freebie sites on some of the other opinions in this section, and for the first couple of days i recieved nothing re-inforcing my scepticism. then, out of the blue at 7:32 on the third day my dogs went mad as the front door had a labourious knock (almost a fallen against thud) from the postman. I threw on some kegs and opened the door to see my regular postman laiden down ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LadyH1970


Best freebie sites

Advantagesstuff for free

Disadvantagessome spam

"I love to get things for free, and get very excited when the postman arrives so i can see what i have recieved today. There are several things to consider when using the sites. 1. You need to monitor the sites daily, as some freebies run out very quickly. 2. Sometimes freebies are withdrawn at the manufacturers request. This is common with new companies trying to market their new products. Sites often have over 40,000 members. 3. Some of the competitions ..." Read review

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