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Top Ten Toys from my Childhood

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Did Tiny Tears Fall From Santa's Sleigh? I was a child in the 1960s. Toys were simpler in those days but still provided lots of fun. There were probably more toy shops around; not the superstore type but smaller neighbourhood toy shops. These were like an Aladdin’s cave of treasure. I had ... Read review

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Top Ten Toys From My Childhood Review with images

AdvantagesI loved my toys

DisadvantagesWhere are they now?

"...tummy was squeezed. She was top of my Christmas list but, alas, that was the year of the shortage of Tiny Tears'. I got a doll named 'Suzy Cute' instead. I tried to love her but she wasn't what I wanted. I felt guilty. Tiny Tears came to me the next year. I loved her and never stopped. When slightly older I had a '''Sindy doll'''. I preferred Sindy to Barbie. I had Sindy and her bofriend, Paul, and Sindy's sister. Then, I even saved up for a red sports ..." Read review

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Sometimes I wonder how it all fitted in one house . . .

AdvantagesCan't beat a bit of nostalgia!

DisadvantagesIt made me feel really old writing this!

"...Book Isn’t Just For Reading On top of all the fiction books, I was also very keen on books about “doing things” - I’ve still got a book on origami that my parents bought for me when they were away for their anniversary once and I still get it out from time to time (I’ve even made a moderately accurate crane once or twice), as well as a very practical Dorling Kindersley book on nature and how to do things on the theme of nature - I may never have ..." Read review

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Back in the Mists of Time....

AdvantagesWonderful memories...


"...of my favourite hobbies. So my top toys – in no particular order – would be… BOOKS I read many books and collected around eighty Enid Blyton ones. I especially loved the Malory Towers series and read them over and over again. Other favourites included Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis (I had the whole set of Narnia books, but only really enjoyed the first one.) and Charlie and the Chocolate ..." Read review

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Going Back In Time (Toys from my Childhood)


DisadvantagesThe one's that broke!

"Top Ten Toys From My Childhood! The other night me and my brother sat down and watched Beavis and Butthead Do America, we hadn't seen it for such a long time and wanted a bit of a laugh. After the film finished we started talking about how much we use to love Beavis and Butthead when we were younger and then started talking about some of the things we used to watch on tape. One subject lead to another and we soon got onto talking about some of ..." Read review

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Why didnt my Action Man have a willy? Review with images



"...boost sticking out of the top left hand corner, it couldn't keep up with the increasing memory needed to run game technology, the new improved Commodore 64 rushed out to feed that power. The 64 was the moment game consuls were born but also home PCs. The VIC20 total power output is less than 0.1% of today's Nintendo Wii. Muggins here bought the Vetrix gaming system with the still unplayable 'Asteroids' game on it whilst everyone else was going with ..." Read review

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