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Toshiba are a very good electronics company in general and have a great reputation in the computer industry so it was with a certain amount of expectation that i tried out toshiba's offerings on the hard drive market and i certainly am not disappointed. What I Look For The criteria ... Read review

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Community Level 3thewhitewolf


A top performer.

Advantagesgreat design that saves space.


"Toshiba are a very good electronics company in general and have a great reputation in the computer industry so it was with a certain amount of expectation that i tried out toshiba's offerings on the hard drive market and i certainly am not disappointed. What I Look For The criteria that i judge a hard drive by are speed or rate of transfer, hard drive seek time, capacity and general ease of use. This can sometimes be joined by the aesthetic ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gue12


first time for love to toshiba

Advantagesgood for your chioce

Disadvantagesexpensive for personal

"i believe that toshiba products is produced by profesional hands. and i always believe that tohisba had many good experience for their products. When i hear this product for the first time, i fee angered to try it. a product that is one of the most goods dambakan me. I always have hard to imagine big. And trust me on the toshiba, I continue to wait for a specific product tohisba disk. And when I try, it appears that the true benefits of many in this ..." Read review

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Manufacturer's product description

Toshiba's line of hard disk drives delivers the right product to meet the needs of the portable PC and non PC market. Built with the performance and reliability characteristics that have made the company a world-renowned leader in the hard drive industry, Toshiba's line of hard disk drives supports fast data transfer rates and seek times while delivering the right product for both PC and non PC markets. PRODUCT FEATURES: Fanless design for near-silent operation; Horizontal or vertical placement; Easy data backup via PushButton Backup; Password security to prevent unauthorized access.


MPN PX1269E-1G50
Device Type Hard drive - external ( desktop )
Capacity 500 GB
Form Factor 3.5"
Interface USB 2.0
Buffer Size 16 MB
Features Password authentication


Interface Transfer Rate 480 Mbps
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm

Expansion & connectivity

Interfaces 1 x USB 2.0

Software & system requirements

Software Included PushButton Backup
OS Required Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
System Requirements Details Windows 2000/XP - 233 MHz ( Hi-Speed USB )
Localisation United Kingdom, Europe

Compatibility information

Designed For Toshiba Equium A100-027, A100-299, A100-337, A100-338, M70-234 ¦ Toshiba Portégé M400 3G-12F, M400-10P, M400-168, M400-3G10P, M400-S5032X, R400-S4834, R400-S4933, R500-10K ¦ Toshiba Qosmio F20-156, F30-113, G30-103, G30-10E, G30-10G, G30-10H, G30-10I, G30-126, G30-147, G30-149, G30-151, G30-152, G30-154, G30-155, G30-167, G30-177, G30-182, G30-187, G30-195, G30-200, G30-202, G30-204, G30-207, G30-211, G30-AV6 ¦ Toshiba Satego A100-00C, P100-10F, P100-10U, P100-490, P100-491, P200-15U, P200-16W ¦ Toshiba Satellite 1900-UWN, A100-ST2311, A200-128, A200-12Q, A200-12S, A200-13E, A200-13M, A200-13V, A200-14S, A200-15V, A200-170, A200-174, A200-175, A200-17O, A200-17S, A200-18M, A200-195, A200-1AX, A200-1BJ, A200-1EK, A200-1FJ, A200-1FL, A200-1G3, A200-1G4, A200-1GB, A200-1GI, A200-1GM, A200-1GS, A200-1HV, A200-1JS, A200-1K6, A200-1KB, A200-1KZ, A200-1LA, A200-1M4, A200-1M5, A200-1M6, A200-1M7, A200-1M8, A200-1MB, A200-1MD, A200-AH9, A200-TH1, A200-TH7, L40-10M, L40-10O, L40-12N, M100-152, P100-152, P200-10A, P200-10G, P200-10O, P200-10S, P200-11P, P200-123, P200-12D, P200-12U, P200-12V, P200-12W, P200-134, P200-13Q, P200-13Y, P200-14H, P200-15N, P200-167, P200-16L, P200-16V, P200-16X, P200-17B, P200-17C, P200-18P, P200-18V, P200-195, P200-199, P200-RT1, P200-RT2, P200-RT5, P200-RT7, P200-RT9 ¦ Toshiba Satellite Pro A120-10B, A120-10P, A120-10Q, A120SE-224, A200-008, A200-00F, A200-00H, A200-00U, A200-00V, A200-14L, A200-15E, A200-17L, A200-17M, A200-1A5, A200-1AQ, A200-1F9, A200-1JV, A200-1JW, A200-1K3, A200-1K4, A200-1KP, A200-1KQ, A200-1KW, A200-1MA, A200-1MI, A200-CH1, A200-CH3, A200-CH5, A200-CH7, A200GE-1F9, A200SE-1F7, A200SE-1H4, L40, L40-12H, L40-12Q, L40-12R, L40-12S, L40-12T, L40-135, P100-205, P200, P200-00K, P200-00L, P200-14D, P200-14W, P200-150, P200-15E, P200-15W, P200-18Q, P200-JS2, P200-JS5, S200-107, S200-10O, S200-112 ¦ Toshiba TE2100 ¦ Toshiba TE2300 ¦ Toshiba Tecra A7-223, A8-10R, A8-10T, M5-306


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