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published 19/03/2007 | astypasty
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Pro Saves loads of money, beter for your babies bums
Cons Bit more washing to do
very helpful
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"Bamboozled indeed!!!"

After having read some of the other reviews on Tots Bots I felt I had to write my own about my experience purchasing these great nappies and how we get on with them!!

I feel it is important to have the information about not just the nappies themselves but also the kind of service that you receive when purchasing them, my review is more about this than the actual product.

So here goes, it all started when we found out that I was expecting twins and my partner went on a crusade to find out anything and everything our forthcoming bundles of joy would need. After many hours researching buggys, cots, mattresses, nappies etc, my partner quickly realised that on the nappy front it would cost us an awfull lot of money if we used disposables, so then came more long hours trawling the internet in search of the best reusable nappies around!!

And the result was that Tots Bots were the latest trend and they not only looked cute but were very great to use! He tried to get me interested in them but I just couldn't look past the "ohh my god i'm having twins so that is double the work load".
Not to be detered he just kept talking about how great they were and how much money they would save us!!
All I kept thinking about was "extra washing and drying"!!

Then last year we went to the Baby Show, strolling around we came upon the Tots Bots stand, before I could say another word my partner was in there discussing fluffles, bamboozles and wraps with a very nice man!
Me, I was lost in all this jargon and had no idea what they were talking about!
So I sat my heavily pregnant self down in one of their stools and pretended to be interested in something that I still thought would just create more work for me.
After about 15 minutes of discussing what our best option would be, the assistant, who by then was directing most of his conversation to my partner, as he quickly realised that he had him hook line and sinker and I was less interested in the whole thing, said that he could do us a deal as we were expecting twins and would need more nappies than usual.
At this he whipped out a calculator and started tapping away, coming up with a package that was tailor made for us and would cost just over £300.
At this I said that we would go for a walk and discuss things and come back a little later!
The intitial set up cost was a lot of money and I felt it was not a decision that should be entered into lightly.

Now just to fill you in a little about the actual nappies.
The nappies we were looking at were the Fluffles, they are very cute, easy machine washable and can be put into the dryer for extra quick readiness. All you need to do to use them is attach the booster into the nappy (which is held in place by poppers) and put a nappy liner on the actual nappy, this will help a great deal with number 2's, all you need to do is take the nappy liner and throw it in the toilet, no mess to clean up!!!
Once the nappy is in place you then put a wrap around the nappy to keep it all waterproof and your away, its that easy!!
They do offer other types of nappies such as the bamboozles but the drying time on those are slightly longer and if you have twins this is not something that I would recommend!
The nappy itself is held in place with either poppers or applix or nippa fastenings, we chose to go with the popper version as it was nice and easy to use.

So back to the story, my partner and I went for a coffee and discussed the pros and cons of using these nappies over disposables and in the end he convinced me to give them a go, with a promise that he would wash the nappies so that I wouldn't have the extra work.
So back we went to the stand and the nice man that had served us, he could tell I was still a little reluctant so he called over the owner of the company and she had a chat about my worries with me and soon I was convinced that we were making the right decision, not only that be she came up with a better package for us to use right up untill potty training and it was cheaper than the original package, so with that we went ahead and placed the order.
Not worried about the 6 week delivery time as I wouldn't be due for another few months, we walked away happy and looking forward to receiving our nappies sometime in the next few months.

A few weeks before I was due a courier delivered a huge box to my door, I had to drag it inside as I wasn't going to lift something that heavy in my condition!!
Once inside I could view the box from all sides and noticed that on the far side (the side that could not be seen when the courier delivered it) the box was ripped open!!
This dissappointed me a little but I proceeded to open the box from the top and looked inside expecting the nappies to be in the nice bags you see on their website when ordering multipacks, however to my huge dissappointment the nappies were all just thrown into the box with no real care involved and to make matters worse the nice colourfull wraps that I had ordered had arrived in plain boring white instead!!
I placed a quick call to Tots Bots explaining my huge dissappointment in the way the nappies were delivered to me and also with the incorrect wraps. The lady I spoke to could not find my original order on the computer so did not know whether or not I was telling the truth about the wraps or not.
She said it was good that I had called and expressed my views on their shipping because by customers telling this sort of information they can improve their service to future customers!!
I can not hold Tots Bots responsible for the state of the box when it arrived as this was the couriers fault and I did state that to her in my phone call, but also mentioned that when spending the kind of money that you do on purchasing reusable nappies I would have expected them to come nicer packaged like on their website and also perhaps with some care instructions as to how to wash and dry them!!
She took all this on board and agreed with me and apologised for my problems, then asked me to post back the white wraps and upon receiving them she would send out my coloured ones!

So the next day I sent back the white wraps hoping that in a couple of weeks I would have the coloured wraps.
Unfortunatly a month went by and there was no sign of the coloured wraps, however there were now two little people in the house who would like to wear their new nappies but could not do so without wraps.
Another call was placed by me to Tots Bots and I was told that they had not received my package and there for could not send out the new wraps.
When I asked what I was supposed to do now, because I obviously could not use the nappies without the wraps I was told that I would have to purchase new wraps as the company could not be held responsible for items going missing in the post!!
I could not believe it, this meant that after all the money that I had already spent on the entire multipack I would now need to pay round about £80 - £90 replacing the wraps that were lost in the post, even though originally it had been their fault for sending the wrong ones!!
I was so angry that when my partner told me to ring them back and plea our case to them I could not do it, I think I would have said words that I can't write down, so my partner rang instead and explained the whole story again and then they agreed that they would send us free of charge the wraps that should have arrived!!
My faith in the company was then restored a little.
Upon the arrival of the new coloured wraps they also included the bags to put them in and also some more nappy liners, as a gesture of good will.
Lovely, now my faith had been restored fully and we could get on with using our nappies.

The twins love wearing them, and have not once had nappy rash.
We have saved ourselves alot of money on disposables and also did a little to help the enviroment!!
All in all i do believe that these are great nappies and would recommend them to anyone, I just hope that Tots Bots sort out there customer services side of the business as they are on to a winner with the nappies and I wish them every bit of luck!!

And for those of you wondering whether my partner stuck to his end of the deal by being in charge of washing and drying the nappies, he sure did, every night he does a load and sets them all up for use in the morning!! Lovely!!!

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  • Popalee published 22/07/2007
    Hi, good review. Have you had any issues with leakage?
  • sportyminx published 21/03/2007
    Good review - I am currently using prefolds on my son, but have just bought 4 of the rainbow bots for baby no.2 (already have other styles of nappy aswell) but I agree these are just gorgeous!
  • candylamour published 19/03/2007
    Nice review, really good read.
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