Towersey Village Festival, Oxon

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Great day out
Expensive food and water (*)
Beer, Friends, Good music, everything
hmm - nope sorry can't think of anything! (*)
The music, the atmosphere, the people!
The prices, and of course the toilets... (*)
Simply Red, Hot Weather, Warwick Castle
The flies they got everywhere (*)
So safe peaceful and well organised
They don't have it every week!! (*)
Absolutely free & a chance to get on the telly!
The B-list artists performing before and after the televised event (*)
great atmosphere
weather :-) (*)
see text
none (*)
Great music, dancing and general entertainment
Really, really, really cold (*)
british weather (*)
Large amount of bands in one place, fun weekend away
the usual toilets, rain=mud (*)
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