Towersey Village Festival, Oxon

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Simply Red, Hot Weather, Warwick Castle
The flies they got everywhere (*)
Beautiful singing, excellent musicians, wonderful performance.
n/a (*)
Good performances from lots of bands somehow outweighing...
...Getting split from my friends, having to carry a groundsheet, rain (and mud), transport, smokers, bands clashing, overpriced food (*)
Great music, dancing and general entertainment
Really, really, really cold (*)
Lots of music, good times and camping hi-jinks...
Bad weather, idiots rioting and rank toilets... (*)
Sometimes the weather can be a bit of a letdown. (*)
If you like Oasis, read this
If you don't like Oasis, read this. (*)
Good music, Friendly atmosphere.
Only lasts a weekend. (*)
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