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Trainwreck (DVD)

Trainwreck (DVD)

Star – Amy Schumer
Genre – Romantic Adult Comedy
Run Time – 125 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – USA
Golden Globes – 2 nominations
Awards – 5 Wins & 22 Nominations
Amazon – £2.88 DVD £5.69 Blue Ray
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So meet Amy Schumar, a cross between Bette Midler and Ricky Gervais, another potty mouth sassy New York, Jewish comic thrust upon the unsuspecting public, the latest in a long line of ladish female stars from that Saturay Night Live/stand up scene getting their own movie, Trainwreck her debut feature. It didn’t quite workout for the likewise Sarah Silverman and so its Amy’s turn now, and going by this, she has a great chance to make more films, an original and fresh comic voice. Both are not your traditional Hollywood starlets and very much that girl next door sex appeal to traditional movie glamour and so carry all the imperfections and vulnerability that involves in the industry. The tabloids take great pleasure in getting unflattering pictures of this type of female star in their swimwear and pretend to print them to say how ‘wow’ thy are looking in the pictures when they really mean they look plane and podgy.

After the success of Bridesmaids the industry saw the dollar signs around girls behaving badly on stage and screen and demanded lots of new projects and female talent, the rotund motor mouth Melisa McCarthy having great success and not exactly the Hollywood image either. It didn’t quite work with the all female and well meaning Ghostbusters reboot but there is money to be made as female audiences love this stuff where the male of the species are mostly two dimensional and belittled for once. Baring in mind guys have been doing that to girls forever in movies then fairs fair. .

Trainwreck is director Judd Apatow’s first NY movie and so a new batch of East Coast comics and faces to work with from his normal West Coast crowd of the likes of Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd etc. It’s also the first film Judd’s wife Leslie Mann doesn’t appear. But whatever the line up it did good business.


• Amy Schumer… as Amy Townsend
• Devin Fabry…. as 9-year-old Amy
• Bill Hader…. as Dr. Aaron Conners
• Brie Larson… as Kim Townsend
• Carla Oudin… as 5-year-old Kim
• Colin Quinn…. as Gordon Townsend
• John Cena…. as Steven
• Vanessa Bayer…. as Nikki
• Mike Birbiglia…. as Tom
• Ezra Miller…as Donald
• Dave Attell … as Noam
• Tilda Swinton… as Dianna
• LeBron James… as himself
• Jon Glaser… as Schultz
• Randall Park….as Bryson
• Evan Brinkman…. as Alistair
• Amar'e Stoudemire…. as himself
• Norman Lloyd…. as Norman


Amy Townsend (Schumer) is a staff writer for New York City lifestyle ladmag ‘Snap’ and looking to get on in the world as she chases the assistant editor job. Her rather brutal boss Dianna (an unrecognizable Tilda Swinton) has given Amy her first sports assignment to write a piece about celebrated surgeon Dr. Aaron Conner’s (Bill Hader), who treats the countries top sports stars for athletic injuries.
Amy lives the life of a Manhattan singleton of clubs, boys, booze and sex and critical of all four in her columns. She dates and bonks men she knows she won’t fall for so she doesn’t have to suffer a broken heart. Her current hunk is 15 stone bodybuilder Steve (John Cena, the WWF wrestler) also under Amy’s caustic thumb and assaulted by her demeaning sense of humor.

The doc is smart and interesting and Amy soon pushing back her feelings for him. Her sister Kim (Brie Larson) is happily married to boring Tom (Mike Birbiglia) with two adorable kids and knows Amy needs to meet someone genuine and real like the doc to be happy. Conner’s current best friend and confident is Le Bron James (himself), the huge American basketball star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who is also keen that he and Amy hook up proper.

Amy is preprogrammed to reject men and soon pushing him away but the two a couple in all but name. The sex, conversation and social life is good so what’s the problem? Even dad Gordon (Colin Quinn), who is in care home as his MS worsens, likes him. Dad and Amy are very similar creatures. But can she keep her flame burning with her two wet fingers trying to pinch the flames?


What distinguishes Trainwreck from those that have come before is Schumer's loud, original, and versatile voice. She is pretty funny and although the belittling of men stuff is constant and wearing through the film there are laughs to be had from it. Judd Apataw enjoys the ‘improv’ style of comedy in his movies and so Schumer and co let lose in that caustic Jewish New Yorker way Joan Rivers made her name by and so more laughs to be had in the movie. Even though I didn’t recognize many of the many big US sports stars and sports people that cameo in this movie they are quite funny at playing versions of themself. Apparently Chris Rock was hanging around the set to help some of them out with some new lines. Le Bron James seems a fun guy up for a laugh and great at playing vain muscle heads. I certainly didn’t recognize Tilda Swinton as the gobby editor and confused to see her name in the credits.

Although the film starts out trashing men and life in general it soon softens into conventional romantic comedy for the two to get together. There is no doubt the first half of the movie was a vehicle for Schumers talent and shtick to shine and then Apataw took over to get it back on the straight and narrow to deliver an appropriate date movie conclusion and somewhat cliché 1908s cheerleader dénouement. There is a definite role reversal going on here on that defined romcom and two fingers to that convention at times by Shumer. She wrote the script and the first Apataw film he didn’t. He obviously rates her potential.

I enjoyed enough of it to recommend and a solid debut from an entreating and intelligent girl. You will laugh but ashamed that you did and although it could do with some tidying up and more use of Swinton and plot it’s patchy but fun. This girl has definitely got a big movie in her. The adult humor and occasional deliberate cringe and crass mean it is for adults only and not one to watch with your kids. There is some sex, drugs and rock n roll. But there is also some knowing sharp writing here that elevates it above the rest and snaps you back into the movie. It’s the girls first go and its a good effort.

RATINGS – 6.3/10.0 (103,425votes) – 85% critic’s approval – 75% critic’s approval


Special Features

-Audio Commentary –

Apataw and Amy and co let rip.


This is when the director lets the cast run ‘improv’ wild on camera and 99% end up on the extras. They are often annoying and just plain showing off.

-Deleted Scenes-

Quite a few

-Extended version of the film-

It’s the full two hours. Not for me.

-Secrets of the Wu-

Members of the Wu Tan Clan play care home assistants. A lot of people are in this movie that are not in other movies.

-Gag Reel-

More of that guffaw guffaw improv and mucking around on set.


Baltimore Times –‘Trainwreck is a complete blast. Even as it sends up rom-com clichés, it manages to be both seriously funny and genuinely romantic’.

London Evening Skies –‘Schumer has produced the most retrograde romcom for years, funny though it often is’.

Little White Lies –‘Trainwreck is both the best romantic comedy of the year as well as its most crushing disappointment’.

Empire Magazine –‘At times it feels as if five different films are going on at once, but Schumer's whip-smart delivery and no-holds perkiness keeps it all in place’.

ABC Radio –‘What distinguishes Trainwreck from those that've come before is Schumer's loud, original, versatile voice’.

Independent –‘Its contradictions are obvious but its one consistent quality is it humour. Amy sees the comedy in everything from divorce to death and, most absurd of all, her own romantic longings’.

Japan Times –‘For Schumer fans, it's a real treat. For those with less than moderate enthusiasm for the raunchy comedienne, it can get just a wee bit taxing.


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  • DodoRabbit published 08/04/2017
    Reminds me of Ricky Gervais' golden globes joke "Stars of trainwreck and joy... no not charlie sheen's favourite hookers"- nicely done
  • euphie published 08/04/2017
    vh :o)
  • frankiecesca published 30/03/2017
    I enjoyed this
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