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Transformers (Blu-Ray)

Based on the Hasbro toy line that initially captivated kids in the 1980s, director Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS finds two warring bands of shape-shiftin...

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published 13/07/2009 | falcon1959
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"Transformers tranform on to blu - ray"

Transformers was a cartoon series that was first shown about 1985. It was about cars and other vehicles that can change into robots. These toys were big and every young schoolboy wanted the latest to add to their collection. Over time the fad for these toys slowly dwindled away.

Then they transform onto our screens again 20 years later. The film is about the fight between the autobots, who are the good guys, and the decepticons who are the nasty guys. The are both trying to find the All Spark which is an artifact that can create and destroy worlds. The all spark is discovered to be on earth buried deep underground.

The 2 main characters in the film are Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes. They are played by Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox. When i first saw this film advertised i thought it would not be something i would want to watch.
I found myself staying with friends and they had the movie and put it on to pass a few hours, and i was in for a treat.

The humour that was in the film really appealed to me and the delivery of some of the funnier parts in the film are centered around Sam's character. Sam, to say the least, is freaked when he finds his car is not what it seems, but he comes to terms with it, when he realises the car is not possessed or out to get him.

The fight scenes in the film are some of the best i have seen in a long time and the special effects as vehicles change into robots is so seamless that you may ask yourself how did they manage to get that truck or car to do that.

The plot is very easy to follow which makes the film even better as you can relax and just get caught up in the action on screen. The story is an old and well tried topic, the fight between good and evil, but with cutting edge special effects and action scenes galore this is a great film to watch.

The blu-ray version i watched was a 2 disc set with the second disc full of extras. There was a section on the history of transformers, and interviews with executive producers Steven Spielberg and Brian Goldner, writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, and director Michael Bay. There were also features on the animation used and the way they worked out where to do scenes. You also get a look at the military equipment seen and used in the film.

This additional information is something you do not want to skip over, because it gives you a much deeper understanding of how much planning and work went into the final production. If you are into cutting edge special effects and head banging action then beg, borrow, rent, or if that fails buy this film.

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  • TheHairyGodmother published 21/09/2009
    Great review! Keep them coming!
  • hillhead published 13/07/2009
    Well reviewed! I dont have Blu ray yet.
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Based on the Hasbro toy line that initially captivated kids in the 1980s, director Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS finds two warring bands of shape-shifting alien robots renewing their intergalactic conflict on Earth. While the Decepticons, followers of the malevolent Megatron (voiced by Hugo Weaving), strive to take over the planet, the Autobots, led by the valiant Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen), are intent on protecting humanity. When young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) discovers that his new car is really the Autobot Bumblebee (voiced by Mark Ryan), it sets the stage for a massive giant-robot showdown. A shining example of the Hollywood summer blockbuster at its best, TRANSFORMERS combines stunning CGI effects and thrilling action sequences with drama, humour, and a touch of romance. Featuring a large cast that includes Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight, John Turturro, Anthony Anderson, and Rachael Taylor, the film is anchored by LaBeouf, who always displays an engaging Everyman charm, whether he’s running from colossal robots, interacting with his well-meaning parents (hilariously played by Kevin Dunn and Julie White), or pining for his gorgeous classmate (Megan Fox). While some TRANSFORMERS purists may be dismayed by certain aspects of this bold big-screen adaptation (Bumblebee is a Camaro instead of a Volkswagen), the movie balances its spectacle with an admirable amount of substance, giving it an appeal far beyond pre-teen boys and their nostalgic Autobot-loving elders.


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