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Trillion God of Destruction (PS Vita)

Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG) - Publisher: Idea Factory - Age Rating: 16+

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published 02/10/2017 | Secre
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Pro A very different idea and good character development
Cons Poor gameplay, lots of menu's and a bore to play
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Trillion God of Boredom"

The innuendo is strong here say I

The innuendo is strong here say I

Trillion: God of Destruction is a game of extreme annoyance, frustration and excessive teeth grinding. Whatever you do, make sure you have a dentist appointment booked. It is, in fairness, also a surprisingly unique game which is a rarity in todays gaming market. And yet… the frustration and the tedium never quite manages to balance with the unique entertainment value. It’s a game that feels a chore to play, particularly when you are on your fifth overlord and repeated training run. And it’s a game where you have no choice but to run through the overlords. That is the way it is designed. And it is frustrating.

You start off in hell, demonic hell to be precise, or perhaps you would prefer the term ‘the Underworld’; within this underworld the denizens of hell who once challenged God are being threatened by a dread foe named Trillion. Trillion is an assembly of a trillion hatreds and has a trillion health points. Or at least that’s what I’m fairly confident 1,000,000,000,000 is. The Great Overlords army has been laid to waste and then the Great Overlord himself is defeated, except he is brought back to life by a mysterious youngster (Get off ma lawn!) named Faust… who offers him a deal. A Faustian deal. His soul for her help.

He accepts said deal and so Faust restores his life and crafts a ring of great power to give to the Overlord who you are training. Each of these demon Overlords represents one of the deadly sins; Ruche represents pride and arrogance, Levia envy and jealousy, Fegor is sloth, Mammon greed, PerPell gluttony and Ashmedia lust. No holds barred… including usual fairly standard cultural taboos. Yeah, we’ll get to it later, but just in case – this one is a sixteen for a reason. The actual characters are great and if the gameplay had lived up to them, the game would easily be considered excellent. Unfortunately, the gameplay is an absolute bore.

You pick a girl who you are going to train to try and beat Trillion, you then train them for a number of days and cycles and you then fight the boss, die, win, run away and do the whole thing again. It’s tedious. If the training was entertaining, then this perhaps would be reasonable, but it’s not. Your training it a seres of menu’s. Everything is done by a menu. Or nearly everything anyway. You pick options for your character and you pick another option to send them to sleep when they are fatigued and not performing as well and then you start again with another set of menu’s. One characters worth would be about anyone’s fill, surely. But it’s the same repetitive process for every Overlord you train. It doesn’t get any better and it only gets more tedious.

All of this menu work is periodically interrupted by mini-dungeons, practice battles and battles with Trillion but let’s be honest here, that’s not awesomely well done either. Mini-dungeons are samey and boring, the randomisation is cruddy and the aesthetics appallingly same old, same old. Your practice battles with Mokujin quickly grow stale and you learn the attack forms that Trillion uses, so whilst there is quite a lot of preparation for these battles against the God of a trillion hates, it is all mind-numbingly tedious and that’s unforgivable. On top of this, the battles with Trillion itself are soulless, mindless and in honesty, tedious. The main aim of the game is not to let the big nasty thing hit you because the attacks do a ton of damage and it isn’t something you can recover from. However, Trillion’s attacks are fairly easy to predict and so once you have got the hang of what you are doing you are slowly – oh, so very, very slowly – slicing and dicing your way through a trillion – yes, a trillion – hit points and it becomes just so tedious it is painful. It works as a very simplistic rogue-turn-based battle system. And it is tedious.

You finish these battle in a couple of ways; you defeat a form, you run the hell away, you die or Trillion reaches your side of the grid. And none of these are particularly appealing options because all of them lead back into mind-numbing menu’s, tedium and training through more menu’s. If you do defeat a form then you get to fight another day with the same character, except the game robs you of points you have gained in the previous training sessions. Same with running away. When you die your character is eaten. The character sets off one last attack which helps the next Overlord; sealing a body part, doing high damage or giving more time to train for example. And then you start again. When you retreat, you have even less time to train before big dude wakes up again and comes to play hell and you do the whole thing again. The only bonus is that when you inevitably die, you do not start from scratch; your XP – or most of it at least - is transferred to the next Overload. This is only a minor silver lining. The game would be unplayable otherwise.

Within this system there is also an affection bar, which essentially acts as a separate pool of HP/MP and is particularly essential in the early game. It is your affection points that take the hit whenever you die or even win against Trillion and so you have to boost them again by finding good gifts to give to the Great Overlord among other things. If the rest of the game worked well, then this would probably be quite a nifty little addition. As it stands however, I simply found it annoying as hell that not only was I relying on weak characters and mundane training and my characters were designed to die, I also had to actually be nice to in game peoples and give them gifts when really I just wanted to scream at them. Loudly.

The only thing saving this from being a one star game is the character development of your Overlords and other characters because that is actually done well. What that means to me is that the makers of the game should probably have made a film or a book instead of a game and it would work significantly better. You do actually get emotionally attached to these characters, which does not in any way improve my mood at having to send them off to their inevitable eventual deaths, because let’s face it, that is exactly what I am doing. You start with three girls and then get a second set of three girls when you lose the first three; this is quite seriously how the game is designed. There are apparently ten different endings but hell and high water, I can’t be bothered to go and discover them. All in all, the excellent character development in lost in the waves of menu’s and grinding until it becomes a struggle to care.

In terms of graphics, this is nothing particularly special. The main gameplay is fairly mundane and with nothing to write home about and whilst the cut-scene aspects are far easier on the eye, that is basic stuff now. If you can’t make cut-scenes look good on this console, you need to give up now and go home. The main gameplay is more tricky. Sound wise, the score is fine and the voice acting passes muster; some of the voices are actively quite interesting when you consider the characters… the voice of lust for example. The actual settings aren’t quite so good with voice acting often being swallowed by the console and sometimes droping out completely. This doesn’t overly bother me as I rely on text more than sound, but to some it may be yet a further deal breaker.

This is a sixteen and I can see why although according to the PS Store the only official reason is the encouragement of drugs or tobacco however the PC version has what I would call more sensible warnings for fantasy violence, mild blood, language, partial nudity and sexual themes as well as the use of drugs and tobacco. Certainly with regards to the sexual themes… and some of the themes are exceptionally inappropriate; Ashmedia doesn’t particularly care who she screws or for that matter whether they have any familial relation to her. She wants to screw everyone. On a gameplay level, this is exceptionally grind-worthy and tedious and even without the sexual references I’d probably put it at a fifteen, purely due to the attention span and challenge required within it. But yeah. Sixteen sounds about right here actually. Miracles happen.

The game is normally £24.99 on the PS Store, although in sales I have seen this go down as low as £5.79, however it is a large file at 3.2GB which will take a significant amount of time to download and take a fair chunk of memory space on your card. It tends to retail around £22 on Amazon, so it’s up to you, particularly if it’s not on sale. I have to admit, in terms of value for money you could plough many many hours into this and still get nowhere near completion, so it’s probably good. There are 36 trophies in total and whilst many celebrate your ‘firsts’, many others are not easy to pick up; you get one for watching all the endings for example, another for defeating Trillion with your first Overlord and another for doing ten billion damage in one attack. This isn’t going to an easy game to max out.

Do I Recommend?

Personally, no. I do occasionally ping this up to play but each and every time I am reminded of just how damn boring it is and how much time is wasted trawling through menu’s and repetitive dungeons. It’s an absolute drag. That said, this does seem to be a game people love or hate. It tends to get 2/10 or 9/10 and very little in between from reviewers, so that strongly suggests that there is something here for some people. I am just not one of those people I am afraid.

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  • SnowSurprise published 28/11/2017
    Nope nope nope nope!!!!
  • siberian-queen published 19/11/2017
    great review
  • bettyboo47 published 28/10/2017
    I also have an affection bar!!
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Product Information : Trillion God of Destruction (PS Vita)

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Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG) - Publisher: Idea Factory - Age Rating: 16+

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