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published 22/05/2015 | chrisandmark_is_here
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Getting rid of a lot of our 'too young' toys (*sob*) so I'm reviewing them thanks to the fact I CANNOT get new products added! Photos will be lacking as most of these reviews are updated from another site where I used the pics & Ciao's new rule scares me!
Pro Works very well, simple to use, looks nice enough
Cons The short pole, was (apparently) a pain to fit
Value for Money

"My Daily Trip To Alicante"

A sleek and simple white shower

A sleek and simple white shower

~x~x~x~ Cleanliness is next to Godliness ~x~x~x~

Quite literally in our case as our house is a tall three storey town house with the shower room being right at the top of the house (in the eaves as my uncle puts it). With six of us living in the house a working shower is an absolute necessity, so imagine my horror when just before Christmas our shower died - and it did so spectacularly, causing the electrics to pop all over the house and flooding part of the top floor. Luckily most of the kids were staying at their Nan's that week so my partner could spend time getting the room back to a semblance of normality, a task which obviously included installing a new shower as ours was absolutely dead - there was so much water in the shower room that it had to be given time to dry out so it wasn't simply a case of removing one shower and popping another in it's place, but in the end the job was done and thankfully we could then all shower again instead of having to rely on strip washes and queuing up to have a bath!

I'm not sure why we chose the Triton Alicante to replace our previous (also Triton) shower, I suspect it was because it had been reduced in price in Wickes (this is usually the reason my partner purchases any given household product). I didn't go with him when he bought it as frankly an hour in this most manly shop has me ready to commit some kind of murder, he did call me before deciding on this particular model but we've both been happy with the Triton brand in the past so it was a given that was the one he'd end up bringing home. If my memory serves me correctly we paid £99.99 for the shower, it's now priced up at £92.98 so the price has gone down ever so slightly over the past few months.

~x~x~x~ Fitting the shower (or the 'bloody thing')... ~x~x~x~

I take absolutely no credit for getting this shower on the wall, in fact I knew it was going to be a nightmare so conveniently arranged a doctors appointment just as I saw Mark eyeing up the box and getting his tool kit out of the shed. If there is one thing I loathe more than helping with things like this it is helping Mark with things like this, because he is an ill-tempered pig when things don't go his way during a DIY session - and because I won't stand for it. I knew 'fitting the shower' was likely to be a flashpoint so I avoided the situation before it arose and left him to it - the sulking afterwards was definitely worth the blazing row that would have happened if I had been anywhere near him while he was working, and my intuition proved to be right as he said (when he was talking again) it was a total nightmare to fit due to (and I quote) 'tiny, fiddly wires that didn't stretch far enough'. Oh dear, I can imagine...

Since we've had the shower I've read a few online reviews about it and a number of people have mentioned the awkwardness of fitting so it looks like it's an issue. My partner fitted the shower in between other jobs so it's hard to guesstimate the time he spent on it, he said it took longer than he'd expected but this was because of the problems he had connecting the various wires - once that was done it was plain sailing apparently.

~x~x~x~ Simple Showering ~x~x~x~

The thing I love about Triton showers is they're so simple to use. This one has a dial for the power settings (you have a choice of three), another dial to set the temperature and a large on/off button. As there are so many people using our shower on a daily basis we do usually have to adjust the dials as we all like our showers different, like on the Benson's Beds advert my favourite number is five and without going up two flights of stairs to check I am assuming I have the shower set to the highest power setting. The dials spin smoothly and independently, while the numbers and markings around the dials are big and bold enough to see even mid-shower when it's all steamy and you've got shampoo in your eyes (probably).

I'm impressed with how responsive the shower is when I change the setting on either of the dials, to be honest I don't think I've ever changed the power while showering but often adjust the temperature of the water if I'm shaving my legs or rinsing out hair dye. Within a couple of seconds of changing the dial the water temperature has noticeably altered, which is excellent compared to our old shower which would ALWAYS go screaming cold for a few seconds when you changed the temperature - and when you're standing under the water ready for a cascade of number four a few seconds of number zero can be an absolute killer!

The on/off button is super for two reasons; it works instantly as you press it, and is big enough for me to use my elbow (and at just the right height). I don't know why but I've always preferred switching off the shower with my elbow instead of my hand and it has really become a habit, I wouldn't think to look for a shower to make this easier (it's not that big a deal!) but I'm really glad this one allows me to do this - and anyway, I always face out when I'm showering so it saves me turning around to look for an press the button if I can use my elbow!

~x~x~x~ Relaxation in a cubicle ~x~x~x~

My morning shower is in equal proportion a rush to get it over with as quickly as possible and a tiny little haven of my own where I can escape the bedlam of everyone else rushing to get ready for work/college/school/nursery. I love that the head which is supplied as standard with the Alicante can be adjusted to create four very different sprays, something that is both nice to have and also a useful addition to the shower.

To adjust the spray you twist a portion of the head and like the dials the effect is instantaneous; I don't know what the different settings are called (I'm sure they all have fancy, technical names) but they're all very good, we mostly use the full spray setting but as three of us use hair dye regularly we've found the half setting for the spray is best for rinsing (it gets the dye out a little slower but definitely saves on the messy splatters in the shower cubicle). There's one spray setting that directs a stream of water in a condensed spray and that's good after using a body scrub, the more powerful jet forces any scrub residue off my skin and ensures I'm not left with itchy bits as can happen when I rinse using the softer spray settings.

Sometimes the head sticks a little and it feels like I'm having to force it too much to twist it into the position I need for my chosen spray setting, I've asked Mark and also a qualified plumber to look at this for me and I've been reassured it's just generally 'stiff'. The plumber sprayed something around the join and that loosened it slightly but the effect only lasted for a few days and then I was left having to use brute force to change the setting. It doesn't happen all the time and I suspect it's due to six of us using the shower (five of us on a daily basis, twice sometimes for messy paint-loving Hollie).

~x~x~x~ Not quite as versatile for different sized people ~x~x~x~

Our household ranges from a man who is almost six feet tall down to a four year old boy who, although tall for his age, is much shorter. And you have me and the girls at various points in between (I am fast dropping towards the 'shortest girl' level, with only seven year old Hollie beneath me now). When you buy a Triton Alicante you get everything you need to fix the shower to the wall, including the pole-thing that holds the shower head upright - it is this pole-thing that causes the problems as it's just too short.

When Mark fitted the shower he took care (he said) to put this pole at the correct height for all of us to comfortably shower, at that time little David didn't use the shower all that much so he was taken out of the equation but as he's not far off Hollie's height already Mark rightly assumed the level of the pole would be fine for David as long as he could get it right for Hollie. Makes sense. Except to have the shower positioned nicely for the smallest people in the house would have meant having to drop the pole down so far that the tallest ones (Mark and Alice) would have to stoop down to shower properly - that's obviously a ridiculous solution so we've had to place the pole in a position where the shower head is slightly too high for the kids but perfect for the rest of us. They'll grow.

You can slide the shower head up and down the pole (which we do) and of course it can also be removed completely, which is always useful for rinsing off or bringing the head down to a better level for the kids. Obviously they don't hold the shower head themselves (because I am not mad) so it's always a bit of an indignation to have Mum hosing you off - but sometimes kids' get so dirty it has to be done like that!

~x~x~x~ The showering experience ~x~x~x~

I love a shower and this one hasn't disappointed even for a moment. It gives me a nice powerful spray so I feel clean after my shower, I use all different shower gels and creams (it's a borderline obsession for me) and a shower scrunchie so I'm always going to be squeaky clean when I get out but I do think a good quality shower makes all the difference. It's an 8.5kw shower (whatever that means) and this combined with the ability to adjust so many settings really helps you obtain a pretty much personalised showering experience.

The water runs true in terms of temperature and spray, it has an indicator light which illuminates if the water pressure drops but thankfully that hasn't gone on (yet) so our water pressure must be fine.

With regards to keeping the shower running as it should, this is easy peasy. I clean the shower head regularly to avoid scum and muck building up on it, it's a much easier job to keep it clean than have to scrub when you notice visible crud on there - likewise the hose, a quick wipe down every few days takes seconds but if you allow soap scum to become embedded in the little gaps it will become a tiring and very long job to remove it all.

We've had no issues with the shower and I don't doubt it's reliability for a moment - it's coping well with heavier use than in most households and considering Triton isn't a hugely expensive brand I'd say that's a big indicator of the quality of the shower, this model is absolutely 100% recommended by me and my family.

*I'll post my own photo later - when I've cleaned the bathroom tiles...*

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    You certainly deserve an E but once again I'm on catch up duty. Ciao should allow you to store three days worth of E's if they were unused me thinks....
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