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Pro Easy to use and maintain, Looks nice, Adjustable spray modes.
Cons Not overly powerful spray wise
Value for Money


I think it looks good

I think it looks good


Last year, I realised that now my children are all grown and most have moved out of the family home, we no longer needed to use the small room downstairs as a fourth bedroom.

Of course, I didn’t particularly want the children to move out (but then again, I don’t think a little independence is a bad thing) although having a spare room or two is handy.

When we moved into our house this room was a galley kitchen. We soon converted an existing but basic extension into a new kitchen.

This rearranging enabled us to have four bedrooms and the downstairs bedroom was used for several years as my elder son’s room.

Then, more recently, some more rearranging was undertaken meaning that this room was no longer needed as a bedroom.

I have always wanted a utility room; it’s so useful to have somewhere to keep the laundry and other paraphernalia. I thought that now, at last, I have enough space to create a utility room.

And now, not only did I have a room where the washing machine and the tumble dryer could be kept, thus providing us with much needed extra space in the kitchen, but I thought that we might just about have enough space in this room for not only a utility room but also room for a shower enclosure.

Careful measurements were then taken.

I was very pleased to find that we did, in fact, have just enough enough space in the room to install a quadrant shower cubicle.
After some careful consideration my husband and I both thought that the best type of shower to have in this room would be an electric one.

The reasoning behind this was that we already have an upstairs mixer shower which runs off of the gas combi- boiler.

I always think that it’s a good idea if at all possible to have a second shower which uses an alternative power source; if for some reason the gas has to be turned off then it’s still possible to shower by using the electric shower.

My husband undertook most of the work in creating our new utility room but we did bring in our friendly plumber and also an electrician to undertake some of the more specialised work involved.
We did also have a new boiler fitted at the same time.

I believe that an electric shower, such as the one we purchased, has to be fitted, or at least checked, by a qualified electrician.


I had my usual on-line and in depth search for electric showers.

I find that even if I do eventually purchase goods from the high street, having an initial look or several, at specifications and even reviews on-line, does save an awful lot of leg work.

During my search I came across the Triton Trance 2nd Generation 9.5kg electric shower.

As well as this one, I short-listed a couple of other showers but, before purchasing any shower I first wanted to actually look at the showers to see for myself which ones really looked good.

And my husband is better qualified than I am to judge these types of items but he prefers to see the item in real life rather than on a screen.

We went out to look at showers, as well as some other things to do with the planned utility room, in a B&Q warehouse.

The Triton Trance 9.5kg shower was reduced at the time.
I can’t actually remember how much we paid. It may have been the current selling price. I think it was but I'm not sure. I do know that it was definitely cheaper than the recommended retail price.

After having a good look (and touch) at the showers on display we both thought that the Triton Trance 9.5kg model seemed to be what we were looking for.


The body of the shower is white on the outside, although it looks to have a greyish tinge. I had to look closely to see if it was white or grey. The inside and most of the unit is of a satin chrome effect. I would say that colour wise everything blends well.

I think that this shower does actually look quite smart and modern.

I like the fact that it is of a satin chrome effect as I find that this finish doesn't show fingerprints and smears as much as a high shine finish tends to.

The shower hose is of a chrome effect.

There is a clear plastic soap dish fitted onto the shower which is large enough to hold one tablet of soap.

The riser bar is also of a chrome effect. A press in button adjusts the height of the shower head. This is easy to do.

It’s easy to wipe clean the shower unit and the spray head when necessary.


The Triton Trance 2nd Generation comes packaged in a box with all fittings and instructions supplied.

The booklet explains about the power and temperature settings.

The controls can be found here on the front of the shower unit.

The top circular control manages the power level of the shower. There is a choice of three power levels and these can be operated by the top circular control.

The settings are:




I tend to keep the shower to the same settings which are retained by the shower. I have the power set to high.

Below this is the heat level control.

The on/off switch is also circular but smaller than the other controls. It is located below the other controls.

To turn the shower on and off this button has to be pressed once and the shower comes on or goes off immediately.


Our electrician had to install a higher rated fuse before the shower could be installed. My husband had expected this to be the case.

I was at home when the electrician fitted the shower so I could see that good progress was being made.

The electrician didn’t have any problems installing the Triton Trance and he said that it seemed to be a nice shower.

It didn’t take long at all for the shower to be fitted but it couldn't be used until the tiling and sealing had been finished and the glass enclosure fitted.


The shower seems to be popular with my family.

Those living in my home have used it several times but it is mainly me that uses this shower.

Those of my children, who live away, have used the shower too, at times when they have stayed over, such as at Christmas.

It really is a luxury for me to have another shower facility in the home and it was particularly appreciated when I had back trouble not long ago and I couldn't step into the bath. Poor old thing that I am!

Also, it made things far easier and less stressful when my husband refurbished our upstairs bathroom and he could take his time as we had another facility for washing. Even when he was tiling and fitting panelling around the bath it didn’t matter so much that the bath couldn't be used as we still had the use of our downstairs shower.

It does feel like a luxury to have a second shower and especially one that is fitted inside an enclosure but, power wise it doesn't seem all that strong.

I have to say that my husband prefers using the upstairs shower as it does give a more powerful shower than the new one downstairs.

But I would say that the Triton Trance is a decent shower. I am just very slightly disappointed that it doesn't emit a stronger flow.

Yet it is perfectly adequate just not quite as strong as I would have expected.

This shower is simplicity itself to use.


The shower head has five different modes (spray patterns) ranging from a direct concentrated spray to a wider, gentler spray.

The different power jets can be easily controlled via the shower head itself.

The spray is good enough but noticeably not as powerful as the upstairs over bath shower.

I suppose if we only had the triton Trance shower then we wouldn't notice the lack of strength as much.

But don’t misunderstand me; this shower works well enough to do a good job of rinsing shampoo and conditioner from one’s hair and rinses well enough to make a quick pleasant shower possible.



Brand Triton

Range Trance

Height 587mm

Width 255mm

Depth 164mm

Power output 9.5kW

Liquid pressure 1bar

Operation Start/stop button


CE Approved Yes

Kitemark Yes

*This shower is fitted with a thermal cut-out safety device.

**This shower has a two year guarantee.


Overall I would say that I am pleased with this shower and very pleased that I now have an extra shower in my home.

It is nice to use a shower that is hot enough to use almost immediately.

It is easy to use and gives a decent shower.

However, I have mentioned that it doesn't give the most powerful shower and because of this I could not say that this shower is actually excellent but I would instead say that it is good and so award it with four Ciao stars.

I think for the price that I paid the Triton Trance is proving to be a good second shower for my home.


I purchased this shower from the B&Q chain.


B&Q £124 (Was £172)

*The Triton Trance can also be purchased in a 8.5kg version (B&Q £162)

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