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published 24/02/2001 | trojan9
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Pro Girth and length - BOTH VERY LARGE
Cons TOO LARGE for 98% of men!
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"Well Endowed? Honestly?"

This post is primarily intended for those guys who are well endowed and wish to find a suitable condom and by definition it is only going to be relevant to the 2% or less of males who are in this category.

There is no need for embarrassment but, in reality, many men [including myself] do feel uneasy in any conversation or reference to size but there is no escaping the issue so here it goes;

"Well endowed", for the purpose of this article, is limited to men who are more than 8 inch in length and also have a girth of more than 6 inches;

This criteria is not designed to upset anyone and is merely intended to point out that the problems encountered are the ones that Trojan help to address with their larger sized condom options.

If you can wear a standard sized condom, you are unlikely to understand just how problematic it can be for some men to use condoms.

Trojan have started to sell in the UK. and that is excellent news as they can now be bought in the High Street etc. However, anyone wanting the largest trojans [Magum XL's] may still need to look on the web for those sold in UK shops, to my knowledge, are smaller but don't take my word for it; look at Trojan's UK web site and compare widths with Magnums (the XL version) available elsewhere - this could save you an awful lot of embarrassment, let alone wasting money on condoms that are too small!

Size is considered a delicate subject by many, so lets just deal with it in an adult and factual way;

Up to recently, well endowed men have not been offered a condom that is suitable in size to meet their needs - standard sized condoms are just impossibly tight [and therefore unusable] and for many of us they are also far too short and fail to cover the full length of the shaft.

In the UK, hight street stores sell a wide variety of branded and novelty condoms but they are very similar in terms of size.

In my opinion, old and outdated EU regulations and British kitemark standards surrounding condom manufacture have succeeded over the years in ensuring high quality standards but have stifled innovation in terms of designing condoms to fit mens' needs. This is awful for all "non-standard" sized men - be they well endowed or at the other end of the spectrum - and it raises real problems for men who require a condom that is either longer or shorter than standard and also for men who are wider or narrower than that "standard size" so often only sold in UK high street stores.

In the USA, by contrast, the market appears to be more geared to delivering what men want - a condom that fits them properly!

A manufacturer did sell "tailored sizes" of condoms but has, at least temporarily, ceased production - search "theyfit" via Google for the latest update as they may restart production at some stage. They provided the "holy grail" allowing all men to order condoms specific to the length/circumference they required to fit their personal needs. The choice was vast.

Thankfully, the USA market has a mainstream supplier who sells a variety of condoms; Trojan bring to market a range that can meet the needs of most genuinely "well endowed males" as they recognise this market sector exists and requires suitable products to complete their range of condoms on offer.

As a young man, the problem for me was a dreadful nightmare - as at that time there was a "one size fits all" mentality but I knew from bitter experience that "one size fits me not!" was the embarrassing reality.

It was a dreadful time for me; it affected my confidence and my relations with the opposite sex.

Thankfully, after I moved into a steady long term relationship, it was no longer a problem as my partner [then wife] went on the pill and for the first time we could enjoy sex free from the tensions and frustrations of not being able to buy condoms that I could apply safely.

Today, of course, everyone should use condoms for the extra protection they give both parties.

To my horror, the problem reemerged a few years ago when my wife wanted to come off the pill and I had to approach the problem with my GP for a solution. I was embarrassed [though I know I shouldn't have been] as it wasn't something I'd ever wanted to talk to him about!

Personally, my GP was great. He understood that standard condoms would be impossible for me to use [the key problem being so well endowed was that I could not "apply" the condom when in its "rolled up" state, as they were far too tight and inelastic at that stage. Besides this, they were also going to be too short.

My GP confirmed the bad news; no condoms were available on the market for me to safely use and so the conclusion reached was for me to have a vasectomy.

I had a privately funded vasectomy within weeks and, for me, it was the right decision; it enabled my wife to come off the pill and as a couple we were now free to enjoy sex free from such worries I had in the past.

Lets face it, many couples would give their right eye for the "problem" I had but that misses the point; well endowed men will understand the practical problems I am referring to and the stresses it can cause an individual and their partner.

Thankfully, things have improved, and the market place can now supply very large condoms but they still have to be searched for as rarely are they in shops.

The main reason for creating this post is that as a young man I didn't see the advantages, just the problems with being well endowed. If I can help others, then this post is worthwhile. I just want to help other guys who are maybe feeling desperate to find a condom that fits. I just wish I'd been given the advice here and had access to the web!

So, for all those guys who are searching for a large condom, the good news is that know that Trojan's range of condoms include a Large", "Magnum" and a whopping great "Magnum XL" condom.

The Durex XXL is the longest condom on the market at 215 mm, roughly 20% larger than regular condoms. The Durex XXL is also fitted to provide for "easy-on" application and great feel. Who says that size doesn't matter. This condom has fluctuating levels of availability as it was produced for the American market, I believe.

Length: 215 mm
Width: 56-63 mm
Thickness: .07 mm

Durex UK have released a "longer-than-standard" Durex Maximum condom but it is NOT wide. The Durex Maximum combines the friction of a larger sized condom with the increased sensation of a thin condom and also contains a lubricant with a slight citrus scent.

Length: 200 mm (8 in)
Width: 52mm (2.05 in)
Thickness: .05mm (.002 in)

Trojan-Enz Large is another long condom on the market, but only slightly wider than average, with the following stats:

length=214mm (8.43 inches)
width=56mm (2.20 inches)
thickness=.07mm (.003 inches)

IThe Durex XXL and Trojan Enz Large are thus ideal for men who "can" get a standard condom on, but who need a long condom to safely cover their shaft length.

Trojan Magnum are about 15% larger than a standard condom (longer AND wider), with the following stats:

length=205mm (8.07 inches)
width=55mm (2.17 inches)
thickness=.07mm (.003 inches)

These are longer than an average condom, and slightly wider too and ideal for the man who CAN wear a standard condom but finds them uncomfortably tight.

However, research by Trojan revealed that there was a real need in the marketplace for a specialist condom that was VERY WIDE and LONG too

"Trojan Magnum XL" were launched in 2001. I understand they are one of the largest condoms available, being approx 30% larger than the average condom. Trojan Magnum XL stats are as follows:

length=205mm (8.07 inches)
width shaft & head=64mm (2.52 inches) width base=57mm (2.28 inches)

Magnum XL's and Durex XXL are really only suitable for the 2% or so of men who are extremely well endowed in my opinion. I think it would be foolish and potentially dangerous to attempt to use a large condom unless you really needed too (eg an increased risk of the condom slipping off).

As a general rule, I would suggest that if you CAN get a standard size condom on, then do NOT try to use Magnum XL as it will be too big for the reasons explained.

Incidentally, why on earth condoms are measured by width, instead of circumference? I have never understood this!

Do remember, therefore, that widths need to be DOUBLED in order to get the girth of these condoms. Hence, whilst Trojan Magnum XL (64mm width) may not appear much more than an ordinary condom (at say 52mm), it is a whopping 24mm EXTRA GIRTH.

A 64mm condom width is still very tight for some of us of course - but at least it is an improvement on what was available in the past.

Remember too, that Durex Avanti (60mm width), unlike Trojan condoms, is made of polyurethane and does not stretch as much as those made of LATEX, such as the trojan condoms.

Hence the Trojan Magnum XL condom will stretch considerably more than the Avanti in order to accommodate a well endowed male. I know this from bitter experience as having first bought the Avanti [it was marketed at the time as a large condom] I was embarrassed to find I could not get the damned thing applied as it would not stretch wide enough whilst in its rolled up state.

Durex Advanti Stats are as follows:

length=180mm (7.09 Inches)
width=60mm (2.36 Inches)
thickness=.04mm (.0015 Inches)

Note: If you do a quick search on the internet you will find both UK and international sites now able to supply Trojan or other makes to you discreetly by post with plain packaging and credit card descriptions that are discreet too for those who are worried.

Men in the UK who have not heard of Trojan can be reassured that this manufacturer is a leading supplier in the USA with a large share of that market. However,you must satisfy yourself as to whether this is sufficient to reassure you about the quality, given that Trojan are not a UK based manufacturer.

Condoms must fit safely, so the usual warnings about wearing a condom that is too loose or too tight will apply. In other words, choose the right condom for you!

Footnote: It just seems ridiculous than here we are, in the 21st century, with the thread of AIDS etc - yet the authorities seem blind to the fact that a wider choice of condom size is something that many men would welcome - across the whole spectrum of widths/lengths. In particular, there is a need for condoms that are much wider than are presently available. Likewise, there will be some men who need a much narrower condom than is currently available too. Africa is under great threat from Aids - yet the African man is renowned for being well endowed - so how ridiculous that larger condoms are not freely marketed. It is time to stop worrying about upsetting the ego of the average sized man, and supplying a wider range of condoms to the market so that all men can easily access a supply of quality condoms that fit them as individuals - it's as simple as that. Let us hope that in these more enlightened times, condom manufacturers AND those responsible for setting condom standards can get together and agree more choice.

Finally, for those men desperate to find a smaller condom, then I have found the following information that hopefully you will find equally useful:

"Contempo Exotica" is a condom manufactured by Ansell. Once again a search on the web will show you a range of suppliers - again, many are from overseas, but that is no problem as the import of condoms is not expensive. The length and the width of this condom make it one of the snuggest fitting that you can buy, as far as I am aware:

length=160mm (6.30 inches)
width=49mm (1.93 inches)
thickness=.07mm (.003 inches)

For some of the latest products available, try the following site;

I genuinely hope that the information in this post proves to be of use to guys trying to find a condom that fits them properly. If you have found this information useful, then give post a comment - or give feedback rating etc. If you think new information needs adding to keep it up to date then again note it in your comments.

Good Luck!

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  • leigh.devine published 17/01/2008
    Fantastic! What a great review.
  • Crazykurst published 07/06/2006
    These sound good if you have that sort of problem, being a woman i never thought of it, but its the same with clothes not everyone is catered for, kirsty
  • kjmck published 22/04/2005
    My partner and I have been looking for a larger option for a long time as even the ones described as more spacious are much too tight. This review has not only given me and my partner the advice and recommendation we needed, but it is also a very well written and informative review. Many thanks to you, sir!!!
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