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published 24/01/2005 | moo_trendy_cow
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"2pac Shakur....."

I am sure many people will know who 2pac is. If you don't I will try my best to fill you in on his life.
I can not pretend to know all about his life because I don't. He has now passed away and I have known of his existence since I have been small. He is now a legend in my eyes. If you listen to alot of R n' B and hip hop, you will know that 2pac is the father of all this... along with the people who started the blues!
I have chosen to write a review on 2pac because he had a very interesting life. Reading up on it a few years ago I found it hard to understand why he was murdered.
I will start by telling you that 2pac in his mothers own words is a "artist, poet, actor, leader, revolutionist and more."

2pac grew up around many influential leaders of the "the black panther party." This is not an organisation like the KKK! In fact the complete oppisite. It was a movement to re-open public schools in New York. Feed children breakfast and gain equal civil rights for African Americans.(I have got the above information from the official 2pac legacy site.)

This maybe why 2pac was so determined to abolish racism. He was very opinionated at factors like these. That is why some of his raps are so listenable. Because they are real and addressing real issues. Some maybe too rude because he is so aggravated at certain aspects of society.

From childhood 2pac was known as "the black prince." His sisters father (hs step-father) had to be put in jail for 60 years for a fatal armoured car robbery and had to leave the family. He was also a black panther. It is a well known fact that his step-father had to leave and that 2pac had very hard times growing up. 2pac had to move round everywhere and never really got to make steady friends. This is the cause of his depression. Which then spurred him on to start writing love poems. He had a diary to keep them in. He wanted to be famous... an actor which could take him away from reality. He wanted to leave the tough times he said himself that " the reasn why I could get into acting because it takes nothing to get out of who I am and go into somebody else."

When he became 15, he fell into rap. He wanted to show he was a tough guy and called himself "mc new york." He lied saying he came from New York, because small town people were scared of them.

He was enrolled in a school of arts full of "white kids" him being black had never seen anything like it. Ballet, Drama things like that black people did not have money for. And he liked these white people.

His career was great 1992 and onwards. He starred in a few films e.t.c.

The next very bad event you hear about is in 1994 when of course he miraculously recovered from his injuries after being shot 5 times in a robbery. He created his most famous album, "me aginst the world," which sold two million copies. As his career had risen he was in threat of being shot. And he was, he fought for his life after succumbing to his injuries.

His death effected many fans and fellow artists. But he is greaty remembered. I don't think a death of a celebrity has ever hit worse like 2pacs, or ever so greatly remembered. They even now have made a museum of his life. Constant documentaries playing, songs of his being reproduced and mixed with new artists, films produced and many more.

An example of how great 2pac seems to be to the hiphop industry (even after being dead for years), is his album "Until the end of time." Which was top grossing album of 2001 and helped him secure the title of being the biggest seller ever dead or alive.

1. 2Pac faked his death to fool his enemy's and earn even more revenues from his soon-to-be realeased material. The 7 day thoery and the "exit 2pac - enter makaveli" stuff is good evidence.

2Pac now called himself Makaveli. Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking one's death to fool their enemies... 2Pac was a fan of his and had read his books several times. Perhaps 2Pac is taking his advice...

2. Death Row Records, (specifically Suge Knight) had 2Pac killed to earn ALL revenues from his soon-to-be released material. Also, Death Row Records owed 2Pac a reported $9,892,814 and if 2Pac was dead, they would obviously no longer owe him this money.

The cover of 2Pac's latest album, Makaveli has 2Pac looking like Jesus Christ... Could he be planning a resurrection?
(I am almost sure Death Row Records did this themselves for the publicity. It just adds to the whole 2Pac alive stuff which has been getting the album more sales.)

3. 2Pac was killed by one of his enemies and all this conspiracy crap is a bunch of bullshit. Afterall, 2Pac did have beef with numerous people and he even got in a fight the night of the shooting. T-H-U-G-L-I-F-E. If there wasn't all this conspiracy evidence, this would be the main theory but there's just too much weird stuff goin on!

One of the weirdest theories I have found out a bout is numerological coincidences. Tupac was gunned down exactly seven months after All Eyez On Me was released. The number seven keeps coming up too. He was shot on September 7th and survived on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died the 13th. This could explain the title of his new album.... "The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory." 2pac was 25. His age adds up to 7 (2 + 5). Even his time of death, 4:03, adds up to 7 (4 + 0 + 3). Also, on track five on the Makaveli album the voice at the begining says "And if the Lord returns in the coming seven days, then we'll see ya next time." He even talks about the number 7 on his album! There are more 'coincidences' too.. The newest is on his brand new double album entitled "R U Still Down?". This album was released on November 25th. 2 + 5 = 7. The first video released off "R U Still Down" was "Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto". In this video, when 2Pac & another lady go into a hotel room, they very clearly show the hotel room number of 7 on the door. Also, in the diner the clock shows 4:03. This is the time of 2Pac's death. On the song, "White Man's World," if you listen very closely at the beggining, there is a voice in the background saying, " 7 years, 7 years, 7 years..."
At the end opf the song hail marry you can hear a voice calling
"he's alive 'he's alive. you can hear it when the song is playing 3 minutes and 22 seconds and 3+2+2is the magical number of 7.
The 7 day theory continues!

That's all for now folks hope you like my review!!

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Comments on this review

  • nahid786 published 21/05/2006
    I love 2pac, it's so interesting to hear all the theories about his death.
  • chriswynne16 published 05/08/2005
    Great review and opinions, but really not my kind of music. Chris :)
  • marcellep published 17/05/2005
    Good review. Rob
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