U2 - 360 Degrees At The Rose Bowl (Blu-ray)

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U2 - 360 Degrees At The Rose Bowl (Blu-ray)

This musical release from legendary rock band U2 captures a live performance recorded at the Rose Bowl with over 27 cameras during their 2009 U2360 to...

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published 13/12/2016 | BlurredLines
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My husband has loved U2 since he was a child, I've tried to learn to love the band as much as he does but apart from a few songs that I enjoy listening to I can't help feeling myself that U2 are overrated and that if they didn't model themselves as global superstars then they probably wouldn't be as long lived as they have been as a band. I bought my husband their 360 Degrees at the Rose Bowl concert Blu Ray for Christmas in 2010, the year it was released.

This Blu Ray is the footage from a concert U2 did at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena in October 2009, the concert was part of their 360 Degree world tour and was filmed in full HD using 27 cameras to capture the band and set while they were on stage. The main feature plays for 180 minutes and is a stuttering view of the four members of the band while they strut and play and sing their way through a set of 23 songs. There has been some uproar among U2 fans at the way the concert has been edited as the opening track of the show has been omitted and used within the bonus material on the disc instead, I wouldn't have noticed that as I don't know the songs U2 sing apart from their hits (I know some of them through my husband but a lot of the songs on this concert DVD are not ones that the band are well known for).

This concert was special for U2 fans because they designed and built a stage that was visible through 360 degrees, the audience is all around the stage and the band move continuously through the set to make sure all their fans get as good a view as each other. It looks like a very exciting event, the cameras often pan around the stadium and the fans all look like they are having a mesmerising time and it looks like one huge party and the kind of event that anyone who was there to see it live will remember.

The sound quality of U2 on the Blu Ray is as good as it can be from a live event, there's no interference on any of the microphones and even when my husband turns it up so it's playing loud through our home cinema system it always sounds clear. I like the way the screams are dimmed in sound while the songs are being played but at certain moments the producers will turn the audience's volume up to show how in tune they are with the band or how ecstatic they are when some specific songs are played.

I've seen this concert with my husband lots of times by now and have never been able to get used to the way the cameras flick between their different views. 27 cameras to get a full view of the concert is a clever use of technology but it has been overused in my opinion and the result is too choppy to let the concert be viewed in a fluid way. My husband has said several times that it would have been better for the producers to use ten less cameras and keep the same ones recording for longer, in one of the songs Bono is shown from at least ten different angles in just one minute! They should have called the concert Vertigo Revisited!

It feels like a very long concert to me sometimes but other times it's good to have U2 as background noise so I don't notice how long the feature is then. I don't like loud music and U2 have a way of being loud even when the sound is turned down low so this isn't a music DVD I would choose myself, me and my husband take it in turns to choose the music we put on and this is his choice 50% of the time but I usually put musicals or cheesy pop on instead. The concert is broken up when Bono speaks to the audience but I think he's a very preachy man and sometimes those segments irritate me, he never talks for very long and his speeches during this concert are quite bland but he still manages to sound lecturing.

I recognise most of the 23 songs but that's because my husband has followed the band for such a long time, there were a few that were new to me when I first watched 360 Degrees at the Rosebowl. If you only have a basic knowledge of U2 there might be quite a lot on here that you don't know but I think this concert DVD appeals more to people who are fans already rather than something you would buy as an introduction to the band. The band members are getting older and they're not ageing as well as The Rolling Stones for example, Bono still had enough energy when this concert was filmed but I think the HD sound showed how his voice is changing and getting weaker as he gets older.

I think there is a good argument for music DVDs to be in Blu Ray form but the price is a lot different, this DVD costs £23 but you can get the same one for on DVD for £11. There are extra features on the Blu Ray such as interviews with the band and their crew, also a documentary filmed around the making of this concert Blu Ray. We have watched the extras but as they are all in interview form for me that means that when I have seen them once I don't need or want to watch them again. They're good for fans of the band though and my husband has watched the extras more than once.

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  • jb0077 published 09/01/2017
  • justarube published 17/12/2016
    Nice review
  • kevin121 published 14/12/2016
    Very well reviewed but I think I would have to mute the preachy talky bits.
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Product Information : U2 - 360 Degrees At The Rose Bowl (Blu-ray)

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This musical release from legendary rock band U2 captures a live performance recorded at the Rose Bowl with over 27 cameras during their 2009 U2360 tour. Some of the songs featured in the concert include 'Get On Your Boots', 'Magnificent', 'The Unforgettable Fire', 'Until The End Of The World', and many more.


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