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Really there isn't much to say about UK bingo reviews website that's why I've chosen to talk about bingo in general although I am going to tell you a bit about the site. Firstly UK bingo reviews website is as it says it has lots of small reviews about all different types of bingo websites on the internet. It is a colourful looking blog's website containing Uk bingo reviews, reviews for bingo sites, mecca bingo, foxy bingo, bingo liner,virgin bingo and littlewoods bingo.

Categories include; bingo offers, reviews and site news. There are lists of bingo sites, bingo number nicknames. Recent posts include Free £25, Lotto the national lottery online, £10 free no deposit required and Sun bingo free £10.

There is also Poker reviews as well as all your usual news about bingo. It is a site you can trust and all the bingo sites listed there are legitimate.

Bingo is a wonderfully, fun game of luck above anything else. Amongst the bingo games there is land-based bingo, online bingo, 75 ball bingo, 90 Ball Bingo. There are different patterns when you win bingo "horizontal bingo" forms a straight, horizontal line on your bingo card. Five numbers will align horizontally across your bingo card.

75 bingo is American bingo where 75 balls are played it's generally quicker winning bingo with 75 ball bingo whereas 90 bingo is British and 90 balls are in use. Personally I don't know why, but I have found that I win more often on 90 ball bingo than 75 ball bingo. Also I prefer the games when they play 1 line, 2 line and then full house compared with coverall games that you have only one chance to win once you have full house. Full house is when you have covered all the numbers on your card. Lines can be anyway such as, horizontal, diagonal, straight or sometimes 4 corners. Different bingo internet sites vary whether you have to mark the numbers yourself and call bingo or automatically mark them and call bingo.

Automatic is great because you can sit back and relax. Also the chat rooms differ and some are more user friendly than others. Bingo Reviews site is good because it keeps you updated on all the new sites around and the different facilities.

In a normal game of bingo after the caller has called the number you have a certain time to mark the number on your card. Players have cards with figures written on them in 5 x 5 grid that corresponds to the 5 letters of the word B-I-N-G-O. Numbers are called at random till one player completes the bingo pattern that might be a vertical, horizontal or diagonal. There are other bingo patterns and rules.

There is a normal or static bingo pattern that cannot be moved on the bingo card and are won only when the card is filled. Crazy bingo patterns. These bingo cards allow the pattern to be rotated in 90 degrees increments for a winning bingo pattern match. Wild bingo patterns have scattered patterns. Having played on many bingo sites I have played many different patterns including layered cake, Big Brother bingo, Rock n Roll bingo and other types of bingo.

When playing bingo in a bingo hall there are several different bingo games played throughout a session. The games vary with the bingo hall, but there are always regular games. In a regular game, you fill your card with a straight-line bingo horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. In most regular games, four corners also counts.

Bingo is a game for every one I love playing a game of bingo and nowadays it is a game for people of all ages. Bingo reviews website makes bingo more accessible for everyone. We should not neglect the elderly, disabled or those who are unable to join others in main stream bingo clubs. Everyone is playing it even rich celebrities and many are even advertising it look at Gala bingo and Sharon Osbourne.

If you are a carer in a residential home then you can bring bingo into the home and help the elderly to play bingo. Bingo has changed a lot and is no longer a game purely played in clubs, but now we have internet bingo. Anyone with a bit of a technical mind can set up a bingo site or write a bingo blog. If you are interested in bingo then you can make a living out of it because there are many people who love bingo and like to read blogs about it. You could set up special bingo nights dedicated to those who love bingo. You could even open up your home for friends and have a bingo party. If you love bingo then that will be appealing to you. There are many ways in which bingo can feature in your life.

People with special needs love bingo and if you work with them or in an elderly home you can set up special bingo sessions for them. There are a few things you will need to take into account when calling bingo for those who have special needs. You should speak slowly and clearly to enable everyone to follow. Repeat the number a few times before moving on and check with your eyes to see that everyone is with you before you carry on. If you are unsure ask if everyone is with you before you carry on. You need to remember that those with special needs might not be as able as everyone else and if this is the case you might have to help them. Certainly when I worked with special needs and elderly I often enjoyed calling bingo for them. I also found that they really enjoyed it. If people are having real struggles keeping up you could have an extra member of staff walking round the room helping those who are struggling. You could ask that an extra member of staff be put on to cover the bingo night.

If that cannot happen then you could ask some of the more able elderly members to sit next to those who struggle and help them. Remember those who cannot get out to play bingo and try to help them continue the love of bingo they have. Why should we get all the fun and those less fortunate suffer? Bingo is a game for every one of all ages and abilities.
I know this review is all about UK bingo, but bingo isn't just played in the UK it is played all around the world. In fact, different Countries have different styles of bingo.

A Case Of Bingo Addiction
Bingo reviews website keeps you updated on all the news such as: Recently a 63 year old lady was jailed for 10 months for stealing almost £80,000 from her law firm employer's. She stole the money to help fund her gambling addiction. Suzanne Orton from Bournemouth was married to a solicitor when she admitted 4 charges of theft between 4th February 2005 and 17th February 2006. The lady didn't have problems with online bingo it was visiting the local bingo hall and playing the fruit machines. The lady found it stress relieving to gamble. This article was reported in The Bournemouth Echo on Friday 23rd May 2008.

This news article goes to show how dangerous that gambling can be, but as long as you remember it is just a game then you cannot go far wrong. I have worked in casino's before as a croupier and the general feeling was if you find you are having a losing streak then stop playing. Never follow a losing streak if you are winning then that's different. Also I have personally found that you have to enjoy the game and put winning down as a bonus. If you don't win then at least you will have had a good night whereas if you do win then it is a bonus. If you win it is the icing on the cake and you can go out and celebrate.

There are often stories of success in the papers. People winning big time at bingo and you can think about how good it would be to win, but that doesn't mean you have to risk everything to win. Bingo reviews website gives you information all about bingo.

Bingo is a fun game of dabbing numbers on your cards getting lines and full houses. Sure, it is fun to win and get's the adrenaline going. Another win that was recently reported was a lady that won the Gala win of £187,000 the lady who wanted to remain anonymous originally joined the bingo club to use the toilet. The lady played at the club during the week and never played bingo on a Sunday until this particular date when she won £187,000. The lady left her husband to watch football as she headed to the bingo club. Well it might have been the first Sunday she ever went to the club, but this particular Sunday would never be the same again. This lucky lady who joined the club to spend a penny won more than she'd bargained winning the platinum jackpot in Cusworth, Doncaster she scooped up no less than £187,000. Alright for some hey?

I cannot say I have ever gone to a toilet that's given me that amount of money. Most toilets take 10p off you never mind giving you money. Come to think of it I have never had a win like that at bingo either. I'm usually jumping up and down if I've won £10. I have never won big at Bingo, sometimes you feel like giving up, but when you read stories like this then it makes you think differently.

Playing bingo can be a good way of socialising or spending time. If you play online bingo you need to make sure the bingo sites are legitimate there are a lot of sites that just promise everything and give nothing. There are a lot of bingo blogs where you can check if a certain bingo site is legitimate. Bingo reviews website is just one of these blog sites albeit a good one. I love to play bingo offline as well as online. I hope that Bingo reviews website can help you a bit as well as educate you into types of bingo that can be played.

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patriciat 22.09.2008 23:28

I'd be bankcrupt if I started playing online and having to spend real money. I've had a few goes when some online ones have given you so many goes free and never won anything so I wouldn't like to actually pay for the pleasure of losing. Pat.t x

Expired-Account 17.09.2008 13:50

I'm not a bingo fan, comprehensive review though

Gary25 10.09.2008 00:10

Informative review - blimey, I didn't know bingo could be so complicated. Gary.

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