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published 19/02/2016 | AliceBond
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Pro historical details, good human features shown
Cons lack of dynamics
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Characters / Performances
Special Effects

"Hello mother, father, this is your Louie talking"

The moment from the film

The moment from the film

- My brother used to think that I could do anything, that I was better than I am.
- Who says you’re not?

General information

Director: Angelina Jolie
Writers: Joel Coen (screenplay), Ethan Coen (screenplay)
Stars: Jack O'Connell (Louis Zamperini), Miyavi (Watanabe (as Takamasa Ishihara)), Domhnall Gleeson (Phil), Garrett Hedlund (Fitzgerald), Finn Wittrock (Mac)
Country: USA
Language: English | Japanese | Italian
Release Date: in UK - 26 December 2014
Budget: $65 000 000 (estimated)
Runtime: 137 min
Main Character

This is a story about a boy/ sportsman/ captive/ man/ victim of war/ prisoner of the camp/ strong spirit/ acquired faith/ humanity/ forgiveness. I think, everyone may choose his or her own word.
The main hero is an Olympic champion Louie Zamperini. He is Italian. His family has migrated to the USA. His parents do not speak English; thus, everyone has a biased opinion concerning them. However, the policeman calls their family a very respected one! Is it politeness? Paradox?

The film starts from the middle. So, it is certainly full of flashbacks. There are not so many of them, and they are perfecly managed. They smoothly lead us to the beginning of the story. But despite a very bright life of Louie, which is full of events, I find this film a rather calm, quiet, and unworrying one. It has not captured my entire attention, that I consider a serious disadvantage.
Opinion on Direction and Music

I would like to thank Angelina Jolie for the scenes on the plane. They are really dramatic. However, all other scenes seem monotonous for me. It seems that her ardour suddenly disappeared. Besides, I'd like to emphasize a good work of composer. The music nicely fits the film and does not distract your attention from the main events. As for scriptwriters, I think Coen brothers could apply more efforts. As for me, the dialogues are weak at times. Also, they could have worked a bit more on the end of the film.
A Few Words about Angelina Jolie

I don't want to throw tomatoes in my favourite actress. But..but..but..
I watched an interview where it was said that they could not find a director for this film for a long time. Then, Jolie thought that she would be the best candidate to stage it. I think, it was her mistake. It all lead to her name being typed in big letters on every advertisement of the film. I saw it on every poster. But after watching the film, I realised that it was just a trap for such people as I am:) As I have already said, I am a big fan of her. And to tell the truth, if she shoots more films in the future, I will watch them all:) Besides, if she stars in them, I will be one of the first viewers) In fact, I believe in her talent. She has it indeed. Let's look at 'Mr and Ms Smith', for example. This movie has almost become a legend, as for me. So, she certainly has a big talent. Therefore, I will keep watching her films and hope that she will show her best skills in the future.
The Main Character

One more person pinned all my faith on was of course Jack O'Connell. I like this Briton. I like him since watching 'Skins' with him starring. In fact, I have seen a lot of movies with him, and I think he does his best in average films. It seems he is playing as if it were his last role. Hollywood lacks such actors who play not for popularity, money, or Oscars, but for the sake of art. In order to avoid spoilers, I will just say that after seeing him in the role of Zamperini, I cannot imagine anyone else.
A Few Words About Domhnall Gleeson

As for Domhnall, I liked his play as well. To tell the truth, he was even better than O'Connell in some moments. In my opinion, he was closer to the viewer. I even wanted to hug him, feel sorry, and give him some food:) His face showed all sufferings and torment, while O'Connell behaved in a strong, courageous manner. So, Domhnall attracted my attention, and I am going to watch some films with him as well.
Takamasa Ishihara

As it turns out (I did not expect), Takamasa is a popular Japanese musician Miyavi. His play is also worth applause. However, I think, his appearance does not fit the role he played. He was too well-groomed, neat, and tidy for a tyrant with masochistic habits who did not obviously receive enough love in the childhood. Only listen to his phrase "don`t look at me"! You'll understand if you watch:) So, the play is perfect, the so.

I think, this film is very idealized. Some situations are not natural and not typical for a usual man. Let's have a look. It is so easy to catch a shark by its tale! Sure! Or everyone who has a twisted ankle can lift a wooden beam and stand in such position for some time. Of course! Next, it is also possible to have a beautiful, pretty-looking beard after you have spent 48 days in the open sea. And finally, you will always get help in the last minute before death! I don't think someone can believe in such fairy tale.
The End (without spoilers;)

Now, a couple of words about the end of the film. During the whole film, I was trying to squeeze out at least one tear. But in the end, I burst into tears as a little child. And what do you think the reason was? It was tenderness. I had tender emotions, it was so good and touching.
Who Should Watch It

I recommend this film to teenagers, first of all. They will be able to know a lot about history, and the movie might inspire them. Moreover, when you are thinking that your life is a complete torture, you should also watch the movie! It is worth watching when you have life problems or difficulties. Moreover, you should also watch it if you are a big fan of O'Connell, Miyavi, or Domhnall Gleeson.

I would give the film 8 out of 10 despite its all minuses. This is a nice movie about courage and audacity. The man was tortured, beat, destroyed, and broken. He overcame a lot and saw a lot. However, he did not lose humaneness. Only the strongest man who has strong mind can do it.

«If you get me through this, I swear, I’ll dedicate my whole life to you.»

And he did.

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  • mummytobe78 published 19/03/2016
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    Nicely done x
  • JamieCharnley published 29/02/2016
    I have seen this movie and you reviewed it so well and your recommendation was spot on. I was 18 when I watched it and it was great!
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