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published 17/08/2017 | NBCMad92
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Pro Good Watch, Believable Characters, Current
Cons Screen Pixelllating Can Become Annoying.
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"A Dark Look Into Social Media Bullying"

Unfriended (DVD)

Unfriended (DVD)

Here's another one for the horror file. Unfriended. Social media has become a "need" for everyone these days. With most people being on it and unable to avoid it, it's hard to live life without it. The few days I have come off Facebook were great but I found myself unable to log into anything because everything on my phone was logged into Facebook. Needless to say, social media is a medium that cannot be avoided so it's no wonder that horror movie makers have gotten involved on the trend; trying to ruin it for us all.


Director - Levan Gabriadze (Lucky Trouble)

Producers - Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch & Wanted) & Nelson Greaves

Writer - Nelson Greaves

Cinematography - Adam Sidman

Editors - Parker Laramie & Andrew Wesman


Shelley Hennig as Blaire Lily (The Secret Circle & Teen Wolf)

Moses Jacob Storm as Mitch Roussel

Renee Olstead as Jessica "Jess" Felton (The Secret Life of the American Teenager)

Will Peltz as Adam Sewell (The Outcasts & Men, Women & Children)

Jacob Wysocki as Ken Smith (Pitch Perfect & Terri)

Courtney Halverson as Valerie "Val" Rommel (The Hammer & 1915)

Heather Sossaman as Laura Barns

Mickey River as Dank Jimmy

Cal Barnes as Rando Pauls

Matthew Bohrer as Matt

Christa Hartsock as Chatroulette Girl

Additional Information

Certificate - 15

Genre - Horror

Language - English

Country - US

Production Companies - Bazelevs Company & Blumhouse Productions

Distribution Companies - Universal Pictures

Released - July 2014 (Fantasia) & April 2015 (US)

Running Time - 83 minutes

Budget - $1 million

Box Office - $64.1 million

Tagline - "This April. Revenge Comes Online"


When high school student Laura Barns kills herself after being constantly bullied for a video uploaded online of her wasted at a party and unfortunately defecating on herself, a group of friends find themselves being targeted online by someone appearing to use the account of their recently deceased friend. Unable to log off or shut down, one by one they are picked off by this supernatural force.


When I saw this advertised I thought "here we go, another "found footage" horror movie to plunge into the already overflowing mess that is "found footage" horror". However, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the movie was pulled off. I thought I would get a little bored but I found myself intrigued with what was happening to the characters and keeping my eyes peeled in order that I didn't miss anything.

Again, this is a strong subject for this day and age. Social media and online bullying. Unfortunately there have been too many suicides over bullying online. As much as it is easy to say switch off and walk away, you cannot help but look at all the comments and memes and nastiness that is being aimed at you if you are subject to this media torment. I doubt very much that someone is going go come back from the dead and haunt a load of people through Facebook but I like that this movie takes a look at the escalating effects that social media can cause to young people.

I did find at first that it was a little slow. We opened up with the revel of the suicide which was at a 10 and then we went down to a 3 very quickly. I wouldn't say this was a bad thing but when I first watched this, it made me feel like the movie was going to be awful but I am glad that I continued watching. I would say it picks up again after the first death when the characters are all brought together and begin getting terrorised by this unknown entity. The tension and suspense continues right up until the end which is good for a horror film, keep them guessing and on their toes.

I must say the ending was a bit of a dampener because it didn't really answer all the questions for me but I won't go into detail regarding this at the risk of revealing spoilers.

Overall, I thought the story was well written, it is important for this day and age and was executed well.


I liked the acting in this movie as I found it believable with characters that I feel young people can relate to. I know I'm not getting my pension anytime soon but I'm not a teenager anymore so I can say young people.

I feel the actors really embodied their characters well and I could see the different characters in each one of them. Blaire being the sweet, innocent one of the group, to me, captured this well.

All the actors in this movie seemed to be, what teenagers would actually be like in this situation. Scared and confused. I felt for every character, even the ones that we didn't see much of and I was generally on the edge of my seat watching them as the story developed.

Overall, I thought the acting in this movie was really good considering there are many actors in it that haven't been in a lot of movies before. They all managed to pull of the fear the characters would feel well and I enjoyed watching their performances.

Special Effects

I thought the effects of this movie were pulled off well. I understand with horror films of this "found footage" genre that the screen does blur a little so you don't get to see what is actually happening and I must admit that that did annoy me but when you actually saw what was happen e.g. the deaths, they all looked really good. I particularly enjoyed watching the death with the hair curlers because I wondered how the crew managed to pull it off so realistically.

Overall, I cannot say there was an effect in this movie that I thought was not good. I think everything that was done was done well and I think the acting that went with it made it look even better.


As this is a "found footage" movie, there wasn't particular any music to go with it (or that I can think of). I think that is good because if music was added to it, it would ruin the realistic feeling that "found footage" gives an audience. You wouldn't expect to violins when you are opening the cupboard in your own home so why would you expect it in a movie of this genre.

Overall, I think the lack of music used in this movie fitted well with the genre.


This probably isn't going to be a horror film that will be logged into my top 10 nor will it be a movie that will be particular remembered by fans of the horror world but I think that it is a good horror for people who want a good scare. It is easy to watch and easy to follow. The acting and characters are good to watch. I like that it is current to today. I do think it is a little samey as other online bullying horror movies but I think that this movie would probably be in the top of THAT SPECIFIC CATEGORY.

One thing I didn't like is how the screen went pixellated and lagged when something scary was going to happen. I am becoming incredibly bored of this in "found footage" horror movies. It makes it difficult to see what is going on and when it is happening constantly, you find yourself turning away from the screen and looking at something else because clearly you cannot see what is going on. This is probably the only negative I can think of this movie.

Overall, I think this is a good current horror movie if you can handle pixellated mishappenings.

Special Features

Alas, there are no special features for this DVD which is a major disappointment. I like special features even directors/actors commentary but there is nothing in here. The only things are "chapters" and language settings. I would have thought with a movie like this they would have done a little bit of a "making of" or even a "safety on the internet". Considering this movie is solely about the internet and online bullying I would have imagined that they would have had at least something but nothing unfortunately.

I like that the home screen is set out like a computer would be. It keeps in with the theme of the movie.

I don't like that the tabs are not clearly marked as to what they are. Clearly, the first tab is the "play movie" but the others are exactly clear in what they are.

Overall, as there are no special features I find it quite a disappointment. Isn't that one of the reasons why us movie lovers buy DVDs?

Cost & Where To Buy

I purchased this at HMV on a deal but as it is not a popular movie and is relatively old, you can purchase this for under £5 at Tesco Direct, Zoom or Musicmagpie for the DVD and the Blu-ray is under £7 from Zavvi, Zoom and Musicmagpie.


IMDB - 5.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 62%

Roger Ebert - 1/4

"In the cinema, the static setup, fuzzy, pixellating Skype faces, and the parps of incoming messages all become profoundly irritating." - Times (UK)

"Being up to date is not the same thing as being on the ball, and Unfriended could afford to be cleverer." - New Statesman

"Unfriended is from a new generation: film-makers who now have the web in their bloodstream, for whom online interaction is a natural part of life. They've used a new language to create a smart, ingenious, subversive and scary movie." - Guardian

"Credibly using actual programs rather than made-up ones, Unfriended makes hay with such cultural ephemera as the "memorialise" function for a Facebook account, which enables the pages of deceased friends to have an afterlife." - Daily Telegraph (UK)

Thanks for reading my review.

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