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Unit Trusts

Are you searching for reliable unit trusts? Read reviews here on unit trusts from all over the world.

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Risky investment

11.03.2012 Review of Invesco GT European Growth Fund

"We were talked into investing £ 3000.00 of our savings in European growth fund. We were told that in a year we would be able to double our money and remove the initial investment to reinvest but with in 3 months it had lost half its value and never recov ..."

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Horrendously expensive for tracker fund

28.08.2010 Review of Virgin Direct UK Index Tracking Trust

"...All tracker funds, by definition, are similar. The reason why most outperform managed funds is their low charges. The reason the Virgin trackers do so badly is due to their very, very high charges - *four times* higher than similar funds run by HSBC ..."

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A Decade of Saving

03.05.2010 Review of Scottish Friendly Scottish Bond

"Back in the year 2000, my life was very different to the one I lead now. I was single, childless, earning my first decent salary since graduating a couple of years earlier and had relatively few major outgoings each month, having successfully cleared my e ..."

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Better performance stuffed under the mattress!

01.03.2010 Review of Scottish Friendly Managed Growth Fund

"...I've just had three of these come to maturity - one Scottish Bond and two Child Bonds. Each policy had £3,000 invested over a period of ten years: £25 per month for ten years. The two Child Bonds realised little over £2,900 and the Scottish Bond £2,850. A ..."

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