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published 03/06/2003 | Cojoba
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I am 40 years old and spend time on my PC doing surveys, entering competitions and looking for the best deals on the internet (which I am very good at finding!). I also love travelling, particularly staying at 4-5 star hotels at bargain prices.
Pro Soft Skin, Firmer Skin, Instant Inch Loss
Cons Can be claustrophobic, wrapped up like a mummy, price
very helpful
Value for Money

"Great for Inch loss, firmer and softer skin."

I had heard about the Universal Contour Body Wraps and what they are meant to do. Curiousity got the better of me and I now highly recommend them. I have listed below as much as I have possibly researched on them, as well as my own experience. I hope you find it helpful.

 Exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue and guarantees exceptional and lasting inch loss.
 Can be used to target stubborn extra inches
 Gives anyone on a diet a great start to their slimming plan
 Firms and tightens the skin after pregnancy, or loss of weight
 Is an ideal preparation for holidays or special occasions
can just be enjoyed as a refreshing "detox"

What happens?

You are asked to fill in a medical form and are shown into a room where you undress. You are given a “lovely sexy” paper thong to put on. They take your current weight and height and record it. It's a good idea to go to the toilet at this stage if you need too, as when you are wrapped you can't go for about 45-1 hour.

The person wrapping you then takes several measurements of your body, starting from your chest and finishing at your ankles and wrists. They mark the places with a pen to ensure they measure the same parts afterwards.

In a large container is a murky brown liquid. This is the mineral clay solution in which are lots of elastic bandages soaking ready for application. They are in warm water so you won’t freeze whilst they are being applied. The bandages are applied from shoulders to ankle. You feel and look like an Egyptian mummy when finished!!

Once covered in these clay soaked bandages, (which do not smell nasty) you are helped into a rubber tracksuit and booties to help aid the soaking process. You then sit on a chair in a body steamer for around ½ hr where heat basically makes you sweat.
You are then unwrapped. You tend to get a lot of water/sweat sloshing around in your boots, which is rather unpleasant. It also gets a bit chilly as the bandages come off, but you can put a towel round you and when the bandages are completely off you are able to dry yourself off. After you have done this you are then measured again on the marks made previously to see how many inches you have lost. They guarantee a minimum of 6 inches on the first wrap.

Once the details are recorded, there is an aftercare regime to stick to for 3-4 days to aid continuing inch loss. They recommend that you drink 3-4 pints of water daily, lay of tea, coffee and caffeine, and stay off salt and fried and fatty foods. This is so you don’t put back the toxins that have just been drawn out of you that cause the inch loss. They also recommend that you hold off showering or bathing for ideally 3-4 days. This is because the clay leaves a residue on your body for these few days which continues to pull out the toxins.

They recommend having the wraps about 1 week - 10 days apart and after a course of 3 you are normally 'wrapped up', meaning that they have drawn out as many toxins as they can for now. It is recommended to have one every six months just to keep everything toned and firm.

The inch loss is guaranteed as long as you don't go putting any weight back on. They say that once you lose 2 inches all over your body then you go down a dress size.

If you want a bit of a treat I would thoroughly recommend it!

Why it works?

A Word about Toxins - Toxin accumulation is due to age, illness. Medications, stress, improper diet, smoking. Drinking, lack of exercise and weight loss (which, due to fat breakdown is very toxic). This is further complicated for women with hormonal changes and pregnancy. In women, these fluids accumulate from waist to the knees and in men, from the abdomen up through to the face and throat.

When the skin and kidneys become overloaded, toxins are stored in the fluid between the fat cells. They are called interstitial fluids which means 'between the fat cells' These fluids are not removed by any normal process. You cannot 'diet' them away, exercise them away or sauna them away.

These fluids have been tested and they are nothing that you would want to retain in your body. When we unwrap someone who is particularly toxic, an odour such as alcohol, nicotine or medication is often acutely detected in the contouring wraps. Many people are wrapped for the cleansing benefits as well as the inch loss and reshaping. The cleansing of toxins from the skin and soft adipose tissue through wrapping is our goal with the Universal Contour wrap.

A Word about Elasticin. - Elasticin (or elastin) is what holds and maintains the shape of the soft tissue and skin. Elasticin becomes increasingly inhabited as toxins accumulate. Fat acts as a sponge for storing toxins. When fat breaks down (through weight loss) copious amounts of toxins will be released and absorbed into the remaining fat and colloidal tissue layers. This further inhabits the elasticin and results in tissue that can appear to look worse, rather than better through weight loss. The Universal Contour Wrap helps to tighten this loose, saggy tissue.
By our revitalising elasticin we give the body the ability to grab hold of the 'shape' we have moulded it to under the pressure of the contouring wraps, along with the ability to maintain it. This moderate pressure also brings the skin closer, thus limiting the fatty layer under the skin to its normal form.

How it works?

It works by "osmosis". Osmosis is the passage of fluids through a membrane or other porous substance. Osmosis occurs when the Sea Clay solution draws out the impurities through the pores. The gentle pressure of the contouring wraps and the solution also works to stimulate the latent toxins in the adipose tissue and in return these toxins are flushed out through the aid of the lymphatic system. It is very important to drink water for several days after the wrap to help the cleansing process.

The inch/centimetre loss is achieved through the compacting of the soft fatty tissue and skin tightening. As the weight is lost, the fat cells are broken down and toxins released and stored in the tissue and the fluid around the fat cells.

Price usually around £45 per ¾ wrap or £50 per full wrap (full wrap includes chest and arms) they recommend a course of 3 where they tend to take 10% off.

Who will it help

Dieters who want motivation.

Women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes.

Women with stretch marks.

Women with "cellulite" problems.

Women who want to lose inches for a special occasion.

People who cannot lose weight in certain areas.

Men and women who are too thin, (but still need firming, toning and shaping.)

Out of proportion bodies.

Dieters who want to stay as firm as possible while dieting.

Anyone who needs to tighten body tissue

Dieters who want to lose inches from the right places first.

Excellent for people suffering with psoriasis and eczema

Men and women who want to look terrific fast!!!!

Go on give it a go……….I lost 6 inches on my first wrap and would definitely recommend it.

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  • supersexycoolchick1 published 10/04/2008
    sounds like it works for just about everyone who tries it so worth the time and money then
  • rusticgirl published 17/04/2007
    You lost me a bit on the how it works technical side of things, but really good anyway, sounds like a must!
  • lil_kayb published 18/08/2003
    talk abpout a miracle worker! kayxx
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