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published 20/07/2008 | jo145
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Having had a rest from writing I am trying to get back to Ciao and catching up with reading reviews. I am having problems rating, will try and come back if it hasn't worked, please message me if I need to come back to you.
Pro Instant inch loss guaranteed
Cons Need to be wrapped in wet bandages
very helpful
Value for Money

"I've been Mummified!"

How many women are happy with their figures? Certainly I know a lot who would like to be a bit trimmer, be able to see a definite waistline, get into skirts and trousers that are tight, get rid of those love handles! Bet you know some too!

I don't do diets, I would never stick to them, so don't see the point in trying. I do try to eat healthily, but still put on inches were I don't want them. I go to a salon and use the exercise beds as I was going to join a gym when I retired but because of a leg problem the physio suggested I should leave it for a while, so I use the beds and they tone but don't strain my muscles. As a bonus with the membership you get a free wrap. No, not a wrap full of chicken, mayo and salad but a clay wrap. I had seen people all bandaged up and wearing vinyl sweat suits, and never really fancied it, but as I'm going on a cruise I decided to try out my "free" wrap.

Before the Wrap
I had to fill in a form, detailing my height, weight, health problems, medication etc. Then when that was checked, I was taken to the room to get undressed down to my pants and then I was measured. Measurements are taken, from wrist to top of arm, several places on leg and over and below bust, waist, tummy and hips. In other words all the important bits!

The Wrap
The stretchy bandages had been soaking in a clay/water mixture which is kept warm. These bandages are wound round, starting at one ankle, then the other leg, up the body, to bust and then the arms. I had to hold the bandage when it was within reach and they get tucked in, no pins are used. Then I was helped into the vinyl suit, and polythene bags on my feet and thick socks on top. I then proceeded to work my way around the exercise beds. Where I live 3 salons do this procedure, but I think they wrap you in a polythene sheet and a duvet, to keep you warm. At first the clay bandages feel warm, but soon cool down, exercising helps you keep a good temperature and also helps tone. When my hour was up I was helped out of the suit, un-bandaged and left to dry myself and then I was re-measured before being left to dress. I then went to discuss the results.
Plus advice was given how to make the effects even better.

After the Wrap
I was advised to drink at least 3 pints of water a day, to flush the toxins out of my body broken down by the wrap process. It is best to avoid tea, coffee, sugar, salt, carbonated drinks, alcohol, fried and fatty foods, tinned products, processed foods etc. When you shower the water should be cool and limit soap to underarms, groin and feet areas. This keeps the clay in your pores for longer so the detoxification and tightening process continues for a few more days. I was also told only to use cream on my face, the wrap is good for dry skin so lotions shouldn't be needed anyway.
After 3 or 4 days shower with hot water and soap, over the entire body to open the pores.

The Guarantee
They guarantee that you will lose 6 inches (from measurements all over body not just your waistline!) and this will stay off for 30 days. This is conditional that you follow the after instructions, and don't gain any weight. If you don't lose the minimum amount, they will do another wrap free of charge.

How many times can I have wraps?
Obviously you can't go on losing inches for ever! But you can benefit by having a series of wraps, taken at least 7/10 days apart. It is suggested you can lose about 25inches this way. In fact you can come down a dress size without losing any weight! It depends on your size and life style to how many wraps you can have before you become "Wrapped-out!" Then you would need to diet to lose weight. But even if you don't lose inches it does improve your skin.
They suggest you have a wrap once every two months to maintain your shape.

How did I do?
Well I was very pleased with the result and although I am around a size 14 I managed to lose 23 inches overall. My love handles have gone! My tummy is flatter and hips smaller, a bit of my upper arms and some off my calves. My skin feels quite good, although to be fair it wasn't bad before.

What was it like?
It felt nice and warm going on, but the bandages soon cooled, and people in cold weather say you soon get chilled, whereas it was a warm day so that didn't apply, but it was slightly uncomfortable sitting and lying on the beds as my pants were wet from the clay and I felt like I was sitting in a puddle! I can't understand why some children don't object to wet nappies! The bandages are tight, and movement is restricted. I did leak as I went around! So one of the girls mops up after you, preventing anyone getting clay loaded water on their clothes.
Following the recommendations about drinking water, and avoiding some foods wasn't too difficult as I only drink one cup of ground coffee a day and drink decaffeinated instant the rest of the time or fruit tea. I did miss my glass of wine with my dinner, but it was only for a few days, I don't take sugar, I already cut down on salt, so I ate more fruit and vegetables and had salad instead of a sandwich at lunch time. I have been doing that all week and have actually lost a few pounds too! Summertime is the best time I think to do it, as tepid showers in winter are no fun.

My card with details and measurements has been kept at the salon, so if I return my details are there, and I was given the tear off part with the after wrap instructions.

FREE! Well I suppose it was covered in my membership money, but it is £40 for 1 treatment or £105 for a course of 3. My salon does a special rate for parties of 3 ladies, and sorry gents they don't take men at my salon!

Would I go again?
Mmm? I'm not sure, it is expensive but it worked for me and I might go if it was for a special occasion like a wedding. Most people actually do it before weddings or holidays, or when on diets as it gives them a bit of a boost. I'd say go for it, unless health reasons exclude you, for instance you must wait 6 weeks after having a baby.


It is worth checking out if you are interested as you can find your nearest salon. Plus you can buy a kit to do at home. It only has a few bandages so is just to target small areas, and it would be too hard to do your whole body as you can't bend! It costs £49.95 and will give 4 -6 small treatments, or a mini one for £29.95. The guarantee doesn't apply to home treatments though.

You can also buy the sea clay to dissolve in the bath to help detox your skin and give a firmer result. It costs £4.90 for a bag for 1 bath.

Having seen now that the bandages cost £6.50 each, and probably 12 or more were used and the clay £4.90 a packet and the suit £35, the outlay is quite high which explains the cost. The bandages are washed and dried between customers, so a good stock is required.

Sea Clay/Bentonite: for skin clarifying and purification
Sodium Chloride: Detoxifies tissue
Magnesium Chloride: Mineral salt combats stress and fluid retention
Magnesium Sulphate: Stimulates skin circulation
Trace elements of Silica, Zinc and Selenium - building blocks of collagen and free radical scavengers.
Organic Iodine: Increases metabolism

Any photos?
You have to be joking! No it was not my finest moment!

How long did it stay off?
You'll need to come back after a month and I'll tell you!

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  • patriciat published 27/08/2008
    Spoilsport - no photo. Sorry I can't rate higher, I'm catching up again. Pat.t x
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