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published 06/12/2008 | mightymuffin
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"Getting down and dirty ...."

I am forever on the quest to rid myself of my fatty bits, lumpy bumpy bottom and thighs, not to mention my flabby tummy and jelly upper arms. Over the years I have tried so many different diets and slimming aids. Some of them have worked (for a time) but most of them haven't and once I go back to my old ways of eating (and drinking) the weight just piles back on again and I get so depressed about it I just reach out for another cream cake or bar of chocolate.

Trawling the Internet a couple of months ago, I came across an interesting article on something called Universal Contour Wraps. The hype stated that these little mud soaked wraps could be the 'quick fix' I needed to rid myself of a few inches of flab and get me to 'kick start' my diet and healthy eating regime. They claimed to rid my body of putrid toxins, rid me of my dreaded cellulite, tighten and tone my skin, exfoliate, cleanse and make me lose inches!! All with instant results!! It sounded like just the thing I needed. At £49.99 for a home starter kit, I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. The website also gave me a list of local salons in my area who were also offering the Universal Contour Wrap 'Experience', but I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to stripping off and getting naked in front of strangers, so I figured a home starter kit was probably the best thing for me initially.

Within about 3 / 4 days of ordering my kit from www.universalsaloncontourwrap.com it had arrived. I must admit, I was a little surprised at just how small the package looked - I'd expected a larger package, considering how much the website had claimed was in the kit. I quickly opened it up and examined the contents, which briefly consisted of six cotton elasticised bandages, two 12oz tubs of Sea Clay Body Masque, a bath scrunchy, a hand mitt and last but not least, a tape measure!!

I decided to try it out straight away. It was Saturday afternoon, my husband was watching sport on the TV downstairs, my daughter was out with friends and I just couldn't wait to get started. I took my kit upstairs with me and shouted to my husband that I could be a while as I was having a 'pamper day' and the bathroom was out of bounds for a couple of hours. The instructions state that you must measure yourself beforehand (on the areas you are going to treat) so that you can really see the dramatic inch loss after you have used the treatment. I got naked and carefully set about measuring myself around my buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, upper arms and tummy, making a note of my measurements on a scrap of paper.

I then proceeded to exfoliate my skin on the areas I was going to treat, (just as the instructions recommend) with the little mitt, which was supplied in the kit. I rubbed myself all over my bum, hips, thighs etc., until I was glowing pink and my skin was prepared for my clay treat!! Whilst I'd been exfoliating myself, I'd been preparing my elasticated bandages by placing them in the sink which was filled with warm water, taking care to keep them rolled up, as instructed.

I then picked up my jar of SeaClay Body Masque and started to apply it to the areas of my body I was planning on treating. I layered it about 1/8th of an inch (quite thick), all over my bottom first of all. This was quite difficult t manage as I couldn't see behind me and we only have a little mirror in our bathroom. To get around this, I decided to stand on the side of the bath and try to twist my neck behind me so I could see my derrière a bit better. Strange as it sounds, it worked, and I eventually managed to coat the whole of my bottom in a thick gloopy brown and pleasantly smelling mud. I then started on my things and worked my way all the way down the back, sides and front of my legs. I then coated my tummy with the rest of the jar, then my arms and finally my breasts.

I looked a complete and utter mess and it looked as though I had been dipped in chocolate. Then I set about wrapping myself in the elasticated bandages. I carefully removed one of them from the sink and kept it rolled up, as the instructions stated. I squeezed out as much water as I could and started from my ankles and worked my way up my legs. The instructions tell you to wrap tightly and firmly, but not so tight as to inhibit the circulation. It was difficult establishing what the right tightness should be and I think I may have been a little too enthusiastic and wrapped them a bit too tightly as I got pins and needles in both legs by the time the treatment was finished.

I proceeded to wrap a second bandage around the other leg, one bandage around my bottom, like a nappy and two of them around my tummy. Then I realised I only had one left for an arm as the kit only comes with six bandages in total. By the time I had got around to the final arm, the mud was beginning to 'set' and I needed another bandage. I stood on the landing and shouted downstairs for my husband to quickly bring me up a bandage out of the First Aid tin. He was taking his time so I shouted again, to 'quickly' bring me a bandage, I needed it NOW!!

He shot up the stairs asking if I'd hurt myself and carrying a plaster!! I explained that I wasn't hurt but that the plaster was no good, what I actually needed was a bandage! The amazing thing was, he didn't bat an eyelid. He just went straight back downstairs and into the First Aid tin again and brought me the bandage I'd asked for! He then went back downstairs to continue to watch TV. I walked very carefully into the bedroom. I say carefully as I was actually unable to bend my knees and I simply had to waddle from side to side.

I managed to put several towels on our bed and chucked myself down as the instructions stated to 'relax' (as best I could) for between 45 - 60 minutes. It was very difficult to relax. The mud was drying on my skin and the bandages which had felt warm when they'd first been applied, were by now making me cold and shivery. I shouted downstairs to my husband again and asked him for an old sheet out of the airing cupboard. He came back upstairs again, moaning that he was "missing the match" and kindly threw a sheet over the top of me then left me to it. I was still cold, lying there, covered in horrible cold mud and wet bandages and the time passed very slowly.

I couldn't wait to get up and remove the dreaded bandages! Bliss. I carefully unrolled each one, as instructed and then took a cool shower. I had pins and needles in both legs and feet and indents all over my skin from the tight bandages - not very attractive. I took my measurements again after my shower, to see if there was any difference and to my surprise there was! I'd lost half an inch from my bottom and about ¼ of an inch from each thigh! I was over the moon.

The instructions tell you to drink plenty of water (up to three pints a day) afterwards, as the body is ridding itself of toxins and upping your water intake helps with the process. You are also advised to eliminate alcohol, sugar and preservatives for the next few days and I followed this to the letter.

I must say, I do think the tone of my skin improved after just one session. (I repeated the process a day or so later). My skin felt tighter, firmer and more toned and there was also a definite elimination of some of my cellulite-ridden areas.

All in all, a very impressive product and one which I would highly recommend if you are wanting to lose a couple of inches in a hurry and you want to tone up those problem areas. However, I think that if you are brave enough to go to a reputable salon to have the treatment done professionally, then I think this might be the better option as it was a bit of a hassle trying to do it myself, not to mention the mess it makes of anything the clay has touched. If you do decide to give it a go, just make sure you have everything to hand before you start out and make extra sure you cover everything in site in old towels or sheets - or better still, just make sure you have someone around to lend a hand!

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  • TheNuttyTart published 19/09/2011
    I didn't know you could do this at home, wow! :o)
  • Elysia2003 published 28/08/2011
    When you re-measured yourself, how many inches did you lose? You didn't say
  • daveboxer published 15/06/2011
    you review
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