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VAX V085 Steam Cleaner

Sledge - Water Capacity:1.4 - Max Boiler Wattage:1600 - without Vacuum Function - without Steam Iron Function - without Variable Steam Regulation

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published 14/08/2011 | Revo9
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Pro Compact, lots of accessories, removes dirt and grime well
Cons Loose wheels, some attachments fall off, hard to fill, steam leaks out, no water level indicator
very helpful
Value for money

"Great sized portable steam cleaner but numerous problems!"

Vax V-085 steam cleaner

The V-085 is a small, portable, compact steam cleaner made by the established manufacturer, Vax. The product is simple to operate and has a space saving method of storing the 12 accessories and extensions provided. I purchased the product from Tesco for the price tag of £80.

The product out of the box looks fairly modern and classy. The thing which I first noticed was the compact size of the product, which was good for hard to reach places. The dimensions of the product are 26x29x40cm (WxHxD) and it weighs just under 5kg when it is unfilled. This made it a great sized portable steam cleaner which was relatively easy to carry. There are two LED lights to the front of the handle which are yellow and red in colour, the yellow one telling you when the steam is ready for operation. There is an ergonomically designed grey plastic handle attached to the top of the product for easy carrying. There is a dark coloured plastic panel to the front of the product which actually lifts up, allowing you to store all of the accessories inside. To the very front is a long knurled pipe which is where the steam is ejected from, at the end of this there is a mechanism where you can slot on the different attachments. There is a large black dial to the back of the product allowing you to fill the water tank, leading to two plastic wheels on either side at the back. The tank on the product can store up to 1.4 litres however no funnel is provided meaning the product is quite hard to fill with water. The device is 1600 watts in power and can operates with a standard UK plug.

The product comes with 12 accessories you can use for a variety of tasks in hard to reach places. I’ve found the water once fully filled in the tank lasts about an hour before needing more water which was a decent amount of time. The product includes extension pipes which can extend the front pipe house where the steam comes out of quite considerably. This is great for ceilings and high places. You get one cleaning cloth, a measuring beaker, a high powered nozzle attachment, a cover, two small brushes and all manner of different sized accessories to tackle many jobs. There is also a fairly good instruction manual written in good English which is useful if you’re unsure what a particular accessory is supposed to do. The liftable dark coloured plastic panel to the front is a great touch as it allows you to store the accessories on board the product. This is a great space saving mechanism even though the device itself is light and compact already.

The operation of the product has remained sound even after many, many uses. I have noticed no overheating problems or short circuiting problems. The product still lasts around an hour before needing refilled with water. That said, I have experienced that the wheels have become slightly defected in that they wobble and have become slightly loose. Certain attachments do not fit tightly to the hose and are very prone to falling off, this is not the case with all of them but definitely some do this. I’ve also noticed some steam comes out at the base of the hose as opposed to the ending which would lead me to believe there is some leakage somewhere. Overall, the durability has been ok as it is still operational but it certainly has a few durability issues which I feel need addressing.
Ease of Use

The product is easy to use. You have to wait a few minutes after filling the product to wait until the product is ready to use. This is indicated by the LED light changing from red to yellow meaning the product is good to go. As mentioned the product lasts about an hour before needing refilled which is fair. Filling the tank is a little difficult, not funnel is provided meaning you need full concentration and patience to fill the tank without water dripping everywhere. The light weight and compact design mean the device is easy to transport and I’ve found it get into all corners, cracks and difficult to reach places very easily. I’ve done radiators, ceilings, bathroom tiles and so on very easily which I largely contribute to the compact size of the V-085. I find even with its diminutive size, it does remove a lot of dirt and grime effectively. The noise of the product was quite low but it probably could be made quieter.

I paid £80 for the product from Tesco making it a middle of the range steam cleaner in terms of price. I have seen the product advertised at just £64 on Amazon UK and cheap second hand models on eBay. I think £80 in hindsight of the problems I experienced to be a bit too much but certainly if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, then it could be a fair investment. The fact that Tesco, Amazon UK, eBay and certain online electrical retailers sell the Vax V-085 mean it is freely available to purchase online.

As mentioned the product does suffer from a fair few problems which I feel need to be addressed to justify the £80 I paid for it from Tesco. The product developed loose wobbling wheels over time, I found steam leaking from the bottom of the hose and certain accessories fall off too easily from the hose. I think a funnel or something similar should be implemented so that the water tank is easily fillable which would stop water running everywhere. There is a power cord included but there is no way to wrap or retract it into the product which I think is a simple error which could be easily corrected. Even though the product lasts for about an hour before needing refilled i would like to see some water level measurement system or some warning LED light when you are running out of water. As it remains the only way you can determine if you are out of water is by weighing the product or waiting till it runs dry.

To conclude my Vax V-085 was an attractive and compact steam cleaner which removed grime successfully in a lot of difficult to reach places. The choice of accessories was good as well as it being easy to operate and use. However there were some glaring problems I found with the product which were a letdown in light of the £80 price tag from Tesco. The wheels became loose, the tank in the middle of the product was hard to fill, certain accessories fell off too easily, steam escaped from the bottom of the hose and there was no way to identify how much water was left or a way to wrap the power cord around the product. The product did do what a steam cleaner is supposed to do and the size was compact, but I can’t help feel the product had too many problems and I would have expected better from a well known manufacturer such as Vax. If you can get the product cheap then I would recommend it, if you have to pay full price for it however, then stay clear of it. Thanks for reading my review.

© Revo9 (2011)
*Note, I am both a member of Ciao and under the same username of Revo9*

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  • tune57 published 20/08/2011
    This sounds better than the Vax steam cleaner we used to have.
  • Coloneljohn published 16/08/2011
    An excellent review. It tells me what I need to know. John
  • Jake_Speed published 16/08/2011
    Super review!
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Product Information : VAX V085 Steam Cleaner

Manufacturer's product description

Sledge - Water Capacity:1.4 - Max Boiler Wattage:1600 - without Vacuum Function - without Steam Iron Function - without Variable Steam Regulation

Product Details

EAN: 5012512129068

Manufacturer: VAX

Type / Shape: Sledge

Maximum Capacity of Clean Water in Litres: 1.4

Maximum Wattage of Boiler: 1600

Variable Steam Regulation: without Variable Steam Regulation

Vacuum Function: without Vacuum Function

Steam Iron Function: without Steam Iron Function

Included Steam Iron Attachment: No

Steam Pistol Attachment: No


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