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Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera

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published 19/02/2005 | Siobhany
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Pro Pocket Size and Smells Nice
Cons Makes Your Fingers Greasy
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"A Little Bit of Vera Always Does Me Good"

Aloe Vera Vaseline

Aloe Vera Vaseline

Since being at college, all of my friends have always been good friends with Vera but it's only up until now that i've properly met Vera and have found her to be a very loyal friend indeed and when i speak of Vera i mean Aloe Vera.
There comes a time when everyones' skin, especially lips become chapped, dry or cracked and i personally have a big problem in both cases but didn't really bother to do anything about it until my very red sore dry hands and cracked lips were screaming at me, but not literally of course.
As i said above, all of my friends are loyal friends to that small vaseline tin carrying it around with them everywhere and applying it when they can as a type of fashion accessory as well as a wonderful therapy. So i thought to myself why don't i go out and buy some for myself seems as everyone else seems to have a tin of it?

Before i bought this wonderful product, i clearly remember Vaseline being in those plastic pots being of a medium size and the smell of it being of a chemical plastic smell. When i was younger i remember my mum always applying this to my skin when i had dry skin or rashes and although the smell of it was quite off-putting it did do the trick.
The fact that this memory has stuck with me, put me off from buying the normal small pocket sized tin of vaseline but as we have one and my mum uses it all the time i thought i'd use as well as smell it and i'm guessing the company has eradicated this smell and there's none whatsoever.

As for the Aloe Vera addition of the Vaseline tin, here's some information for you........

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° Price to Pay •°¤*•°•°¤*•°

From store to store wherever you go the price will vary but i bought this tin from Tesco at a price of 98p and at Boots you can purchase this product at a price of 99p - Bargain!

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° External Appearance •°¤*•°•°¤*•°

Well it's of a circular shape being 'pocket size' as stated on the tin where it is green and white with the words being white saying 'Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera' and then in big letters 'Vaseline'.
Although it states on the front 'Lip Therapy', it also states on the side that it 'Soothes dry skin and Lips'. This sounds quite simple but i was awfully confused as to whether you can use the vaseline on your skin as well as your lips as i only see people using this on their lips and had never had a tin of this to myself before. So after much confusion i started to use the vaseline on my hands as well as my lips!
Also on the front of the pocket sized tub it states that it is in actual fact 'Petroleum Jelly' which to me sounds off putting as it reminds me of the word 'Petrol' and those car fumes but it is far from this at all!
On the bottom of the tin it says it is a weight of 20g, made in Norway and has the ingredients going around the bottom of the tin in a circle.

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° Internal Appearance and Fragrance •°¤*•°•°¤*•°

When opening the lid, i see a smooth yellowish jelly substance which is obviously the petroleum jelly and smells of a lovely Aloe Vera fragrance but after reading the back of the tin under the ingredients and getting the words 'Citral' and 'Limonene' it is quite obvious that part of the fragrance is contributed by properties such as citrus and lemon. I'm not a fan of these two pieces of fruit but the fragrances they give off are lovely and are shown in this tin.

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° Application and Results •°¤*•°•°¤*•°

The stage of application is very very simple and requires only a finger. I personally rub my finger on the jelly and then apply it to my lips but will give my lips another coat of jelly as i usually feel that one isn't enough and like to make sure my lips are fully covered with it. The only problem i had with using my finger is that it was quite greasy afterwards, so i advice you have a tissue near by before applying and don't rub it on your clothes as it is waterproof and may not wash off your clothes!
Once the jelly had been applied to my lips, i noticed immediately that it was very smooth to the touch, felt very nice on my lips, took any pain away from the cracks on my lips and even looks like i am wearing a lip gloss!
The jelly takes approximately an hour and a half to fully dry and soak into my lips but this may vary from person to person!
With my hands, i use the same application method as i do using my lips and makes them feel very smooth and soft but a major con is it makes my hands very greasy and doesn't dry very quickly either, so whatever i touch will effectively get Vaseline on!

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° What is the difference between the Normal Vaseline and Aloe Vera Vaseline ?

From what i have learnt writing this review and being a new user of the Aloe Vera Vaseline product, there is no difference between this and the normal one. The only differences is that the normal vaseline tin is blue and white where the Aloe Vera tin is green and white. Also the Aloe Vera has a distinct smell of Citrus and Lemon classified as an Aloe Vera smell whereas the normal vaseline tin has no smell whatsoever.
I'm not entirely sure which out of the two performs best as i haven't used the normal one as often as i do with the Aloe Vera but i think the company of this product have just made this one look and smell better than the original.

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° What do I think of the Aloe Vera Vaseline •°¤*•°•°¤*•°

This is a great product if you have very dry, chapped or cracked skin and lips as it works quickly and effectively making your lips feel lovely and smooth with a small pleasant fragrance to go with it. Although you can use this product on your skin (if dry) as well as your lips, i personally only recommend using it on your lips as i applied the jelly to my hands a few hours ago and is still the same as when i first applied it - greasy. I may have applied too much or applied it wrong but i thought this was necessary as my hands are very very dry and thought it would dry out within an hour but doesn't seem to be drying very quickly. It has however made my hands nice and smooth eliminating all of the dry skin that was once visible.
The vaseline doesn't add any colour to your lips but is great for a natural look as it makes your lips shine with a type of glossy look as well as it being a treatment for all types of skin conditions.
It is the perfect lip therapy if you are looking for one that treats all types of conditions as well it having a nice smell to it, being pocket size where you can carry it around with you everywhere and giving your lips a glossy shine that looks as if you are wearing a proper lip gloss.

I recommend anyone to use this product if you have dry lips and skin but not if you do not like the smell of Aloe Vera although it didn't bother me too much once applied on my lips and skin.

•°¤*•°•°¤*•° Contact Information •°¤*•°•°¤*•°

Consumer Care,
Lever Faberge Ltd,
UK Freepost,
Admail 1000,
London SW1A 2XX

Freephone - 0800 591720


Thankyou for reading, I hope this has helped you.

.x.x.x. Siobhan .x.x.x.

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  • JeeanA published 09/01/2007
    I use this one too (and the sun protection one with shea butter). Good isn't it? I reviewed it myself back in 2004. Happy New Year to you! :o)
  • jesi published 05/05/2006
    Hello, Siobhan. A very good review! my husband puts vaseline on his hands ~ I recommend rather than wipe the excess from dabbing on you lips onto a tissue that you massage it into the cracks on your hands ~ it will soak in reasonably quickly and go remarkably far! ~ ~ .................................................................................................... ~ ♥ ~ jes ~ ♥♥
  • fabfrog5 published 04/03/2006
    a cracking review! i used to use this stuff until i unfortunately left the tin in my car and it melted and went all over the lid so i couldnt open it!! will have to replace it soon! great review! well done! :) x
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