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Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera

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published 27/02/2005 | Averilla
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""Kiss me, honey, honey, Kiss me'"

On holiday in Fuertaventura last year, my partner suffered excruciating sunburn, no sympathy please, he did not take precautions !!! Now, I had heard of all the soothing properties that Aloe Vera is supposed to have, so, in desparation (meaning I could not stand the wails of pain any longer) I stepped outside and tore off one of the huge Aloe leaves that were growing in abundance. I laid him out, split the leaf in two and proceeded to rub the leaf all over his tortured body !!!! BIG MISTAKE......apparently it is the thick gloopy gel inside the plant that has the healing properties, but the green leaf itself has no benefits, indeed it can actually cause an allergic reaction...In short he was screaming in agony by the time I'd finished with him and after a cool shower we realised the leaf had actually stained his skin...a rusty orange colour, which took the next four days to wear off....ever since then I have been sure to only use prepared products of the Aloe kind.

In this current spell of cold weather I, like millions of others, am suffering dry and chapped lips and skin, so I decided to try Vaseline Petroleum Jelly lip Therapy with Aloe Vera, mainly because I liked the look of the little pocket sized tin....dinky.

****** Brief Background******

Vaseline was discovered in 1859 by Robert Chesebrough in Pennyslylvania. Whilst trying to strike oil he became fascinated with the thick gloopy petroleum goop that used to stick to the base of the rigs, causing them to sieze. He realised that if you rubbed it on a cut or bruise, it helped speed up the healing process. He took some home, refined it and named it 'Vaseline'. Some say the name was derived from the fact that he stored it in his wife's vases and later added the medical term 'line', however noone is certain.Since then 'Vaseline' has been used for, among others, healing wounds, removing stains,preventing rust and a sexual lubricant (but we won't even go there). So..all in all the perfect solution for my sore chapped lips.


Lovely little pocket sized, green and white tin. The twist off lid is a tight fit, so is not likely to fall open in your handbag, so no danger of covering the contents of your bag with a gloopy mess..yuk.The words Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera , Vaseline are emblazoned accros the front of the tin in white. This is a pretty looking and dinky little tin. (handy tip..when it's empty it is ideal for keeping pins in or even as a pill box)

***The test*****

Opening the lid you are faced with a very pleasant smelling, slightly sweet, yellowish green ,jelly like substance. Using a finger you only need to take a tiny amount and smear across the affected lips..mmmmmmm..lovely and smooth with a sort of warm feeling ..and how soft...just sort of puts you in the mood for kissing. There is no taste as such, just feels......mmmmmmmm...well I think you get the picture.It says on the packet that it soothes dry skin and lips, so, as I have very dry skin across my nose , I tried it. I smeared some on just before bed and slept on it. I will tell you now that it had immediate results, in the morning the affected area was soft with not a hint of dryness !!! The absorbency is quite good, but does need reapplying after a few hours, slightly more than many other lip salves. Another advantage is that it gives a lovely sheen to your lips so can be used as a very subtle lipgloss. Also I would reccommend using this on your hands with very effective results.


I'm going to list all of them but mainly for the benefit of any budding scientists out there..take a deep breath.....

Petrolatum, Aroma, Isoprpyl Myristate, Aloe Barbedenis (I know this one), Citral, Citronellol, Limonene, and of course, how could we forget Linalool !!!!!

*****Price, availability******

I paid 99p from Boots, but they are available from most chemists and some supermarkets and range in price from 95p to 99p . So Kind on the pocket too !

For more info contact:

Consumer Care
Lever Faberge LTD
UK Freepost
Admail 1000
London SW1A 2xx
Freephone 0800 591 720

There is also a website however this is in the process of being updated but might be worth a look when it is done.

Overall in comparison to the standard Vaseline I think this one is better if only for the fact that there are more healing benefits and the smell is lovely.

****Fact File ***

Did you know that Aloe vera has over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including minerals, amino acids, and, of course not, well now you do.

There are plenty of other uses, mainly for the standard vaseline, such as lubricating hinges, battery terminals and, of all things fridge shelves.

And one last tip for all you fishermen out there......Vaseline can be used as a lure for trout, simply coat small pieces of sponge to 'stimulate' fishbait!!!

So there you have it, vaseline is a little something for everyone.....mmmmmmmmmm C'mon and kiss me.........

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  • tune57 published 06/03/2011
    I've always got a tin of this in my handbag.
  • plod591 published 01/11/2010
    Should we ever meet, you may experience the pleasure of your title. :>)
  • Autarkis published 26/09/2010
    I have never tried vaseline for my lips, I always get the feeling that it will leave them sticky, however, this sounds really nice :o)
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