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published 09/05/2005 | MissTopaz
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Guys out there: I'm sure that so many of you cannot understand the concept of why you see so many women who insist on using, swearing by, and carrying at least 5 little pots of Vaseline around with them. WHY!? I hear you cry. What is the need to rely on an insignificant little pot of manky looking goo that's a load of petroleum jelly!

I am here to help to try and explain the myth of Vaseline; why you either love it or hate it, and to also tell you why I, the wonderful (pfff) MissTopaz can't go anywhere without it in my handbag.

Vaseline Intensive Care ( is a company that produces products that are specifically designed to care for and protect your skin, from your lips to your fingernails, to your toes! The products they do range from Lip Therapy, Intensive Care Lotion, Petroleum Jelly, and Intensive Care Bath, so there's something to suit every need!
Aloe Vera is a member of the cactus variant of the Lily family and is full to the bursting with healthy nutrients. It is the gel from the inner leaf that soothes dry skin and burns, and promotes cell growth and repair. (info on Aloe Vera can be easily obtained through Google-ing)

The little pot that I love and swear by is my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera. I purchased mine from Boots for the most wonderfully reasonable price of 99p. I can say it was the price which attracted me to Vaseline first, and as I will confirm later, it is definitely the best value for money!!! You can buy it from general chemist stores or any Boots.

The two standard packaging designs for the Vaseline Lip Therapy are the standard blue and white, or the green and white for the (not so surprising) Aloe Vera. The dinky little tin is perfectly handbag sized. The tub type pot is approximately 2cm high and 5cm in diameter. This means that it will fit into pretty much any bag, or for you guys who care about their lips (good for you!), it should easily fit into a pocket!

The pot is made out of tin, and the lid is a simple slide off, but it's a very tight design and there's no way the lid will fall off in your bag- God forbid a Vaseline covered hair brush or purse! There's a little lip type bit round the join between the lid and the pot, so you can easily apply enough pressure to remove the lid.

A downfall for me here is that I have had my pot for about two months, and from being carried around everywhere in a bag next to keys, or massive piles of textbooks, it means that the pot looks very worse for wear, and I'm not even half way through it! Around all the edges the colouring has scratched off, leaving gorgeous scratchy tin marks! But not to fear, I came up with a clever solution-when bored in an IT lesson, I discovered a permanent marker pen- and drew all over the lid! Fun! Much better now it looks personalised, and hey, it saves any mix up with anyone else's!

When you twist off the lid for first use, you are greeted by a perfectly full (don't you just hate companies who screw you over with packaging?) tub of a perfectly smooth product. I don't know about anyone else out there, but I just loved being the first one to leave my fingerprints in the perfectly-smooth-as-a-mirror surface!

When using the mixture, you really need to be aware that a little goes a long long way, and that it's very easy to just smush your finger in and end up with masses left and in a horrible mess. When applying, you just need sufficient to make your index finger look shiny and covered. Anymore and you will just end up with gloopy lips, and with either have to try and make it get back into the pot, or wipe it somewhere…mmm.

Another consuming problem is the gloopiness of the Vaseline, you really need to be so careful otherwise you just end up wasting it and it's not the easiest mixture to get off your fingers, or from round your lips. Like I said before, I've had my pot for about 2 months, and I'd say I'm about a third of my way through it. How great value it that!? I should try and see if I can make my pot last for half a year!

OK the actual usage. Because Vaseline is such a smooth mixture, it glides onto your lips really easily and smoothly. And because it's the Aloe Vera version, you can smell the stuff as you apply it, and you can feel it all tingly and Aloe-Vera-y. Personally I prefer the Aloe Vera pot in a big way, because it smells a lot nicer, and has better healing properties, especially to burns, so it will be a lifesaver to those who go on sunny holidays!

Like I said, a little goes a long way, and when it's on your lips, it stays there for ages. I like to apply mine a lot, but if I applied and then didn't reapply, then my lips stay really smooth and soft for about 2 hours. I like to always ensure that my lips feel smooth all the time! I find it really does sooth my lips. It's great for the cold weather when your lips get dried by the cold or that awful painful chapping sensation. Since I've been a user of Vaseline, I've never had chapped lips, so I believe it does posses long term effects.
It does have the 'mmm' factor, because it's so nice to just rub your lips together and feel the smooth, soothing properties working and making you feel glamorous with sexy smooth lips! It's also so good for ladies to carry around, because it also acts as a lip gloss, but in a natural less-is-more way. Are you guys starting to understand why we women love it so much??

You also don't have to just use the lip therapy on your lips- the pot states that it also soothes dry skin, and I like to use it on the top of the palm of my hands just before the fingers start, because it helps keep that area soothed.

Now the myth I heard was that Vaseline promotes hair growth, and this was why it took me so long to get into Vaseline, because I was worried I'd end up with the dreaded 5 o'clock shadow if I used it! But I don't need to worry; there has been no unwanted hair growth! However a friend of mine did actually put it on her eyelashes, and apparently it made them grow!

The stuff definitely comes into its own if you have split or badly damaged lips, because the Aloe Vera properties really do calm and sooth the painful areas, and prevent further cracking, which, being a musician is an absolute dire situation for me.

So, have I helped to explain the baffling concept of why we women love this cute little fashion accessory? It just has so many uses! It is a lifesaver and is one of the most crucial handbag items I believe a woman should never go without. And come on, the little pots are just so cute! And when they're empty they make a cute little holder for hair pins or beads or buttons! So the usefulness will live on!

Thanks for reading 

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  • justarube published 02/10/2017
    good review
  • LatifaSaeedM published 22/12/2013
    such a great value... it will never be that cheap where I live lool good review dear..
  • M.Newcastle published 02/09/2009
    The plain stuff is also the best eye-makeup remover ever. It kind of eats even waterproof mascara (but I never manage to wipe all of it off, keep marking my pillows). Use the plain stuff during the day instead of mascara for thick-looking lashes which are also being conditioned
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