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Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera

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published 21/01/2007 | spottydog2
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Pro Softens lips and skin, easy to carry.
Cons Smell and taste.
very helpful
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"Keep the Aloe Vera for something else."

Vaseline pocket size lip therapy, with aloe vera and original

Vaseline pocket size lip therapy, with aloe vera and original

I am a fan of vaseline lip care, which I use regularly, but have a pot that is at teast 3/4 full and will last ages. Yesterday I wandered over to Boots the Chemist with the sole intention of purchasing a birthday gift for someone. There was nothing, they must only stock things over Christmas in gift packages. Our Boots is only a small branch though. Feeling frustrated and not wanting to leave empty handed, my eagle eye scanned the shelves and spotted the Vaseline with Aloe Vera variety of lip therapy. I had to try this, even though I didn`t need any. I had also heard reports from people who did not like the Aloe Vera in the vaseline. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I had to try it for myself. Aloe vera is supposed to have really good properties aswell which I wanted to test.

Initial Impressions.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well I already use the vaseline lip therapy and am really pleased with it. It is very much the same in appearance, except the pots are different colours, the aloe vera one is in green and white whereas the original is blue and white. It is in a little metal tin and the lid lifts off. It is quite easy to lift off, though but as the tin is so small (20g) sometimes it is a bit difficult to hold on to, so I insert my nail to lift it up, its alright if you have nails. It slips back on quite easily. It just looks like set grease when opened, which is what I would expect it to look like. The first thing that I did was smell it, which is the natural thing to do I would think. As I use the original vaseline which doesn`t really have a smell, I wanted to compare and contrast. I found the smell quite unpleasant. I was a bit disappointed as I have several products containing aloe vera for horses in first aid items, creams and ointments. These smell quite nice, so I was not really prepared for the smell to make me feel almost nauseous, not so much as to make me not use it though, but I was no longer looking forward to it.

Using Vaseline lip therapy.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The vaseline lip therapy is simple to use. You just put a bit on your finger and rub it onto your lips. The vaseline is quite hard at first but after a few applications, it softens and is easy to apply. It is of course, winter and the vaseline is reactive to temperatures. During summer it is a lot softer and may even liquify in very hot weather, just be careful to keep it upright on opening. Quite simply, vaseline is petroleum jelly, there is nothing glamorous about it. It doesn`t look like an expensive beauty product, but it isn`t supposed to be and it is far from expensive. I paid 89p in Boots, there isn`t much but it lasts, a little bit goes a long way. It is so simple to use, just rub it on your lips, you can do this several times a day or as often as you need to. You can even put it on little patches of dry skin. Obvously the pocket sized pot is only suitable for small bits, Unilever, who make vaseline, sell larger pots or creams containing vaseline for larger parts of the body, but at least this product does not have to be confined to lips.

* * * * * * * * * *

I find vaseline with aloe vera really effective. I must point out however, the vaseline on it`s own is just as effective, I haven`t found it any better, or worse, with the aloe vera. I put it on my lips several times a day, especially in this weather. It makes my lips shiney, greasy almost, but it feels nice. It certainly comes off on cups and glasses, so I don`t put it on just before I have a drink. Your lips don`t stay shiney, it is not designed to be a lip gloss, it is just an added benefit. If I have a patch of dry skin on my face, which I tend to get in this weather, I put the vaseline on there and I try to think that I will be getting more benefits with the aloe vera. This works a treat, better than ordinary moisturiser for little patches. I must say though, you would not like to go out afterwards straight away. It takes a little bit of time to sink in. I am careful to use it mostly at night for two reasons. One, I don`t want shiney patches, two, I don`t want to collect dust as this is what tends to happen, things stick to it.

The lady whos birthday it is on Tuesday, was putting it one the ends of her fingers today. I didn`t think she would appreciate it for her birthday though! Also, you would need to be careful what you touched for a little while afterwards due to its greasy consisitency.

Recently I had a cold and was at work on a long shift. I carried the vaseline around in my pocket, it is pocket sized and kept applying it to my lips and nose and around and just inside my nostrils. It is hygienic if you use different fingers, or do your nostrils last and wash your hands afterwards. This is the first time I have done this and I did not have a sore nose at all, which I have had on previous colds. My colleagues had red noses as they all had the cold, not mine might I add.

Do I recommend?
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I recommend vaseline lip therapy, but I don`t recommend the one with aloe vera. I didn`t like the taste or the smell. I am still using it, but I prefer the original. I am not saying don`t try it but it is not my preference. It is cheap enough to try at 89p even if you don`t like it. It is good for people with dry skin, I don`t think anyone who doesn`t have dry skin would find it necessary as it would be too greasy. Some people prefer lip balm with an applicator eliminating the need to touch your lips, if this is the case, vaseline is not for you. I am not sure how natural the aloe vera is either, looking at the ingredients. The original vaseline is just petroleum jelly, whereas the aloe vera one contains in additon, aroma, isoproyl myristate, aloe barbadenesis, citral, citronellol, eugenol, limonene, linalool. I don`t know what any of these are, the original one seems a lot more natural.

Your fingers stay greasy for a bit and it may make the computer mouse a bit difficult to use for a few minutes, which I find.

Vaseline is a cheap, non pretentious therapy for lips and one which I will continue to use and carry around in my pocket at work. I won`t buy the aloe vera one again though. It is available in Boots, Tesco and I am sure most places that sell moisturiser.

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  • mum2natalie published 01/02/2007
    I get dry lips too and love lip balms etc but I always find the lid on the Vaseline pots doesn't retain it's tightness leaving me with a messy handbag etc.... A good review. S x
  • beevorm published 23/01/2007
    Great review, and I agree with them keeping the Aloe Vera out of it as well, just does something weird to it. Mike xx
  • arnoldhenryrufus published 23/01/2007
    I will look out for the original - lyn x
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