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"When Shoe Polish Makes A Good Moisturizer"

While I’m learning new German words every day here, the frequency with which new English words make their way into my vocabulary is significantly slower. I can go days, weeks, months even without learning new words, but when I do you can bet it has something to do with an op. A month or so back it was “phantasmagorially” , which itself came from the translation of a German slogan here. The latest though, is “comedogenic”. If I moved in more beauty industry-based circles I might have heard it before, but I don’t and so I hadn’t. It’s a buzz word for the cosmetic companies these days though, and research for more than one op has brought it up. It’s a fancy word for pore clogging, although it’s mostly found used in the negative – non-comedogenic, meaning will not clog pores. This is just one of the claims of Vaseline’s 100% Pure petroleum jelly, and although it may sound odd at first (after all, I used only to associate Vaseline with sore, cracked lips, not normally a place of the body with pores liable to getting clogged) it’s on the packaging for a reason.

*-*-* History *-*-*

Way back in 1859, a chap called Robert Augustus Cheesebrough was a bit of an expert in all things oily. He saw how a colourless “rod wax” blocked up parts of machinery until someone went along and removed it, and also noted that the workers at the plant would then use this rather than a plaster if they had a cut – it would stop the bleeding and seemed to speed up the healing process. Realizing he was on to a good thing, Cheesebrough took some of this way and went back to his lab, spending months creating a pure form of this from scratch, which he called "petroleum jelly". Supposedly the name “Vaseline” comes from the fact that he made so much of the stuff that he started filling vases with it, throwing out his darling wife’s flowers in the process. After a while he added the popular medical term "line" to the word "vase" and called the product "Vaseline Petroleum Jelly."

*-*-* The Varieties *-*-*

The 100% Pure Petroleum jelly is just one of a range of products from the firm, including Vaseline Creamy Petroleum jelly, Vaseline Dual Action petroleum jelly and Vaseline Nursery jelly. While each of these has a specific use, the 100% Pure version is usually your best bet because it can be use for all these purposes and more.

As far as I’m aware, not all of these are available in the UK (and definitely not in Germany) but most American drugstores (and websites) offer some if not all of the selection. For the rest of the op, when I say “Vaseline”, I mean the 100& pure standard variety.

*-*-* Uses Of Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly *-*-*

Ones I’ve tried:

· smooth it onto lips before going out in the wind to stop them cracking, or slap on before you go to sleep if you sleep (as I often do) with your mouth slightly open, to prevent that uncomfortable feeling when you wake up

· apply to minor burns (after running them under a cold tap) to keep the pain at a minimum

· using a tissue or piece of cotton wool, use the jelly to remove makeup quickly and effectively

· apply to baby’s bums before putting on a fresh nappy to help prevent nappy rash - adults can also use it in this area to relieve the pain of constipation.

· sticking with the baby theme, when washing their hair, spread Vaseline onto their forehead so the bubbles don’t run down to their eyes

· rub it onto your feet (all over, except the tips of your toes if you do Pointe work in ballet), put on a pair of socks and go to sleep. When you wake up, your feet will be super soft and silky.

· Using a little bit as a face moisturizer – really. They claim it will “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” like any good anti-aging cream. Now I don’t have fine lines and wrinkles (yet) so I can’t verify that this works but I’m sure it doesn’t do any harm, and for about 20 quid less than my normal moisturizer, I choose to give it a go

· Add a tiny (really, tiny) spread to eyebrows and eyelashes before you go to sleep – I can’t remember what this one actually does, but I still do it now and then. Alternatively, use it instead of mascara/eyelash and brow gel to tame / “style” eyebrows

· Use it to get chewing gum out of hair – slather it on to the affected area until the gum just slides off

· If you have a ring stuck on your finger, use it like you would use oil or butter type things to slide it off

· When you’re paining (a wall / item rather than a picture) use it a la masking tape to keep the paint from splattering or running outside the designated area.

· Similar to the last use, use it as a barrier when dying your hair to stop, well, dying your scalp too. Spread around the hairline + ear areas before you start

· Smooth onto shower-rods to keep your shower curtain from sticking

· You can use Vaseline as a lubricant during sex BUT it rots condoms rendering them useless so not a good idea if they’re your only form of contraception

Ones I’ve not tried, but are said to work (see sources below)

· Smear onto clean car battery terminals to prevent corrosion

· Use to repair scratches in wood – cover the area with a lot of Vaseline, leave for a day or so, rub into the wood and wipe away and excess

· Cover each scratch with a liberal coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly, let sit for 24 hours, rub into wood, wipe away excess, and polish as usual.

· Speed up roller blades and skateboards by using it to lubricate their wheels

· Prevent rush by applying Vaseline to outdoor machines – this seals out the air and water rust needs to form

· Remove stains (e.g. lipstick) from napkins, table cloths, clothes etc by smearing on Vaseline before bunging them in the washing machine

· Stop shelves in fridges from sticking by coating the racks with Vaseline to help them glide easily.

· Use it to polish leather shoes and leave them super shiny and soft.

*-*-* Why It’s Just So Darn Good *-*-*

Firstly, the price - a little tub lasts for ages. Then there’s the fact it does so many things – it’s a cheap, makeup remover, moisturizer, shoe polisher, nappy rash preventer, lubricant and so much more all in one. You're saving money twice, because you only need one product to do lots of things, and because that one product only cost pennies. The ingredients list is also reassuringly short – the original variety, as the name would suggest, has just one ingredient: petroleum. It does not contain any colors, fragrances or irritants, is hypo-allergenic and, of course, is non-comedogenic....;-)

While the packaging isn’t exactly inspired, it is very distinctive, and serves its purpose. Vaseline has a very long shelf life – up to 8 years, so considerably more than the minimum 3 years for beauty products demanded by the EU. It smells practically of nothing and is simply plain and off-white . although it may sometimes look yellow, that’s just the packaging. It’s a product that’s stood the test of time, and is as popular today as ever. No home should be without a tub, and I doubt many are.

*-*-* Buying It *-*-*

Depending on the size you buy, and the country in which you shop, Vaseline comes in a variety of different presentations. In the UK, you can buy it in plastic tubs (yellow, with blue lids) or metal tins (blue and white – designed especially for lips):

Traditional, small plastic tub, 100g = £1.39
Large “family size” plastic tub, 225g = £1.99

Small, handbag site metal tin (about 15ml I think*) = 99p

*I couldn’t find this on any website, but I’m basing my guess on the fact that the UK release tins are less than half the size of the German 40ml one I have sitting on my desk.

If you can’t find it in a shop (and it’s sold all over, from chemists to supermarkets to random Students’ Union Shops) try the Baby aisle – it can usually be found here, in between nappies and baby shampoo. There are several cheaper own brands on the market (Boots have 150g for £1.30 at the moment), but I’ve never had any reason to try them.

*-*-* Sources *-*-*

For more info on the product itself,
For info on uses,
For history of Vaseline

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