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Veet Facial Easy to Use Cold Wax Strips

Hair Removal Wax - for Women

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published 31/05/2006 | Crazykurst
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About me :
Not for me
Pro None unless you like fake love bites!!
Cons Bruising, still hair there, pain
very helpful
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How painful is it?
Next hair removal necessary after
Value for money

"Ouch, lots of pain still no gain."

Oh dear maybe I should have read the reviews on ciao before buying this product, oh well I have got it now so I may as well use it despite all the bad comments about it.

Veet face and bikini ready to use cold wax strips. Don't worry I'm not about to tell you I have a problem with facial hair. Well at least no one has commented on it. I wouldn't do anything about it if I did I have seen so many people with stubble because they have started waxing their moustache and then actually started shaving, and this is women we are talking about, so its not for me, I think if you remove hair it comes back thicker and blacker.

I thought with the summer supposedly on its way and maybe the chance to wear a swimming costume down the beach I had better do something about my bikini line, so this is the product I chose, mainly because I haven't waxed my bikini line before only shaved and that itches as it grows back. Maybe I should have tried hair removal cream but I got a free sample of veet wax through the post,they seemed to work on my legs ok.


Veet wax strips come in a bright yellow box, five inches by two and a half. The box clearly states on the front formerly known as immac. Effective on short hair, salon quality formula. Also for bikini line, underarms and touch ups. It tells you that there are 20 strips and two perfect finish wipes, and the results last up to four weeks. Inside the blue wax strips are in between two pieces of paper, wax being blue/green you can see it through the paper as it is quite thin. The strip of wax is three inches long by one inch wide, I found these quite hard to separate, just the case of separating the two ends, it wasn't tough to pull apart. You also get two wipes which come in a light blue packet like what you get from KFC

How to prepare the wax__

If using on a small area cut to size.
Warm the wax strips between your hands.
Slowly peel the strips apart.

How to apply and remove the wax__

Apply one of the wax strips onto the skin firmly with your hands for 10 seconds in the direction of hair growth.
Immediately, hold the skin taut with one hand and with the other hand grip the bottom of the strip. In one swift decisive movement, remove the strip against the direction of hair growth. Never lift the strip upwards, bur keep it close to the skin as possible. To relieve discomfort apply pressure on your skin with your hands.
The same strip can be used several times. To re-use, place two used wax strips together so the wax is in contact, rub the strips between your hands for 5 seconds and slowly peel the strips apart. Repeat hair removal as necessary.

After waxing__

To remove any traces of wax left on the skin, dab them with the back of a used strip.
Once all hair has been removed, gently wipe the skin with the perfect finish wipes to remove any remaining wax residues. These are quite good they do actually do what they say they are going to do. But I found them quite greasy.
Never use water, soap or alcohol to wipe any traces of wax. If needed use cotton wool impregnated with oil.

How to use veet on each body part__

If you have never waxed before it is recommended that you start with your legs, only when you have experience should you progress onto sensitive areas like your face and bikini line.

Upper lip: Treat each side of your lip separately. Press on one strip and pull it back towards your nose, holding your skin taut with the other hand.

Chin: Hair on the chin usually grows sideways or downwards. Smooth on the strips and pull back in the opposite direction to hair growth.

Centre brow: Cut the strip to size. Smooth on strip and pull back towards the nose.

Bikini line: Only use on small areas at a time. Smooth the strip in the direction of hair growth. Keeping your skin taut with one hand, with the other peel of against the direction of hair growth.

Underarms: Underarm hair tends to grow in two different directions, so requires removing in two different stages. Lift your elbow up and well back for the skin to be taut. For the upper part of the underarm, smooth firmly a strip in the direction of the hair growth (towards the elbow). Holding the skin taut, swiftly remove the strip downwards, in the opposite direction. For the lower part of the underarm, repeat the process in the opposite direction.

Helpful hints__

If the wax does not stick properly to your skin you may have moist skin, use talcum powder to reduce any excess moisture.

Wax is not effective, your hair maybe too short. It should be between 2 to 5 mm long, or the strip was now smoothed enough onto the skin. Try again by smoothing it for longer (20 seconds)

At the second application of one strip, it did not remove the hair. Place two used wax strips together so that the wax is in contact and rub the strips together for 5 seconds between the palm of your hands to re-heat the wax. Then slowly peel the strips apart.

Beautician tip__

Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before waxing, the wax will stick better to the hair and be more effective. To sooth the skin after strip removal, immediately apply pressure with your hand. Always wax 24 hours in advance of special occasions to allow the redness to disappear. To avoid in growing hairs after waxing, exfoliate your skin once a week and moisturise your skin daily.

There are quite a few precautions on the instructions. The first one being do not swallow, I cont think any of us adults are likely to eat veet wax strips but just encase we don't keep them out of reach from children and they manage to get their grubby little paws on them and start munching them. You must consult a doctor straight away
And show them the outer pack.
Do not use on varicose veins, moles, broken, irritated or sunburnt skin or skin that has suffered an adverse reaction to waxes in the past.
Test your skin reaction before use by applying a little wax to the area that you wish to treat and use a wipe as well, in 24 hours you will see if you have any funny reaction to this product or not.
It is normal that your skin turns red after waxing. If you experience discomfort, burning sensation or bruising, apply a cold compress to the skin. Symptoms should disappear within 24 hours. If not seek medical advise.
After use wait 24 hours before using deodorant or a perfumed product, going swimming or sunbathing.
Do not scratch the skin after hair removal you may cause irritation.

Does it work__

I followed the instructions as it said and found that it was a bit hit and miss, mostly miss. The firs wax strip came off with no hairs attached at all. So I had another go, maybe two or three hairs, ok I thought lets try the other side. Yes quite a lot came off this time. I continued to pull a couple of hairs at a time and in the end gave up. So I would say that no they don't work very well at all, you have to have a high pain threshold and a lot of patients.

My Verdict__

Avoid them like the plague, treat yourself and have it done professionally. For the price of around £3.89 they are rubbish. The fact that is says salon quality formula on the front you would think that they are going to be quite good. They didn't pull many hairs out at all, it hurts and it left me with quite bad bruising, I wouldn't like to use it on my face after seeing what it done to my bikini line, you can't hide your face if it covers you in fake love bite type looking things. Oh well we all learn by mistakes and this was one of my many. Do not buy Veet wax strips again. I think I will try hair removal cream next time or even spoil myself and go to a salon. Three days on and you can still see slight bruising, I didn't expect this to go away within 25 hours what bruise does?

Veet consumer services for help and advice, contact on;


Veet consumer services, PO box 118, Clevdon, BS21 7ZH

Thanks for reading

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  • shazzaspannered published 13/08/2006
    I'm still a wax virgin. Have got a sample pack of these but after reading this am not sure I will even bother trying them!
  • Madge11 published 05/08/2006
    I've tried these and agree, they are a waste of time! M
  • Pink-Ice-Queen published 18/06/2006
    I too thought these were awful and ended up pulling the majority of the hair out with my tweezers..ouch
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