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4GB - AVI - Battery Lifespan: 24 hour(s)

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published 14/12/2009 | tink-er-bell
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"MP4 which is POOR"

Vega MP4 Player

Vega MP4 Player

This review is for the Vega 4 GB MP4 player.


The setup for this device can be complicated. You are given the device in a box but you have to install the disc. The disc is quite tiny and it took me several attempts to actually get the disc to load up in the first place.

Once the disc is loaded up you are then given this small application which you need to use to transfer your files over with. The problem is the application tends to lock up on you half way through the process of you actually sending the files over.
The best route for you to get the files transferred over is by opening up the driver folder which you will find when you plug the device into the computer and copy and paste the files over this way. It does take a lot longer and can be frustrating but it is the only way for the files to be sent over.


This MP4 player is designed in this rather unusual colour because it seems like a grey colour but at times has this metallic look throughout as well.

You have the name of Vega on the front of the device and you have this LCD screen which is a touch screen. You then have underneath the touch screen some of the buttons which are basically there for you to use incase you are not confident of using the stylus you are provided with.

On the top of the device is where you plug in the headphones and the charger for the device as well.

There is no other additional buttons at all for this device.


This device is 4 GB and it holds plenty of storage space for you which are the main objective for this MP4 player.

It has this 2.8 inch LCD touch screen which is not too bad at all and it actually suits the device really well.

You can store 1000 songs according to the manual but I have managed to fit on 2,200 so far so this number is slightly miscalculated in my view so you can store quite a few tracks of your favourite artists for sure.

In terms of video hours you can store up to 16 hours worth which is a fantastic summary because that is the same amount as I have managed to store thus far. So the video count is not too bad either to be honest. This device supports AVI files and nothing else.

There is an FM radio there which is not too bad and is very good but only manages to find 3 radio stations so take from that what you will.

This device supports WMA, WAV and MP3 formats which is very good and not just the same old MP3 format you associated with these MP4 players.
The battery is made from lithium Ion and that is a good standard of battery to have and the battery lasts for 36 hours so that is a great total to have as well.


The features for this device are pretty basic but there are a few issues as well to go with them.

You can easily put on the radio just by clicking on the radio button on the touch screen and it loads up the radio for you with fantastic sound as well. The headphones provide you with some really good sound and the radio signal strength is very good for this device.

The video for this device is easy to load up by clicking on the video button and you are brought up with options of what files you wish to play which is always nice. You should put the videos into folders as it might be easier to locate them when you need to play them.

You have the ability to look at pictures if you wish to do so and that is a nice feature to have because you might expect just to see and listen to music and videos and that is it. The pictures load up in the normal JPEG format and are there for you to scan through using the stylus provided and it is very nice to have them there because you can show people the pictures you have without carrying them around with you.

The music player is there under the music button which is nice and very easy to use as well. I notice when you play music you have the ability to stop and pause the music but also let the control determine where in the song you wish to continue the music playing which is a good thing.

You can also read books on the device as well which I have yet to do but you do this by adding E books to your list and once you have finished adding them to the list you can read books on there but not sure yet how this turns out and works out. Overall the book idea is another little bonus for me and it makes this device even better.

Good Points

I like how you can store many different items on this device and let them play for you. An example of this would be the ability to see pictures, read books, listen to music and the radio and watch videos at the same time.

I find it quite good the overall graphics you receive on the videos. You sit back and can see the videos you are playing in really good graphics which again is a huge benefit for you and I find that at times the video quality can seem better on this device then when it is on the computer.

The pictures you have loaded up in good quality as well and you can scroll through all the photos as well and they turn up in good detail, although you might need to keep an eye out for the pictures with sunshine in them because they turn out in poor detail when on the device.

Bad Points

There are sadly many bad points to this device.

The first being when you are watching a video you might witness them in good graphics which is what you want but they freeze on you half way through or you end up with the video being out of sync with the speech the people are doing.
So you will sit back watching a video and the dialogue is behind the video so you end up seeing a new scene pop up and the sound from the previous scene is playing and it totally ruins the whole experience as well.

You have issues with the touch screen part as well. You can be sitting and tapping the buttons which open the features you want to use but it never seems to register them. You can be there for absolutely ages tapping away and it seems it never wants to accept the signal you try giving the device so at times you have to use your own fingers as that seems to give the device a signal it wants to accept.
The radio can be loud and it can be really easy to find a station but I have noticed if you’re out and about you get a poor signal and if your indoors you tend to get a decent signal which seems odd to me I would expect a decent signal wherever I went.

It is so tough to actually send files to the device it is untrue. You get told instructions in the manual but they are not correct at all. The application you load up on the screen is so poor that is freezes on you and your unable to send files to the device. The idea is you use this application to convert your video files into files which can be used on the device but I would use the internet to do some searching because there is free applications which do not freeze at all and are free at the same time. The disc is not worth even attempting to load up as it does not work at all.

Finally the device is light in weight which is fantastic but if you drop this device it cracks and breaks on you. I dropped the device on a desk from a very small height and it chipped the corner within seconds and it took a huge chunk out of the product. It might seem a fantastic device but if you drop this item you will find it breaks very easily as well.


On the outside you see an MP4 player which might be the cheaper alternative to the IPod but the problem is it does not do anywhere near the standards you would expect.

You have a poor touch screen which tends to keep on ignoring what you’re trying to tell the device and you also get this problem with videos being out of sync all the time so it ruins the overall experience.

In my view keep away from the device, it sounds better then it is and I got this for £5 of an auction channel which is the only place I have seen it before. The brand name I have never heard of before and for the price I guess I cannot grumble but the usual selling price for this item is £39.99 and plus postage costs I find extremely high.

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  • D_i_a_n_e published 30/12/2009
    Wish you the best for 2010!
  • D_i_a_n_e published 30/12/2009
    I'll buy such things for myself when my kids won't try to eat them. Great review!
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    Great information indeed!
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4GB - AVI - Battery Lifespan: 24 hour(s)

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