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There are two verbenas, one is also known as vervain (Verbena officinalis) and the other is lemon verbena. Vervain is a herb often included in lists of plants for a herb garden, but not often grown. It is quite straggly in growth and has long flower stems with very small blue-lilac flowers ... Read review

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Advantageslemon verbena smells fantastic when you rub the leaves

Disadvantagesnot always hardy, not easy to find in garden centres

"...ingredients of a love potion. Lemon verbena is another thing entirely (Aloysia triphylla or sometimes Lippia citriodora(same plant)), and I have this in my herb garden. It's not fully hardy and so needs to be covered in winter. I think I might have lost mine this winter with the cold and damp and so may have to replant it. It comes up quite late though, so I am still waiting to see if it's survived. Plant it near the path so you can brush the leaves ..." Read review

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Verbena - Time to take cuttings

AdvantagesReadily available from gardens centres, and easy to maintain.

DisadvantagesSome varieties are not hardy therefore, should be wintered undercover.

"The Verbena group comprises of more than 200 perennials, some hardy and some tender and some of which are semi-evergreen. The Verbena is a native of North and South America. Verbenas or Vervain can grow from six inches to four feet high and may be bushy or creeping in growth. The toothed or cut leaves usually grow opposite each other and reach a length of one to three inches. In the summer or in some cases, the autumn, the plant produces slender ..." Read review

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