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Versace Blue Jeans Eau de Toilette

In 1994 the design house of Gianni Versace launched BLUE JEANS as a masculine scent that is sharp and oriental yet possesses a blend of woody and citr...

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published 23/12/2008 | shaaza
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Pro has a lovely strong smell, goes a long way, very cheap, very stylish
Cons lid does not click, smell stays on fingers if the 7.5ml is applied ith fingers
very helpful
Staying power
Design of the bottle
Value for money

"Smell Soo Strong"

It was my friends 18th birthday and I thought I would buy him a present as it was a special birthday. I went shopping and came across Versace blue jeans cologne in the factory shop. I decided to smell it before I spent my £10 on the 75ml bottle, at first I did thought that it was too good to be true to get a 75ml Versace cologne for only £10, which is rather cheap when comparing to other Versace products which tend to be very expensive.

The lady on the counter gave me the tester bottle which looked very stylish.
I sprayed the cologne on my wrist and smelt it. The smell was very masculine and strong noting that the cologne is a mixture of freesia, sandalwood, lime, cedar, citrus, oak and patchouli. The smell, had an after bath smell, which I liked, because if you are too busy to have a bath you can just spray the cologne and get away with it. Moreover, to my knowledge guys have a habit of skipping one day without a bath or shower, so this really looked like a good idea for a present.
I immediately fell in love with the cologne and knew my friend was going to love his birthday present. Of course just like many versace items, this cologne was manufactured in Italy.

It however, came to pass that I had to move to University, I therefore, did not get the chance to give my friend the birthday present. I therefore, decided to use the cologne on my self, as I loved the smell. I opened the tin which the cologne comes in and the first thing that hit me was the lovely strong smell of the cologne, i quickly sprayed some on my self.
A lot of people did not notice my smell, but all were questioning me if I just hugged a guy or if I was wearing a men's' aftershave, and it all came down to yes, I am wearing a Versace blue jeans cologne. I did thought I was spraying too much so I decided decrease the amount I sprayed, but the comments from people were all the same.
The cologne is very strong that two sprays last the whole day and the area that I am standing when I spray the perfume will smell of the cologne for a couple of hours.

I got fed up with everyone mentioning how I smelt like a guy. So I gave the cologne to one of my friends.
However, this shows that the cologne is definitely meant for men and in no way it can be a unisex cologne. As you all know there are some colognes or aftershaves you can always get away with it, mentioning lynx for men in particular which I always get away with. The smell of the Versace jeans is very sensual therefore, I would say its for casual wear rather than sports wear as it does not have an aggressive smell and it's not for dinner wear as you will choke your might destruct your date with the strong smell.

As I noted that this cologne will make a great present as it comes in a well designed blue tin, which is also great storage for the cologne. The cologne itself is comes in a colourless thick bottle which has lion engraves on the centre going all the way round the bottle, finished by some downward stripes on both the top and bottom of the bottle and the imprints of the cologne's name and manufacture name.
The cologne itself is blue in colour, so a lot of people actually think the bottle is blue, but it's actually the cologne that makes the bottle blue.
Therefore, as you use the cologne the colour of the bottle will start to reveal itself. The lid of the cologne is black in colour and also stylish and designed with a lion on top of it. The whole design of this cologne just makes it look expensive and worth the money without even thinking of how it smells.

The cologne also comes in different sizes including 7.5ml and 75ml. However, I have actually bought the 7.5ml for my house mate which cost me £3.95 in the factory shop and I also bought other small colognes including burberry.
The 7.5ml blue jeans comes in the same packaging and has the same design as the 75ml.
The only difference between the two is that the 7.5ml is extra small and it does not have a spray nozzle, therefore you have to apply the cologne with your finger tips or however you might want to do it.

My friend seemed to like the cologne and whenever my friend passed me I could tell whether they were wearing the cologne or not. When he passed me having applied the cologne, he left the area smelling nice and you could tell it's a guy who just walked passed (no wonder why everyone was giving me grief on why I smelled like a guy).
Through my experience with the blue jeans, I know how strong the lovely smell is but it could get annoying if it's stuck on your fingers, specially when you want to eat.
The only message the smell on your fingers will be telling you is that your hands are not clean enough mate as you can still smell me.
The cologne tend to stay on my clothes till the day I washed them and whenever I opened the cupboard were I keep all my dirty clothes, all you could smell was the cologne, which I thought was ok as you couldn't tell if my clothes were dirty, unless you saw a stain on them.

However, there is one thing that annoyed me, and that is the lid of the cologne. The lid is black in colour stylish etc, but when you put it on the bottle it does not click or hold onto the bottle tightly like all the perfumes and deodrants which I have owned.
The lid not clicking on the bottle does not make me feel safe, it makes me feel like the lid can fall anytime if the bottle ever falls. This therefore, therefore forced me to keep the cologne in its container all the time, as I would rather be safe than sorry.

I would definitely recommend this cologne to all the guys who want to stand out in the crowd not because you smell of sweat but because you smell very nice and masculine like you should. This Versace blue jeans cologne definitely has a unique smell which will help you to stand out more and attract all those lovely girls, who likes their men to smell nice.
If you are one of those guys who like to skip a day or two without having a shower this cologne is definitely your alternative option to a bath or shower as it has this after bath scent which I, myself fell in love with.
The cologne is everything you would dream of e.g. easy to store, easy to spray, great smell, a very popular brand like Versace at a very cheap price. Moreover, because the cologne has a strong smell, it will take ages for it to finish as a small spray will last a long time unless ofcourse if you buy the 7.5ml bottle which is extra small and is not intended to last long in general.
To all the ladies this will definitely make a good present to your man, brother, son or dad.
If you are a lady I wouldn't recommend you buying this for yourself, because all you will get is grief from other people asking you why you smell like a bloke or if you have been hugging a geezer,


---Versace also make similar colognes which have similar names including Versace black jeans, Versace baby blue jeans etc.

---The cologne comes in different sizes, but I have only seen a 7.5ml and 75 ml bottle.

---The price of the cologne does vary, I bought mine for £10 which you may think is too good to be true for a Versace cologne, but the cheapest I have seen was £9 and the most expensive price of this cologne I have seen is £20.

---I bought mine in the factory shop were you can buy both the 7.5ml and 75ml bottle. I have however, also seen the perfume in shops like boots, Wilkinson, the perfume etc.

---There is also a ladies verseion of this cologne which is called "Versace red jeans" which hopefully I will be buying soon in the future as I liked the blue jeans.

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  • johnny040676 published 11/01/2009
    Great review, interesting read, John
  • frankiecesca published 24/12/2008
    Great review and well deserved E! x
  • newby2 published 23/12/2008
    i have the red one and i really dont like it! nice review xxx
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In 1994 the design house of Gianni Versace launched BLUE JEANS as a masculine scent that is sharp and oriental yet possesses a blend of woody and citrus notes.

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