Victim Of Ritual - Tarja Turunen

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Victim Of Ritual - Tarja Turunen

Single Track from Tarja Turunen - Genre: Rock - Release Year: 2013

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Review of "Victim Of Ritual - Tarja Turunen"

published 24/07/2013 | alexcatt97
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Pro Outstanding first track, amazing vocals and symphonic elements, found her own style,
Cons The rest of the tracks are not as good as the first (although still pretty good)
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Victim Of Ritual - Tarja Turunen

Victim Of Ritual - Tarja Turunen

Introduction and about the product

This CD which is called 'Victim Of Ritual' is a four track single by the Finnish singer Tarja Turunen which was released earlier this month and is the first single from her new album 'Colours In The Dark' which is due to be released later this year under the label Earmusic. This single is quite different from most of her work that she has ever done before with her solo work and even with Nightwish so it has split opinions within the fan base and in my opinion I think that it has become a love it or hate it song but I definitely have to side with the love it side as I have been regularly listening to the single since it's release.

Who is Tarja?

Tarja Turunen for a short introduction is a very well known within Europe, Finnish singer with a classical voice and she is best known for her work in one of Europe's biggest symphonic metal bands called Nightwish who she produced five albums with until her dismissal by the band back in 2005. She then decided to start a solo career and has currently produced three successful solo studio albums, one live album and is set to release her fourth studio album later this year, the one from which this single is taken from.

Track Listing

1. Victim Of Ritual
2. Victim Of Ritual (first demo)
3. I Walk Alone (Live from Luna Park)
4. Underneath (Live From Luna Park)

Track Reviews

Victim Of Ritual

This song was very important for me to like with this album because it really took me a long time to like the other song that has been released from the new album and so I really wanted to like this album because otherwise I feared that the album may be quite poor which would be disappointing as I have pre-ordered a limited edition version. On first listen I really couldn't get into the song at all. I was determined to like it and so I listened a few more times and that happened, I loved it as I heard all the different elements of the song. It is an outstanding song as finally she has really gained her own style and moved away from the more Nightwish sounding music of her 'My Winter Storm' and also has improved greatly from the generic rock sounding 'What Lies Beneath'. This song differs greatly from both of those albums. That is because the rock sounding instrumental parts are a big step up for her and she has found the right balance between the instrumental and symphonic orchestral elements so that it doesn't sound generic at all but doesn't sound like her old Nightwish material either but is her own style that really does sound great and really fits her voice extremely well as all the elements really mesh together excellently. I have always loved her voice and it has always been unique but vocally this song is a massive step up and her full ability is shown in this song especially with the chorus which is outstanding especially with the lyrics "Hysterical, tragical, Victim of ritual, Cynical, critical, Victim of ritual, She's a killer, killer, She's a killer, killer" because the vocal ability and range is extremely impressive and the tongue roles really make the song stand out and get stuck in your head in a really good way. Lyrically the song continues to impress with a good concept for the song and very accessible and meaningful lyrics about how some people lead very monotonous lives and are stuck in the same routine day after day and I have really been able to connect with the lyrics which really is a first for Tarja's music and so the lyrics again are a big step up. Lastly I will talk about the orchestral elements of the song. As I touched on before there is a good balance between those elements and the more rock sounding elements. Furthermore I think that the song has used exactly the right amount of orchestral arrangements within the song as it is enough to give the song much more substance, match Tarja's vocal lines very well and give the song a more symphonic sound but without being too much that it sound over the top or too much like her old work with Nightwish. As well as this I think that the production of the song is of a similar standard, not under produced but not over produced either, it is just right with this song. Overall I think she has finally found her style in this song and it is brilliant, it has to be a stand out in her career because of it. It is a catchy but deep song that I love to listen to. I can't fault it really. 5/5
Victim Of Ritual (demo)

When I first say this on the single I was a bit disappointed as I thought it would just be some low quality under produced version of the song that I would listen to once and then never again however I was interested to hear how the song sounded in it's earlier stages.I cant say that it was an amazing track as I had just listened to the better produced single version but still it wouldn't be a track that I would necessarily skip if I was listening to the single as a whole which is a good thing but it isn't a song I would pick to listen too out of the whole single. However when I do listen too it, the song sounds good and isn't actually as poor quality as I think but you can hear that it is obviously not as produced because it is a demo but ultimately it does sound good but not as good as the first track. I see it instead of a demo as almost just another version of the same song so it doesnt actually get boring which is good. 3.5/5

I Walk Alone (Live from Luna Park)

This is in my opinion of the classic Tarja songs and one of my favourites so I was happy to see a live version on this single. The vocals from Tarja in this live show are as amazing as they are in the studio which is impressive and the same goes for the instrumental parts although not performed by her. The quality of the song is great so you can tell that it has been professionally recorded which is a good thing especially as you can hear that it is live from the sound of the audience such as them singing along etc. I think this a good thing as I love to be able to hear the audience on live tracks because it adds to the atmosphere of the song and in my opinion makes it much better to listen too. Overall a great live track of one of my favourite Tarja songs of all time and the proof of its greatness is the amount of cheering you will hear on this song. 4/5
Underneath (Live from Luna Park)

This was never a song that I really listened too that much and wasn't one of my favourites either so I was ecstatic to hear it as a live track on this single. The same standard of recording from the previous track can be heard in this track as well which is good and again you can hear the audience which I love. The vocals from Tarja are still amazing on this live track and you have to credit her for not making barely any mistakes throughout both tracks. The song as I said was never one of my favourites as the studio version so this isn't a track I listen too that much but is still a good listen when I do. 4/5


This single is widely available and in many different forms. Firstly their is the MP3 download which is available world wide on websites such as Amazon and Itunes so anyone just looking for a digital download, it is an easy single to find and buy. Secondly the single is available in CD form as a digipack and this can be found only on-line in the UK I think on websites such as Amazon, the record label's website (Earmusic) or also on the Nuclear Blast (another record label) web store. However I have not spotted it anywhere in any high-street shops such as hmv. Lastly the single is available as a vinyl release but is limited and so not as widely available and harder to find as Amazon do not stock it and the only places to find it would be the websites of the record labels. Overall for a single it is available in a wide range of forms unlike most single releases which is good and is quite easy to find if you want to buy it.

Cover Artwork and design

The artwork is inspired by how Tarja feels that her her life and her music is full of colours and so she wanted to represent that on the entire album artwork which I will show in the pictures but the cover artwork for this single is similar and it is Tarja with blue paint powder over her face and so I think that it is very fitting to the inspiration for the album and music but also quite intriguing and out there, not something boring. It really does stand out which I think is a really good thing and I love the artwork for this single.

Value For Money

This single I have found to have very cheap prices and excellent value for money. The physical CD version can be found on Amazon for only £3.49 which is extremely cheap especially for a physical copy and for the quality of the music that you are getting with it so I would recommend that anyone buying the sing should get the CD version because the value for money is just incredible. However anyone wanting the digital version will be able to find it a lot cheaper as it is only £1.39 on Amazon which again is incredibly cheap for any MP3 download but especially for the quality of the music that you are getting on the single. Lastly anyone who would like the Vinyl version will probably know it will be a little more expensive than the CD version but it is still a good price as you can find it for around 6.99 Euros (roughly £6.02) on the Nuclear Blast webshop which for a vinyl release is again very cheap and great value for money especially as some vinyl releases can be up to £20 and also it is very cheap for a limited edition vinyl as well. Overall amazing value for money on all versions of the single.


Overall I give the single as a whole four stars out of five. This is because the first track and the actual title single is outstanding both on the CD as a whole but also outstanding compared to Tarja's whole career showing amazing vocal ability and finally finding a style for herself which fits her voice and sounds great as well. Also it has amazing value for money and is widely available which is an advantage. However the only reason that I haven't given it a five out of five is because the rest of the CD I would say is not as good as the first tracks although still great to listen too. This single is an amazing buy and if any indication to how her new album will turn out, then the album which be outstanding and I am very much looking forward to it now that I know the standard of some of her newer material

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Comments on this review

  • ladyofflame published 24/12/2014
    Super review - just checking out 'Colours in the Dark' on youtube now because of this. I'm not as impressed by the song as you but do agree it's a break away from Nightwish and her solo albums, which is good for her since as brilliant as she was with NW it seemed like she was pretty much doing as she was told and with her solo work she's been finding her own feet. The notion of Victim of Ritual appeals to me; I like that she's showing off more of her classical training and good use of forefront instruments - though I think the backing is sounding like generic rock until the end when it sounds abit like a traditional marching accompaniment. Whilst I do really like the lyrics I don't think she's made much progress, they're still very simplistic and too too cryptic/vague but with her place/genres in metal and voice she can carry it off. The pacing of the music seems off, in addition to not blending/harmonizing or indeed not contrasting well and I can hear the same in Never Enough as well. I'm glad to see she's moved from the fantasy videos that we often see with female fronted metal bands though beautifully produced- but still not keen on the direction to industrial conceptual style; in ViR the video seems disjointed in first and second halves with her wandering around in her usual voyeur role but her costume is out of place methinks and looks like those the creative folk are fighting against in the second half. It's worse in Never Enough where she looks more out of place and just plonked into it. To me she hasn't found her style yet, the album doesn't feel ready to me. Also disliking the coverart for it, seems condescending to the Indians and her use of Holi is questionable - I do love the use of colour flooding the scenes - fits in with the album title and does look good, just think it verges on 'hmm' with the throwing of it. That said I love listening to her roll her R's in VoR and always like hearing about her work. Sad day when NW ditched her.
  • Deesrev published 12/11/2013
    Ditto with Violet1278 xXx
  • mumsymary published 27/08/2013
    Super review
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