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published 02/07/2013 | upsy
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Pro Free courses, you can work at your own pace and from home
Cons Need to be very self-motivated, little support if you're struggling, still waiting for certificate
very helpful

"I have a vision I may one day receive a certificate!"

For a while I wanted to get some more training and qualifications relevant to my office job in order to further my career, but my employer was being anything but helpful and didn't seem to want to fund any training I found. In the end, I decided to have a look to see if I could find a course that I could do for free. After gaining my Level 1 Clait (IT qualification) whilst at school, I decided it would be a good idea to look for a Level 2 IT course, as many office jobs that I have seen require you to have good IT skills.

I came across a free Level 2 ITQ course with Vision2Learn and thought I would have a look into it, as this was the course I had been wanting to do for a while, and hadn't seen it available for free before. I thought that there would probably be something that would stop me being able to do the course for free, particularly because I have a degree, which usually puts a stop to any government funding for courses.

Vision2Learn currently offer the following courses:
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration
Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service
Level 1 ITQ Award/Certificate in IT User Skills (QCF)
Level 2 ITQ Certificate in IT User skills (QCF)

After looking into the available courses, I decided that the Level 2 ITQ course was the one that I definitely wanted to apply for, and so I filled in the online form. I have only studied towards the ITQ qualification with Vision2Learn and so I will only be able to comment on my experiences with this course, but I would imagine that the other courses they offer work in a similar way. I received information through the post about the mandatory unit for my course and details about the optional modules I needed to choose from. I had to fill in a few forms and send these back to Vision2Learn. I also had to fill out an enrolment form for Leicester College, as this is where my personal tutor is based. You don't have to visit the college you are assigned to at all, as all learning is completed online.

I received a phone call from a lady at Vision2Learn to get me set up on my course. She was very helpful and able to answer all of my questions. As I've previously mentioned, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get funding to do this course for free, as I've already got qualifications above Level 2. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to be told that I would be able to do the course for free because the only IT qualification I had was at Level 1, and the fact that I had a degree didn't matter, because it wasn't in the subject I would be studying with Vision2Learn. I will also note here that you don't have to pay for a certificate, which is something I was concerned about, as I've seen other training providers that do ask for a fee for sending out a certificate. There are a few other criteria you have to meet in order to get funding for this course, such as being over the age of 19 and you must live in England. I will also mention here that I was advised that there would be fees if I withdrew from the course, and so it is worth making sure that you are definitely going to be able to finish the course, as otherwise you will be charged. For my ITQ course, I was advised that I would be assigned to a personal tutor, I was given a start date and I had to agree to studying a certain number of hours a week, which I think may of been around 10 hours.

My start date arrived and off I started on my new course. I found it fairly easy to navigate around the website once logged in. I was asked to send some information to my personal tutor via their internal email system, called Vmail, to give her some idea of what IT skills I already have. My personal tutor has always been friendly and I have never had any issues. I was then able to get started on my course.

For my ITQ course I had to work through units for each module, which contained a number of 'how to' videos, tasks to have a go at myself, and short questions to answer. At the end of each module there was a quiz in order to see how much information I understood and remembered, and then an assessment that had to be submitted to my personal tutor via the Vmail system. As with all online distance learning, you need to be self-motivated in order to complete the modules. I was provided with an action plan with planned completion dates, which I found helped to make sure I stayed on track, and the actual completion dates for each module were then filled in by my personal tutor once she had marked my assessments as passes. There was also a group forum for students to discuss the modules with each other, but I noticed that no-one ever wrote anything on the forum for my course.

In terms of how I found the course, I have had a few different office jobs where I've had to use Microsoft Office a lot, and so I thought that I would find this course pretty easy. However, I was wrong! I actually found the course to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Funnily enough, I probably found the Word Processing unit to be the hardest of them all, which I wasn't expecting because I use Word a great deal. I think one reason that I struggled slightly is probably because I did my assessments using the 2007 version of Microsoft Office, as this is the version installed on my laptop, whereas I am much more used to the 2003 version, as that is the version I was using every day at work. I will mention here that the Level 2 ITQ course can be studied by students using either version of Microsoft Office, as you simply choose which version you are using when prompted. I think one of the most frustrating things was that I ended up having to resubmit my assessments a number of times for each module, which I really wasn't expecting. I don't think it helped that, whilst most questions were very easy to understand, I found some questions to be a little unclear and so I occasionally wasn't too sure what they were expecting me to do. I did find, however, that my personal tutor was helpful in all of her emails asking me to resubmit, with all sections of work that I needed to alter being highlighted clearly and advice being offered as to how to improve my work in order to make my work a pass. It did sometimes take her a while to get back to me after submitting and resubmitting assessments, which could get a little frustrating. I just started the next module straight away whilst I was waiting for more feedback, as otherwise I could of ended up going way past my deadlines.

I finished my course on 1st February 2013 and recieved an email from my personal tutor to say I had passed the course subject to external moderation (yay!). I was extremely happy to have passed the course after putting it a lot of time and work. However, it's now June and I still haven't received my certificate. I phoned Vision2Learn up a few days ago to see what was happening and was advised that I should of received my certificate by now and she would chase it up for me. I then received an email advising that there have been unforeseen circumstances with regards to moderation being completed on learners' assessments and that Leicester College are working as quickly as possible to clear the backlog. Apparently I need to keep logging in to check my Vmail in case the moderator asks for further actions. I have to say, I wasn't too impressed to be told that 4 months after I completed the course I need to keep logging into my work area in case I may have to further alter assessments! I'm hoping that this won't be the case and that they will send me my certificate soon.

Overall, therefore, Vision2Learn are a good company to approach if you wish to study one of the courses they offer for free. I found the work harder than expected, and they are rather specific on what they want to be submitted. Also, don't hang around to received feedback on any submissions, as it can take a while to hear anything back about your assessments. However, I found my personal tutor to be helpful and it is easy to navigate around the course. I managed to pass the course after resubmitting each module's assessments a few times, and I use IT on a regular basis. The support you get is rather minimal and if you aren't very confident at using IT, I don't think this would be the course for you. I have kept changing my mind about how many stars to award Vision2Learn. I would have awarded them 4 out of 5 stars if I had received my certificate, but after seeing other reviews where students have waited for months for their certificates, it sounds like my case isn't a one-off, and so I think it's only fair to subtract another star for this, as after all, the certificate is the whole reason I embarked on this course in the first place!

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  • kattwig published 04/07/2013
    a great read
  • JamesOfSheffield published 03/07/2013
    I agree with you about some for the questions being a bit unclear. Sometimes when the tutor asks you for a resubmit, they ask you to add something that wasn't asked for in the question. The certificates taking a while to arrive is common from what I've read, but 5 months seems a bit excessive. When I hadn't received mine after a couple of months, I emailed and called Vision2Learn and the college (Stockport College) several times, and received it soon after. I think they need to update the course too, so it's taught for Office 2010.
  • fizzytom published 03/07/2013
    Comprehensive review
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