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published 07/06/2008 | RyanC92
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This review originally was a review of their PAY AS YOU GO service. Since then however, I have had a complete change of heart in terms of Vodafone, with my recent problems with joining their PAY MONTHLY service. The following review is completely my own opinions, though, do remember than, and take it into consideration before you decide whether to go with them or not.


My current contract with Virgin Mobile was coming to an end, and due to having a poor signal in my new place of residence, I had to unfortunately end my contact with them. Upon looking online, Vodafone seemed to offer the most competative prices and deals, so that immediately drew them to me. Since I had been with them for PAYG in the past, I knew their signal was good, and I based customer service with them on previous experience, which I rated as excellent.... oh how wrong I would turn out to be!


Now, I'm still being positive towards Vodafone here, as I will put my hands down and say that in terms of the phone I wanted, and a few others I was looking at ( mainly those of the smartphone type), they were 9 times out of 10 the cheaper provider, and offered the most minutes/texts and/or internet for the most competative prices, compared to the other network providers. Given this, and this alone I would recommend Vodafone to you, mainly if Customer Service to you, isn't a big deal to you. If it is, then keep reading, as I'll share my long winded experience with them to you


OK, So I wasn't particularly sure of which phone and deal to go for, so I used the Vodafone Live chat service. This a particular useful service, and I spoke to a lovely lady. Just a pity the rest of the team weren't as helpful as her! She spoke to me about my needs, and directed me to a good deal which was 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mb internet, for just £30. I was shocked at the price, since it included the phone I wanted, and was indeed the cheapest out of all the networks, so I snapped it up, and headed to the online order page. If you fancy grabbing a wee free gift, then order it in the way above, do it through a live chat agent, as I was given a free USB dongle ( not that I got it though, that's for later!). I clicked order confirm and boom! - Order placed. How exciting eh? I'll have a new shiny phone in the next 3-4 days, going by the email. Now, the first hurdle of course is the credit check, but they tell you that they'll email you to let you know the outcome. So, a few hours passed, and I got the confirmation email saying I'd passed the credit check, and the phone would be dispatched within 3-4 days. I was so excited, a few days, and a new phone into the bargain..... but it wasn't to be!


About 5 days passed, and I had heard absolutely nothing about my new phone! What about the 3-4 days that the email said? So, I dropped Vodafone an email and roughly 24 hours later they replied - replying to tell me the phone was OUT OF STOCK, and that quite frankly, they had no idea when the phone would be back in stock. I found this absolutely ridiculous, as they decided that this was information I didn't need to know, and to find this out, I had to contact THEM, not the other way around as you'd expect it. So basically, my order was in a backlog and I was then reassured I would get the phone when it was back in stock. Days passed, and I had no further information, and was no further forward. I was in town, and was by chance passing my local Vodafone store, so I thought I'd pop in there and see if there was anything they could do to help. By chance, the store had 1 of the phone I wanted left in stock, and the shop assistant said she would phone the head office for me, alert them to the situation, which would ultimately be cancelling my online order, and taking it out through the store. It would mean loosing my free gift, but I wasn't bothering... getting the phone in my hands was now my main concern. Now, imagine my complete and utter embarrassment, when the shop assistant told me that I had FAILED my credit check, and as a result, I wouldn't be getting the phone in the first place. I was too embarrassed to question the assistant and Vodafone, so I left in a hurry, and went back online when I got home. I once again used the online chat service, as it is quicker, and more convenient. I explained my situation fully to the representative, and they checked up on my order. Talk about contracticting one's self? The representative told me that I had indeed PASSED my credit check, and the only reason I didn't have the phone in my possession was that the phone was out of stock. So, who do I believe at this point? The store, or the online team. So, I waited another couple of days, to which I was no further forward. I was at uni for the day, so at my break, I headed to the vodafone store local to my university, and explained my situation to them, and the contradictive stories I had been told. They checked the online system, and have a guess what happened next? He told me I had FAILED my credit check, and that I had failed to provide documented evidence of my name and residence. This for one is ridiculous because not for one minute was I asked to provide evidence, and this was a completely different version to the other vodafone store. Completely annoyed, when I got back home, I went back online, and once again, to the online chat service. Upon being connected to a representative, they decided to ignore me half way through, thus, meaning I had to terminate the chat, meaning I was no further forward. I went back a little later, and was connected to another representative, to which I detailed the full story to them. Once again I was reassured that everything regarding my order was OK, and that I would be getting the phone once it was in stock. This was now well over a week after the initial order, close to two weeks, and I was getting really impatient. Eventually, I decided to email them, so it was in writing, so I could cancel the contract. I was told I had to contact them via an 0844 number to which I did and luckily, I am now free from this whole horrible mess,and managed to get the same deal with another provider, without ANY of this hassle!


Well, it's put me off Vodafone completely if I'm completely honest with you. I did nothing but praise them for their PAYG deals, and customer service, but this is a completely different story. I was treated horribly, and I was a new customer! How bad would it have been if this was a few months down the line, I'm only too sure it would have gotten much much worse.


Silly question to add, but it's just to reiterate the fact - NO NO NO!

I hope I've provided an insightful look to my experience with Vodafone, and whether it might be an isolated case or not, it being the latter according to discussions on their eForum, hope it provided useful to you :)

*Any deals mentioned within this review may no longer be available, so if you're still wanting to join them after reading the above, do check their website.... Good luck if you do!

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