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published 08/11/2011 | martynbmw666
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I have been with Vodafone since february of this year. I have two contract phones and pay a lot of money out each month. I can not get signal anywhere. There is one small 30cm square in my office where i have to place my handset on its loudest setting so i hear it ringing and then answer calls on handsfree without moving my phone or i lose signal. I can be driving along on handsfree and the phone cuts out constantly losing signal. I have moved and i can not for the life of me get signal anywhere in the house. I have never had this problem before with any other network.

However the above is not the biggest problem i am experiencing with Vodafone. Sadly i have to say i am appauled with vodafones level of customer service and their commitment to their customers which is by far the worst i have EVER experienced from any company.

I have been overcharged by Vodafone since February and i am owed well over £500.00 back in refunds. I phoned up immediately when my bank account manager pointed out to me i had gone over drawn due to a direct debit from Vodafone. I said it can not be as the tarriff i am on is the best one they do and its got 3000 minutes to landlines, 3000 minutes to mobiles, unlimited texts, high internet usage etc... but the bank were adamant it was to vodafone and i was advised to ring them. So i did. I spoke to a lady up north first and she was very rude and made sarcastic comments and promised i would get a call back. She advised me that i did not have the tarriff i was originally advised i had. i asked her to get a manager to listen to the sales call from when i was sold the contract and she said no managers were there. I insisted i speak to a manager and again i was told there were no managers in? She then sarcastically said what do you want me to do fly to the south of england to get you a manager! She then once again promised a call back on the next day from a manager. The next day came, i waited and waited all day but surprise no phone call.

So i called up and i was once again advised i would get a call back on the Monday. Monday came no call back. So i called again, had the phone put down on me seeral times. Got nowhere! So on Tuesday i emailed the complaints department and waited several days and no response! So i emailed again, waited no response. now bearing in mind i was making call after call and got nowhere. i was promised call backs but never got them. My account notes must be the longest on any Vodafone account.

After a week i finally got throught to someone who seemed to want to help and appeared to know what they were doing. I explained what had happened and they looked into the case. She advised me that the original sales person had basically lied and miss sold me the contracts and worked out that i was due £574.00 back in refunds pluss all the charges that had been mounting on my account with my bank due to Vodafone making me overdrawn. She advised me that she had changed the tariff over to what it should be and i would get the refund in three working days.

So i waited three days nothing in my account! Charges were mounting so i called Vodafone and tried to track down the representative that promised me i would get the refund. No one had heard of her! After getting the phone put down on me several times, i was eventually told it would be the next day i would get the money in my account. So i waited. No refund! Now i do not want to bore you but this went on for another week!

Eventually i spoke to someone else who promised me that they had done the refund and processed it and guaranteed i would have the money in my account within three days as she had rushed it through! Surprise surprise no refund! She had not even processed it!

Now once again to cut a long story short I have had the phone put down on me 22 times made well over 30 plus calls to Vodafone and i am still being charged by my bank for being overdrawn! I have commitments and due to the charges i am absolutely brasic and i am still no further forward. I am currently emailing a supervisor who is trying to chase where my refund is but in my view its probably lost in India, or somewhere in this country through the many many call centres that Vodafone have.

I am positively disgusted that i was first lied to and wrongly miss sold the two contracts i have and then to wait nearly four weeks for a refund of money that is legally mine is a disgrace and should not happen. Also to have the phone put down on me when all i have ever done is spoken politely and courtesly to representatives from Vodafone is just not on! i have spent so much time, energy, and lost a great deal of money in charges and where i have not been working to earn a living chasing money that is legally mine!

i have even asked if i can go to a Vodafone store to pick up my refund as i am without any money and i have three children. Even that is proving to be impossible as no one ever answers their phones at Vodafone stores. I have made a point to Vodafone that if they can not speak to a store and neither can i then how much business is Vodafne actually losing from new customers trying to ring through or how many customers have Vodafone lost due to poor service?

Now bearing in mind what i am going through i would never recommend Vodafone to anyone. I would avoid them like the plague which of course is just my opinion. I wanted to write in my words my current and ongoing experience with them so you can make a judged view from someone whom is experiencing a diabolical service and has been lied to and duped into a false sense of security. I would also like to point out that the representatives that actually listened to what has happened and have not hung up on me have apologised but that does not seem quite enough in light of the situation and that it is still not resolved!

On a positive note and the only positive that i can think of is if you can get signal where you need to use your phone and Vodafone actually give you the tariff that you think you are paying for then the price plans are not bad. They also offer all of the latest phones free of charge when you take out certain contracts.

lastly if you decide to use the services of Vodafone then good luck and i hope that you experience a better time than i have and i hope that my views are just the opinions of a few for your sake. But just Google Vodafone complaints and see for yourself what comes up.

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