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Trust Vosene Original Shampoo to protect against dandruff when used regularly Deep cleansing ingredients help to maintain healthy looking hair and sca...

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published 15/10/2016 | 2mennycds
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Best wishes to all, and thanks for your kind rates and comments, have been half-expecting the latest announcement for at least the last year. Have thoroughly enjoyed being a member over the last couple of years or so.
Pro Non-allergenic (to me), suitable for daily use
Cons Anti-dandruff claims exaggerated? Unpleasant scent for some
Does it smell good?
Value for money
What hair type is it for?

"Suits me, Sir, but probably overhyped"

Vosene Medicated Shampoo

Vosene Medicated Shampoo

Yes, this isn’t the name of a war book or of a niche CD, it’s a review from the “pen” of 2mennycds about shampoo!

I’m hoping to get to my 200th review soon, and whilst I enjoy writing fairly definitive reviews of books, music, and DVDs, these do take me a bit of time to write. Especially if writing about a product that I especially enjoy in one of these categories I struggle to write brief reviews – a rod for my own back!

Anyway, as the old saying goes, now for something completely different...

Why this shampoo?

With many toiletries I’m wallet-loyal rather than brand-loyal. I used to like striped toothpaste as it matched my pyjamas but I wear check ones now and I can’t find chequered toothpaste anywhere, so any brand will do!

My hair is short, receding (though not too badly for an ageing bloke of 59!) but wavy. I don’t like it sticking out all over the place and so I wash it daily. We do have a shower over the bath, but I do like to have a good old soak in the bath and sometimes I wash my hair over the washbasin.

No, my middle name isn’t “Neanderthal” or “Bronzeage”!

I’m also prone to skin trouble, mainly on my hands, but on my scalp, too, from time to time. I decided to give this shampoo a try a couple of years or so ago due to its being designed for frequent use, and its claim to be “medicated”.

I don’t have a particular issue with dandruff, nor did I have before using this product. As I say, I bought it due to its “medicated” claims, assuming it would be fairly kind to my scalp and because of its claim to be suited to daily use.


For those to whom such things mean something, the ingredients are:

Aqua; Sodium Laureth Sulfate; Cocamidopropyl Betaine; Salicylic Acid; Sodium Chloride; Sodium Coco-Sulfate; Glycerin; Sodium Citrate; Parfum; DMDM Hydantoin; Citric Acid; Caramel; Sodium Hydroxide; Linalool; Sodium Benzoate; Hexylene Glycol.

I’m not very well informed about these things; it sounds to me like it’s water with various salty substances and a caramel perfume, along with a few other bits and pieces. You may be able to evaluate it better.

The claims

“A select blends of deep cleansing ingredients to help maintain the natural protection of your scalp from 1st use. Leaves hair clean, soft, and manageable. Dermatologically tested formula. Contains Salicylic Acid, a highly effective dandruff protection ingredient.”

“Proudly made in the UK” "Same trusted formula"

"All hair types" "For daily use"


The bottle declares that it should be kept out of the reach of children, and that contact with the eyes should be avoided. If this occurs it advises to rinse immediately.

The bottle

*** The bottle I have is a curious shape with a pointed end. Hold it at an angle of 45 degrees or so and it reminds me of a racing cyclist’s helmet. Maybe it’s designed to resemble a drop of liquid.

It’s opaque and green and widely recyclable.

*** It holds 250 ml but – sorry to be cynical – the shape of the bottle makes it appear to hold a bit more volume than it actually does.

*** However, it’s handy for use in the shower as, like most shower gels, the cap is an integral part of the base of the bottle. It fits tightly enough to be pretty much leak-proof, though, and the shampoo comes out easily enough when the bottle is gently squeezed. When turned upside down it has an evidently oval profile and it is easy to hold when dispensing.

Applying and using

*** As with most shampoos the advice is to damp the hair and scalp, massage the product in, ideally leave for a minute, then rinse thoroughly. The advice is to repeat the process if necessary.

*** The required quantity will vary with length of hair and how greasy it is. I use it daily and only apply a small blob of shampoo once. I tend to rub it into my hair and scalp fairly vigorously, but I don’t leave it for a minute after doing so as the bottle recommends. My proneness to skin trouble means that I rinse my hair VERY thoroughly, aiming to leave no residue behind.

*** The shampoo is a greenish colour about the same gooey consistency of most shampoos. The smell is slightly medicated but doesn’t resemble that of nit treatments! I don’t find it unpleasant, not too florally fragranced to embarrass a bloke, and perhaps just a hint of medicated and “clean” scent to it. Some won't like the medicated scent.

I don’t find that the scent of it lingers much. That may - or may not - be an advantage!

The verdict

I used to use this shampoo as a teenager when I DID have dandruff, and I think it helped. I can’t really comment on how well it combats dandruff, but here are a few questions and answers:

*** Does my scalp itch after use?

No. Perhaps directly due to the “medicated” ingredients or perhaps, negatively, it contains less fragrancies and fancies that might have that effect. Either way I’m happy.

*** Do my hands itch when applying it?

This is as important a consideration as my scalp. I really can’t be bothered wearing rubber or plastic gloves when washing my hair, but the skin of my hands is very prone to contact irritation.

To be truthful although I’ve been prone to eczema/dermatitis since childhood, it started on my hands in student days. I was too mean to use a launderette and hand-washed my laundry with the cheapest detergent available – which was often “biological”!

In hindsight it’s a wonder my skin hasn’t peeled off altogether!

In recent years the skin on the palms of my hands has become more sensitive to irritants. I know some plants have leaves or sap that can irritate, but I usually wear gardening gloves more often. Even plucking the heads off some weeds – or even ornamental flowers – not commonly irritating can affect my skin adversely.

Back to the question then. What the heck was it? Oh ,yes... no, squirting this shampoo into my palm and then massaging it into my hair and scalp don’t affect my skin adversely.

I am very happy with this, having had slight reaction to some shampoos in the past. The fact that it doesn’t irritate my scalp OR my hands is the reason I continue to buy and to use it.

*** Does it clean m hair effectively?

I have no quibble on this score. It does as effective a job of cleansing my hair as any other shampoo that I have tried. It’s not just a scalp treatment, it is more than good enough, for me, as a shampoo for cleaning my hair.

As to leaving my hair “clean, soft and manageable” – come on, doesn’t hair washing have this effect for most hair types?!


About a year and a half ago (I think, though I lose track of time!) there was a documentary that included a section on dandruff.

The conclusion – supported by medical opinion and a degree of clinical testing – was that dandruff’s worst enemy is the act of massaging of the scalp. The more regularly hair and scalp are washed – especially if massaged fairly vigorously while doing so, AND when drying – the more effectively dandruff will be combated.

It’s apparently to do with stimulating the scalp’s natural oils, which in turn combats dry, flaky skin.

I’m not scientifically qualified to comment categorically, but I suspect that beating dandruff is more about the method used in washing and drying hair than in the type of shampoo used. I suspect that a fairly through drying of the hair with a towel and not relying entirely on a hair dryer also helps with the health of the scalp.


The evidence is far from conclusive, but there is a growing school of thought that the old barbers’ advice to massage the scalp daily to delay baldness onset may have some basis of fact, again, due to the stimulation of the blood supply and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Don’t quote me on this – or sue me if it proves ineffective for you! – I’m just saying that some hair and scalp experts are beginning to think that there may be some truth in this theory.

*** Would I buy it again?

Yes, this is my regular choice of shampoo due to its “medicated” properties and lack of fancy fragrance or other fancy ingredients that could irritate my scalp or my hands.

I HAVE experienced contact sensitivity in both areas with other shampoos, none so far with this product, so it will remain my first choice.


**** Rating

I rate it 4 stars. I’m more than happy with it, I’ve deducted one star simply because I can’t compare its anti-dandruff properties to those of other shampoos, or to comment on its virtues for this, simply because I don’t have a dandruff problem and didn’t have one before using this product.

I have no particular reason to doubt its effectiveness, but it is interesting that the advice on the bottle is to massage the shampoo into the scalp (admittedly with the additional advice to leave it ideally for a minute before rinsing off). This does make me wonder whether the supposed anti-dandruff properties of this shampoo are indeed at least partly down to the act of massaging the scalp rather due to the product alone.

All in all it cleans my hair effectively, doesn’t irritate my skin and has a non-feminine and not unpleasant aroma that in any case doesn’t linger unduly.

Available from numerous chemists and supermarkets, some sample prices from websites are:

Boots: £2.10
Wilkos: £2.00
Sainsburys: £2.00
ASDA £1.75


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  • Saraa23 published 21/01/2017
    I find it gives my hair nice shine....though my bottle is different shape to this :)
  • CelticSoulSister published 20/01/2017
  • Secre published 24/10/2016
    Excellently done
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Trust Vosene Original Shampoo to protect against dandruff when used regularly Deep cleansing ingredients help to maintain healthy looking hair and scalp Suffering from dandruff may mean that your scalp has lost its natural protection. Vosene Original shampoo contains deep cleansing ingredients to wash away evidence of dandruff and help maintain the natural protection of your scalp

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