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published 17/01/2012 | splishsplash
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Pro Loosens, cures squeaks, revives battery connections, cleans, protects.
Cons None for me.
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"For Squeaks and Tight Squeaks!"

A little while ago we had a good tidy out of all the boat lockers and the store cupboard at home and found we had accumulated no less than 4 cans of that magic spray WD 40. Although this might sound a lot, the environment in which we live and work often calls for a quick spray of this multi talented, penetrating oil.

I had a look on the web site to find out some more information to add apart from our own experience over 30 years, of using WD to loosen, protect and clean various boaty and other things in our lives. I found lots of info but not what I wanted which is what are it's ingredients, that's a secret!

WD stands for water displacement and the 40 is because, in 1953 when it was developed by Norm Larsen, it was the 40th attempt. Glad that you persevered Norm!. The ingredients are secret but the site does state that the aerosol spray does not contain any cancer causing substances. The cans come in various sizes we have the larger 400ml cans and a 5.5oz can which I think we got in Florida. They are easily recognisable by the blue and yellow colouring on the can and the bright red top. They come with the all important red straw which you can insert into the nozzle, taped to the side of the can. Somewhere in the world is a pile of all the straws that I have lost from these cans, but, if you are prudent you can put the straw cross ways on the insert on the red top made especially to secure the straw. On the front of the can it gives you a general idea of the things that WD can be used for. Stops squeaks. Cleans and Protects. Loosens Rusted parts. Frees sticky Mechanisms and Drives out Moisture.

There is also a danger warning saying that this is a flammable product under pressure and harmful or fatal if swallowed and to keep out of the reach of children.

In our time we have used WD for many uses, particularly to loosen rigging screws and fittings.The fittings on Winter mooring lines always stick when the time comes to take them off and so does the huge monkey wrench we use to loosen them Give them a quick spray and leave for 24 hours if you can. More often than not one spray will do the trick. Another frequent use is a quick spray on battery terminals to drive out moisture the same goes for spark plugs on jet skis and ribs, particularly if the jet skis have been capsized and the engine compartment has been full of salty water When dealing with batteries ( I hate batteries I wish someone could invent something else!), make sure all the electric is turned off and do not touch the terminals with the can or you might get a perm!

Door locks and padlocks always attract damp salty deposits and WD can dispense with a locksmith or a night spent in the car if the lock has become sticky. Bicycles, hinges, antenna connections, the list goes on. Any tools that have to be stored for a while will benefit from a spray or smear of WD. Some of the weirdest uses I found on were, removes hydraulic fluid from Lear jets and frees stuck Lego bricks! I have also learnt that it is a good cleaner too and will be trying it out on residue left from masking tape and such like very soon.

My Opinion.

I wouldn't be without it , it is a great problem solver and I can recommend that every house, car or whatever should have at least one can, perhaps 4 is a little excessive! Treat it with care and it will see you out of many a tight squeak. It does have a rather strange smell but I would rather have my engine start please. Don't forget to shake the can before you use it.
A small 100ml can will only cost you around 2.00pounds, so get one in, and, it never goes off!

5 stars from me.

Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on dooyoo under springtide.

Available from garages, hardware stores and DIY shops. Indefinite shelf life!

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  • catsholiday published 21/01/2012
    We ALWAYS have this in our garage!
  • ithoughtyoudneverask published 17/01/2012
    My hubby bought me some of this for Christmas when we were dating because I had a squeaky bedroom door that was getting on his nerves! Luckily the other presents were a lot more up my street!
  • rosebud2001 published 17/01/2012
    This is something every home should have :-)
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