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published 18/04/2012 | dynamicnurse
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Having recently had the misfortune of having to remove my car battery to plug it in to an industrial charger for around 48 hours, I found that I was struggling to get the battery out owing to the nuts and bolts that were holding it in. What with my care being some 13 or so years old and this being the original battery, it was somewhat stuck and I too was also somewhat stuck on how to remove it as I couldn't get my car to a garage for them to charge it up - for a start, I couldn't get my breakdown people out as I only have cover for over half a mile away from my house (and I was right outside the front door) and there was nobody who could tow me as my Dad was at work and couldn't get away.

However, I did text him to ask what I could do and a short while later he sent one back to me telling me to try some WD40. But as my parents didn't have any int heir house that I could pinch (I meant borrow!), I therefore had to go and buy some for myself. And as there was a small Tesco store only a ten minute walk away from my house, I decided to go and give them a try - and yes, my luck was well and truly in as they had only one can of it left!

It was the 250 ml sized can, although I do believe that they do also do a much larger can but I have not seen this much more larger size very often. The 250 ml can set me back some £2.97, which was not a bad price I thought. What was also good about it, was that it came with a small straw-like device that would allow me to get in to those little nooks and crannies that I couldn't have done with just the main can in itself.

To use the can, it is basically the same set up as an underarm aerosol spary whereby you point the can; push the top down, and it comes squirting out - albeit sometimes if you are anything like me and you hold it the wrong way, then it goes all over your clothes. The smell that it gives off does catch on the back of your throat at times when it is first used, however you do soon get used to it and it becomes just another one of those garage/ car type smells and you do get quite used to it after a while - but not under any circumstance am I advocating that you spray and smell it more than you should do just so that you get used to the smell of it!

Well, I must say that it worked wonders as within five minutes of applying this stuff the car battery was sat on the side of the pavement waiting to be attached to that industrial charger! All that hard effort that I had put in before, and a couple of quick squirts from this and the work was done in ever such a short time.

All in all I cannot thoroughly recommend this to you, for anything that requires you to get something moving that is stuck a little bit! It can be used on things such as door or gate hinges; nuts and bolts on fences, and even on troublesome toys and so on that you need to take apart to put away in the loft before you have your next child (provided of course that you wash it all off thoroughly before the little ones use it again!).

Thanks for reading!

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  • catsholiday published 21/04/2012
    This is something that everyone should have in the garage/shed
  • RICHADA published 19/04/2012
    WD40 has so many other uses than merely being a penetrating oil as you used it here. i always carry a can in the car - there's one indoors and in the garage too. You'll find that it cleanms most things - it also de-squaks just about everything and is magic on sticking window and door cathes and mechanisms......that's before I get going on its properties in the workplace......really should write a review on this myself! R.
  • tallulahbang published 18/04/2012
    I'm impressed you got 13 years out of a battery - the AA man told me anything over 4-5 years is a bonus! xx
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