WWE - Tombstone - The History Of The Undertaker (DVD)

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WWE - Tombstone - The History Of The Undertaker (DVD)

Ever since his 1990 debut, professional wrestler and all-around American badass Mark Calaway (aka the Undertaker) has ruled the WWE as one of the spor...

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Review of "WWE - Tombstone - The History Of The Undertaker (DVD)"

published 13/02/2006 | xerofailure
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"Tombstone: Disc By Disc"


Now I am lifelong Undertaker fan so it can be argued that I am one of the most qualified people to review this product. I can assure you that my feelings towards the man himself have not biased my opinion on this 3 Disc Set.

For each match I will provide a description, thoughts and a rating of 1 to 5 stars. For each extra I will provide you with a description and a star rating only.

Disc 1


Undertaker (UT) vs. Hulk Hogan - WWE Championship - Survivor Series 1991

A poor typical Hulk Hogan match. Interesting to watch just to see crowd reaction to an UT title win. **

UT vs. Yokozuna - WWE Championship Casket Match - Royal Rumble 1994

One of the original casket matches with the infamous 'ascention' of UT. Worth watching just for the obsurdity of it all. **

UT vs. Diesel - Wrestlemania XII

A fairly average match made better by the fact that both men are close to 7 feet tall. Worth watching at least once however. ***

UT vs. Mankind - Buried Alive Match - Buried Alive IYH

The original Buried Alive match. An excellent brawl with added Novelty factor. Excellent. ****

UT vs. Mankind - WWE Championship - Revenge of the Taker IYH

Another Mankind vs. UT classic. Mankind takes one of the best table bumps EVER during this match. Another excellent match. ****

UT vs. Bret Hart with Shawn Michaels as Special Referee - WWE Championship - Summerlsam 1997

An excellent encounter which is largely overshadowed by the presence of HBK. Worth watching however. ***

Disc 1 Extra's

UT attacks Hulk Hogan at the Funeral Parlour - Superstars 1991 **

UT builds a casket for Yokozuna - Superstars 1993 *

UT talks about Diesel in a graveyard - Superstars 1996 **

UT talks about Mankind in the graveyard - Raw 1996 **

Undertaker interrupts Mankind's interview - Raw 1997 **

UT vs. Bret Hart - WWE Championship - One Night Only

A great technical match which is spoiled by the poor finish. However a great addition to the set. ****

Disc 2


UT vs. Shawn Michaels - Ground Zero IYH

The first encounter ever between these two is an entertaining match right up until the final bell. The unique ending was the perfect set up to the next match. ****

UT vs. Shawn Michaels - Hell In A Cell (HIAC) - Badd Blood IYH

The original HIAC match is one of the greatest matches of all time. This is a must see and a must own for ANY wrestling fan. UT considers this his greatest match ever. *****

UT vs. Kane - Wrestlemania XIV

The first meeting of the brothers. A great big man contest with one of the most memorable UT entrances of all time. Enjoyable from start to finish. ****

UT vs. Kane - Inferno Match - Unforgiven IYH

The first ever inferno match were the winner sets the loser on fire. The original and best inferno match. About as good a match as is possible inside a ring of fire. Some great high spots in this match. ****

UT vs. Mankind - Hell In A Cell - King Of The Ring 1998

The ultra violent contest here is possibly the most (in)famous match of all time. This match is my personal favourite of all time and features some of the most brutal action ever to happen in a WWE ring. A MUST SEE! *****

UT vs. The Rock - WWE Championship - King Of The Ring 1999

A unique WWE title match with UT as the heel (bad guy) for only the second time on this entire set. A decent match up obviously only on the set to keep Rock fans happy. ***


UT interview about Shawn Michaels - Raw 1997 **

UT talking to his parents Tombstones - Raw 1998 **

Kane burns UT's parents tombstones - Raw 1998 ***

Undertaker attacks Paul Bearer in his home - Raw 1998 ***

Disc 3


UT vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWE Championship First Blood Match - Fully Loaded 1999

Probably the best and most important first blood match in WWE history. ****

UT vs. Triple H - Wrestlemania X7

UT's best ever performance at Wrestlemania. This is the first appearance of the 'American Bad Ass' gimmick on the set. A great brawling style match. Excellent. *****

UT vs. Hulk Hogan - WWE Undisputed Championship - Judgement Day 2002

A poor outing for both men. This is a typical Hulk Hogan match with pace turned down even slower. This match features the worst chokeslam ever, a great guillotine on a chair and a look at the last time UT won the title in WWE (at time of writing). **

UT vs. Brock Lesnar - WWE Championship Hell In A Cell - No Mercy 2002

A great brawl with plenty of blood shed. This match was voted best match of 2002 by many websites and publications including WWE themselves. A great match. *****

UT vs. John Cena - Vengeance 2003

Much like the Rock match on Disc 2, only including to keep John Cena fans happy. A perfectly fine match but nothing special to it. ***

UT vs. Mr. McMahon - Buried Alive Match - Survivor Series 2003

The final appearance in WWE of the 'American Bad Ass' gimmick. The match is basically a squash match with McMahon getting in very minimal offence. The most entertaining thing about this match is the HUGE amount of bloof lost by McMahon. Apart from that it was mediocre. ***

UT vs. Kane - Wrestlemania XX

After 5 years of the 'American Bad Ass' gimmick the UT returns under his original 'Deadman' gimmick. The entrance is electric but the match is sub par. Again another squash match. The entrance still gives me goosebumps so watch it just for that. **


UT interview about Triple H - Raw 2001 ***

UT Promo on Hulk Hogan - Raw 2002 ***

UT talk about HIAC - Heat 2002 **

UT talks about Mr.McMahon in the graveyard - Smackdown 2003 **

UT vs. Kurt Angle - WWE Championship - Smackdown 2003

An awesome match. This should have been on a pay per view because it is PPV quality. The match also includes the only REAL interviews on the entire 3 Disc Set. An amazing final extra. *****

Final Thoughts

I own most of the matches on other DVD's or VHS and was expecting alot from the Interviews and from the extra content.

There is some very nice extra content on each of the Discs including promo's, vignettes and in-character interviews. The matches are generally of a high quality and some of which are featured in their first DVD presentation.

That's where the fun stops. There is one genuine Interview on the entire set (with Kurt Angle regarding their 2003 Smackdown! match) which lasts very little time and that's it. WWE have gone to great lengths to 'protect' the mystique of the Undertaker's real life persona and it is truly a missed opportunity.


I'd recommend that fans buy this set if they haven't seen 5 or matches, don't own at least 50% of the matches or are die hard Taker fans.

It is not a bad set by any means but the set provides very little that isn't available elsewhere. Don't buy if you are expecting a set on par with the newer WWE releases such as the Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior or Jake Roberts DVD's because you will feel robbed.

I'd suggest seeking out the 5 and 4 star matches on other DVD's if you are not a die hard UT fan.

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  • Liambrown999 published 06/11/2006
    Good review! I like the detial you went into for each DVD and their extras...looking at the DVD as a whole and not just the film as extras are important to mention when reviewing the entire DVD - well done!
  • Nicko25 published 21/04/2006
    A very good review indeed, very thorough and detailed and will definitely help someones decision to buy the dvd
  • tuftie published 14/02/2006
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Ever since his 1990 debut, professional wrestler and all-around American badass Mark Calaway (aka the Undertaker) has ruled the WWE as one of the sports' greatest stars. During his long reign, the Undertaker has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments, including four WWE championships, six tag-team championships, and an unparalleled 13-0 record at Wrestlemania. This collection celebrates the Deadman's remarkable legacy through 91 of his most memorable matches, including the 1991 Survivor Series against Hulk Hogan, the 1994 Royal Rumble against Yokozuna, the infamous 1998 King of the Ring against Mankind, the Wrestlemania XX showdown against his rival Kane, and many more.


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