WWE - Tombstone - The History Of The Undertaker (DVD)

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WWE - Tombstone - The History Of The Undertaker (DVD)

Ever since his 1990 debut, professional wrestler and all-around American badass Mark Calaway (aka the Undertaker) has ruled the WWE as one of the spor...

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published 15/05/2006 | g-virus
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Pro Entertaining, 9 hours of footage, 21 of The Undertakers greatest matches
Cons I dont think that all of his greatest matches made it on to the DVD
very helpful
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"Deadman walking!!!!! onto a 3 disk DVD"

the undertaker in his early years in the WWE

the undertaker in his early years in the WWE

DVD title: Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker
Certificate: 18
Running time: 547 minutes
Disks: 3
Contains: strong bloody violence and bad language if you listen carefully

Staring in order of appearance:
-The Undertaker
-Hulk Hogan
-Diesel (Kevin Knash)
-Mankind (Mick Foley)
-Bret Heart
-Shawn Michaels
-The Rock
-Stone Cold Steave Austin
-Triple H (Hunter Hurst Hounsley)
-Brock Lesnar
-John Cena
-Vince McMahon (owner of the WWE)

Well first of all a warning to parents who are thinking of buying this for there kids, this is an 18 for a reason. It has strong bloody violence. But if you are OK with this (pppppsssssttttt it's fake anyway) please warn them NOT TO TRY ANY OF THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

The Phenom, the Deadman, the American Badass. These are just some of the names that The Undertaker has picked up during his 15 year career in the WWE. Boasting being a 4 times WWE world champion, 6 times WWE Tag Team champion and a perfect 13-0 record at Wrestlemania, The Undertaker is by far the greatest WWE superstar to grace the famous squared circle. The 3 disk DVD covers The Undertaker's career from his debut in 1991 - 2004. Along the way The Undertaker has taken out many greats including Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Bret Heart and even the boss of the WWE Vince McMahon. With 21 of The Undertakers greatest matches and loads of interviews and match build ups, the 9 hours of footage is worth watching.

Well being a wrestling and Undertaker fan myself I just had to buy this DVD. I'm sure many people will tell you and I do know this my self, the WWE and most other wrestling companies are fixed. The moves are not intended to injure the opponent (even though they do sometimes) the blood is kept in cups under the ring (but sometimes the cuts do happen as you will frequently see on this DVD) and the outcome of the matches are known before the bell is rang. Even though it is…well fake it is still unpredictable entertainment at its finest. You may know its fake while watching but you don't know whether the moves will go wrong or whether real blood will flow. I guarantee that you will still watch this DVD in ore and be mesmerised by the shear speed and agility of the 300lbs+ near 7ft Undertaker.

Well for a normal DVD I would now tell you the storyline of the DVD in question, but as this does not have a main storyline I will give you a little insight as to how these matches came to be. Don't worry I will not give too much away; I will merely wet your appetite as it were.

Disk 1 1991 - 1997
Match 1: The Undertaker Vs Hulk Hogan, WWE Championship match, Survivor Series 27/11/91
Just under a year in the WWE, The Undertaker went after the ultimate prize, The WWE World Championship. With his burning desire to grasp the belt The Undertaker chose his target, it was none other than the immortal Hulk Hogan. The Undertaker vowed to not only to strip Hogan of his Championship but to destroy the hype that was Hukermania and bury it 6 feet under.

Match 2: The Undertaker Vs Yokozuna, WWE Championship Casket Match, Royal Rumble 22/01/94
After one short year in the WWE, the Undertaker had achieved WWE's top honour, The WWE World Championship. After The Undertakers 2nd Wrestlemania victory the Undertaker had a new target in the form of the newly crowned WWE Champion, 500lbs+ Yokozuna. The Undertaker announced a very special match for Yokozuna, a Casket match. The Undertaker built a casket for Yokozuna, double deep and double wide and would once again chase the WWE world Championship.

Match 3: The Undertaker Vs Diesel, Westlemania X11
After the Undertakers return, he proceeded to chase the championship once again. The championship match was announced between The Undertaker and Bret Heart. The match looked to be over with Bret on his back and the undertaker in the lateral press position, 1…2…the referee was dragged from the ring by Diesel and in the end cost the Undertaker his almost certain Championship win. The Undertaker vowed to take revenge on diesel at the WWE's top event, Wrestlemania.

Match 4: The Undertaker Vs Mankind, Buried Alive match, In Your House: Buried Alive 20/10/96
During a normal everyday singles match, The Undertaker was attacked by a strange, twisted superstar going by the name Mankind. Mankind cost The Undertaker the match and proceeded to batter The Undertaker. Mankind's reign of triumph was short lived when the undertaker challenged Mankind to a buried alive match at In Your House. The Undertaker would seek his revenge on Mankind and inevitably bury him 6 feet under.

Match 5: The Undertaker Vs Mankind, WWE Championship match, In Your House: Revenge of the Taker 20/04/97
The Undertakers Burning desires lead him to another title shot at Wrestlemania against Psycho Sid. The Undertaker once again won the WWE World Championship but his history with Mankind was far from over. The Undertaker's manager Paul Bearer dropped the Undertaker to manage Mankind. The Undertaker would once again seek his revenge on the sadistic Mankind only this time The Undertakers title would be on the line.

Match 6: The Undertaker Vs Bret Heart, WWE Championship Match, Summerslam 03/08/97
With The Undertakers new Championship to his name The Undertaker had a new Challenger, Bret Heart. Bret did not only challenge The Undertaker for the Championship but said that if he did not leave as the champion he would never wrestle anywhere in America again. With his career on the line things took a turn for the worst. His arch rival Shawn Michaels would be the special referee.

-The Undertaker attacks Hulk Hogan at the funeral parlour, Superstars 16/11/91

-The Undertaker builds a casket for Yokozuna, Superstars 18/12/93

-The Undertaker in the graveyard talks about Diesel, Superstars 23/03/96

-The Undertaker in the graveyard talks about Mankind, RAW 23/09/96

-The Undertaker interrupts Mankind's interview, RAW 06/04/97

-The Undertaker Vs Bret Heart, WWE Championship match, One Night Only 20/09/97

Disk 2 1997-1999
Match 1: The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels, In Your House: Ground Zero 07/09/97
A match purely centred on revenge. Shawn Michaels gave The Undertaker a sickening blow from a steel chair that cost the Undertaker the title at Summerslam. The undertaker wanted pay back and challenged the Heart Break Kid for a singles match at In Your House: Ground Zero. This match is one of the WWE's most talked about matches of all time.

Match 2: The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels, Hell in a Cell match, In Your House: Badd Blood 05/10/97
As the name of the event suggests there was still bad blood between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Shawn continued the attacks on The Undertaker which lead to a re-match just one month later. But this time it would be set in a new kind of revolutionary match, the four sides of steel that is Hell in a Cell. Two men enter, one man leaves. There feud would be settled in the Undertakers playground one on one, no one gets in and no one gets out.

Match 3: The Undertaker Vs Kane, Wrestlemania XIV 29/05/98
In 1997 The Undertakers mysterious past was made known to WWE fans across the world. In a freak accident at a funeral home, The Undertaker burned it to the ground killing his parents and his younger brother Kane. It was then announced by Paul Bearer that Kane had survived the fire but was horribly burned and scared. Paul Bearer warned that Kane was coming to the WWE to seek his revenge on the Undertaker. Paul continued to warn The Undertaker and taunt him about his past. On the 05/10/97 a unknown 7ft 300lbs+ masked red monster made his way down the runway to the undertaker, accompanied by Paul Bearer. The Undertaker looked up in Disbelieve, was this masked giant Kane?
Kane abruptly ended the staring with a Tombstone Piledriver and left The Undertaker in a sorry state. Kane challenged The Undertaker to a match but he swore he would not fight his own flesh and blood under any circumstances. But Kane took this plea and through it to the ground, Kane proceeded to seek revenge on The Undertaker and in the end locked him in a casket and set it on fire. The casket was opened only to find that The Undertaker was not there. The Undertaker Returned and vowed to walk through the bowls of hell to face Kane and Wrestlemania XIV would be the event he would do it.

Match 4: The Undertaker Vs Kane, Inferno match, Unforgiven 26/04/98
Kane still would not forgive The Undertaker for the scars that he wore in shame. Paul Bearer and Kane challenged The Undertaker to a new kind of match and a first for the WWE, an Inferno match. Due to Kane's memories of the fire this match would make The Undertaker realise what Kane had gone through. The ring would be surrounded in fire. The only way to win would be to set your opponent on fire. Would The Undertaker get a taste of his own medicine? Or would Kane's memories be made real once more?

Match 5: The Undertaker Vs Mankind, Hell in a Cell match, King of the Ring 28/06/98
By far the most talked about matches of all time, period! At this time The Undertaker was the most dominating superstar of the WWE. Legend after legend fell to his knees at the hands of The Deadman. But an old nemesis would return at King of the Ring 1998 in a quest to destroy The Undertakers dominance in the WWE. Attack after attack lead The Undertaker to challenge his old nemesis Mankind to The Undertakers most desired match, Hell in a Cell! As the saying goes, two men enter, one man leaves.

Match 6: The Undertaker Vs The Rock, WWE Championship match, King of the Ring 27/06/99
After his legendary Hell in a Cell match with Mankind, The Undertaker changed the way the WWE was looked upon forever. The Undertaker took many paths in the WWE from joining forces with his brother Kane against the owner of Vince McMahon to creating a group of superstars that took to the dark side of the WWE named The Ministry. The Undertakers burning desire to become the WWE World Champion for the 3rd time lead him to join forces with an unexpected group of superstars which was lead by his arch nemesis Vince McMahon. The Undertaker won his 3rd championship and was challenged for his title by a new up and coming superstar The Rock. The Rock just like The Undertaker had risen to main event status in just one year and was seeking to beat The Undertaker and take his title from him at King of the Ring 1999.

-The Undertaker's interview about Shawn Michaels, RAW 04/08/97

-The Undertaker talking to his parents tombstones, RAW 23/03/98

-The Undertaker's interview-Kane burns his parents tombstones, RAW 06/04/98

-The Undertaker breaks into Paul Bearer's house and mauls him, RAW 22/06/98

Disk 3 1999-2004

Match 1: The Undertaker Vs Stone Cold Steave Austin, WWE Championship First Blood match, Fully Loaded 25/07/99
By 1999 The Undertaker had dominated the WWE for nearly a decade, winning the prestigious WWE World Championship 3 times along the way. The Undertaker was about to face his toughest adversary yet, Stone Cold Steave Austin. The title match was set and the outcome was that Stone Cold was crowned the new WWE Champion. The Undertaker was not one for losing and challenged Stone Cold to a re-match for the title at Fully Loaded; it would be a First Blood match. The past was brought up between Stone Cold and The Undertaker when Stone Cold put his title on the line in a first blood triple threat, Hell in a Cell match between Stone cold (Champion), Kane and Mankind. It was The Undertaker who interfered in the match and busted Stone cold open costing him his title. Stone Cold accepted the challenge in a bid to seek revenge on The Deadman, but Vince McMahon had a new twist on the match to announce. If The Undertaker won, Stone Cold could never challenge for the WWE World Championship again and if Stone Cold won, Vince McMahon would have to leave the WWE for good. With two careers on the line, the WWE title and bitter revenge between all three men, whose blood will flow first?

Match 2: The Undertaker Vs Triple H, Wrestlemania XVII, 01/04/01
Shortly after his match with Stone Cold, The Undertaker teamed up with The Bigshow and won the WWE World Tag Team titles twice in fall of 1999, but then The Undertaker mysteriously disappeared. A new American Badass returned to the ring at judgement day 2000, tearing in on a motorcycle. The new look of The Undertaker set his sights on a superstar that had dominated the WWE for far too long, Triple H. Triple H claimed he had beaten everyone there was to beat, but there was one he hadn't, The Undertaker. He challenged Triple H to a match at Wrestlemania XVII to see if Triple H was the all time dominating superstar he claimed to be.

Match 3: The Undertaker Vs Hulk Hogan, WWE Undisputed Championship match, Judgement Day 19/05/02
In 1991 The Undertaker thought he had destroyed Hulkermania for ever, but The Immortal Hulk Hogan made a come back to the WWE and won the WWE Undisputed Championship. The Hulkster not only had a bad history with The Undertaker, but also had the prize that The Undertaker desired more than anything. The undertaker challenged Hogan for a title match at Judgement Day 2002 and Hogan accepted. The Undertaker would once again attempt to strip Hogan of his title and destroy Hulkermania, just as he did in 1991.

Match 4: The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar, WWE Championship Hell in a Cell match, No Mercy 20/10/02
The Undertakers desire to become the WWE World champion for a 5th time once again consumed the Deadman. His burning desires for the title lead him to a new superstar, Brock Lesnar. With the record of youngest WWE Champion to his name, Brock was ready for The Undertaker to strike. The Undertaker did indeed strike at the Champ time and time again but Brock always returned the favour. Brock interrupted The Deadmans match against Mat Hardy and broke The Undertakers hand. The Deadman Challenged Brock for the WWE Championship in a Hell in a Cell match. The Undertaker used his cast on his broken hand as a weapon and continually beat Brock with it backstage, in the ring and during interviews. Brock ordered the GM of Smackdown to make sure that The Undertaker's cast be off his hand before the Hell in a Cell, the request was denied. This was another Hell in a Cell match that was talked about for a long time after.

Match 5: The Undertaker Vs John Cena, Vengeance 27/07/03
The Undertaker was now almost 12 years into his WWE career. A new generation of superstars were making there way on to the WWE roster, some were in a hurry to make names for themselves and the best way to do this was to take on The Undertaker. A superstar calling himself a legend named John Cena issued an open challenge on Smackdown to any superstar willing to take it, Orlando Jordon made his way down the runway to face Cena and looked to be dominating Cena, but shortly after lost the match. Cena proceeded to beat Orlando senseless after the match but the open challenge was herd by a real legend. The undertaker made his way down the runway only to see Cena run away. The undertaker challenged Cena to a match; Cena will learn what respect means, a lesson will be taught at Vengeance.

Match 6: The Undertaker Vs Vince McMahon, Buried Alive match, Survivor Series 16/11/03
The Undertaker was still the top superstar in the WWE. The Undertaker wanted nothing more than to be crowned with the WWE World Championship for a 5th time, but realised that this would not happen with Vince McMahon around. The bitter hatred between both men was like no other, Vince McMahon was the only man to mess with The Undertaker both professionally and personally. Vince threatened The Undertaker with having his wife raped, his kids kidnapped and having him arrested on countless occasions. It was now time to settle the feud once and for all at Survivor series, the match would be a Buried Alive match. The loser would be Buried Alive 6 feet under and there career in the WWE ended.

Match 7: The Undertaker Vs Kane, Wrestlemania XX 14/03/04
After the Buried Alive match with Vince McMahon and the interference from Kane, The undertaker once again disappeared from the WWE. Kane was given signs of The Undertakers Return and in the end he did. The Undertaker challenged Kane to a match at Wrestlemania XX in a bid to seek his revenge. This time however The Undertaker had returned to the dark side and was now hell bent on destroying Kane once and for all.

-The Undertaker's interview about Triple H, RAW 26/03/01

-The Undertaker's Promo on Hulk Hogan, RAW 29/04/02

-The Undertaker talks about the Hell in a Cell, Sunday night Heat 20/10/02

-The Undertaker in the graveyard promo on Vince McMahon, Smackdown 13/11/03

-The Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle, WWE Undisputed Championship match, Smackdown 03/09/03

Overall: this DVD is an excellent Package full to the brim with entertainment. These are many of the matches that made the WWE the dominant Wrestling brand it is today. The Undertaker is still going strong in the WWE to this date and has added another victory at Wrestlemania 21 now making it a perfect 14-0. Though this DVD does say that these are a collection of The Undertakers greatest matches, I don't think they are all in there. For example all of his 13 Wrestlemania victories up to 2004 are his greatest and I was sad to see that the 6 man Hell in a Cell at Armageddon 2003 match was not in there. But other than that this 9 hour, 3 disk DVD is well worth the money and the time it will take to watch. Oh and I think you should take a look at the Hell in a Cell match against Mankind first, its by far the greatest match ever in the WWE to date!!!!

I will give this DVD 48/50, it loses out on 50/50 due to the fact that not all of his greatest matches where in there.

Where to find: well you can pick this DVD up from many places like wweshop.com, sivervision.co.uk or places like Play or Amazon. You may be able to pick it up from DVD stores but many wrestling DVD's are hard to find in retail shops. My advice would be to look online. Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker will set you back about £30 at the most; I paid £23.99 for it at Play.com plus free delivery.

Here are some places on the net where you can buy the DVD and find information on it…






Thanks for reading and I hope I have wet your appetite to watch the matches on the DVD, but as I said before and as the DVD says 3 times DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANTWHERE ELSE!

G-virus aka James

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  • WrestlingReviewer87 published 18/02/2010
    Few problems with this review firstly being a fan of wrestling they do not keep cups of blood underneath the ring what a load of tosh. They actually conceal small blades usually in their wrist tape and cut their foreheads with the blade it is really blood not all these stupid myths people come out with. secondly Bret Hart has no E in it surely by watching the dvd or looking at the package you would realise this. You gave a description of how the matches came together but didn't say if the matches were any good. so i don't know if the dvd is worth buying.
  • MizzMolko published 31/03/2008
    Brilliant review with lots of great information! Eleanor x
  • SecretLemonadeDrinker published 19/05/2007
    Great review and a great dvd
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Ever since his 1990 debut, professional wrestler and all-around American badass Mark Calaway (aka the Undertaker) has ruled the WWE as one of the sports' greatest stars. During his long reign, the Undertaker has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments, including four WWE championships, six tag-team championships, and an unparalleled 13-0 record at Wrestlemania. This collection celebrates the Deadman's remarkable legacy through 91 of his most memorable matches, including the 1991 Survivor Series against Hulk Hogan, the 1994 Royal Rumble against Yokozuna, the infamous 1998 King of the Ring against Mankind, the Wrestlemania XX showdown against his rival Kane, and many more.


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