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WWE - Wrestlemania 20 (DVD)

Features footage from Wrestlemania XX, including the World Heavyweight Championship match between Triple H, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels, and the b...

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Review of "WWE - Wrestlemania 20 (DVD)"

published 23/12/2004 | MissSpaceGirl
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Pro Great value for money with over 450 minutes of action!
Cons Specialised DVD, not everyones cup of tea. Does contain some stong violence and language.
very helpful
Value for Money

"Where it all begins....AGAIN!!"

Wrestlemania DVD 3 disc set

Wrestlemania DVD 3 disc set

WrestleMania XX is a great DVD for wrestling fans, admirers and virtually anybody and everybody! It is a 3 Disc DVD Set which is also available on VHS. For a wrestling DVD it is more expensive at £29.99, or the deluxe set for £49.99, (VHS £25.99) but with over 450 minutes of action, it is well worth it.

I feel I should point out here that WrestleMania XX has been given an 18 certificate due to the violent nature of the sport itself. Many children do follow wrestling but I would advise, if you intend to watch this with your children, preview it yourself first. (Especially any matches or backstage happenings.)

For those of you who don't know, WrestleMania is the highlight of the year for wrestlers and wrestling fans alike. It is unlike any normal wrestling event or pay per view featured on Sky Sports.

WrestleMania is also a time when WWE's two programmes RAW and SMACKDOWN meet, and feature matches with wrestlers and titles from both shows and even this year three interpromotional matches.

This WrestleMania being the twentieth one was particularly special with unrivalled extravegance. You really don't need to follow wrestling to enjoy this particular event as it is so versatile, with sneak previews of prior shows before each match explaining how the match arose and the rivalries involed.

The two bonus DVDs which come with this also go into many details from general facts about wrestlemania to individual wrestler interviews.

What you actually get
The set which I bought was the DVD original edition (not deluxe), costing £29.99.*

The three DVD's come contained in a four fold wallet, which slides into it's own little box. Also with this is a two page leaflet listing the contents.

The deluxe set *is contained in a metal case, with additional posters and other limited eddition items. The actual DVD content however is the same, as far as I'm aware.*

*The rest of the review will apply to my set, not the deluxe, as I don't think it fair to write about something which I don't actually have, therefore couldn't give an acurate opiniion.*

The outer case is made of stong cardboard, water tight to a certain degree.

The design on the front is quite plain, basically the WrestleMania XX Logo, WWE Logo, Date etc, and the back also being plain contains the usual brief description which you would expect. (I'll elaborate about the content further on.)

I wouldn't expect the box to be able to withstand too much damage and handling etc, but like everything under carefull handling, it would not be too difficult to be kept in a reasonable condition.

When you pull the actual DVD wallet out of the box, you can unfold it thus exposing all three discs. Under each of the discs, a relevant wrestling photo is visible.

On turning the wallet over you can see a timeline of WWE's WrestleMania, twenty year history, with appropriate pictures corresponding to each year.

The overall design isn't spectacular but serves itt's purpose, whilst being plain, easy to read and navigate through bringing the attention, rightly so to the DVD's themselves.

Contents in Brief
Disc One contains the actual programme, WrestleMania XX. It contains eight out of twelve of the matches, the rest being on Disc Two.

Along with the matches are obviously the promotional scenes in between, as well as various ceremonies, raps and interviews actually shown during the live broadcast.

On inserting the disc there are various trailers for other DVD's which you may choose to watch as well as a health warning:Do not Try This At Home, which is compulsory to watch.

When the menu actually appears you can choose from two options, one being to simply watch the show from start to completion of the DVD. The other being to choose to watch from any point you pick.


Disc Two contains the four remaing wrestling matches, along with the rest of the live broadcast. In addition to this are extras which I will go into more in the next section. There are six main "Extras" titles with various sub sections in each. The extras include various events which took place prior to Wrestlemania XX such as the NYC Press Conference, also such items as television promotions and wrestlers interviews and comments.


Disc three in my opion, although it doesn't contain anything from Wrestlemania XX, is the best and a welcome addition to the set. However this disc may appeal more to hard core fans or those interested in becomming such or in the buisiness itself.

Disc three is all about previous wrestlemanias, including my favourite part, a behind the scenes documentary from Wrestlemania 19 (which does make sense without viewing WrestleMania 19, but more so if you have.)

Also on this disc are the ten greatest matches of all time, chosen from previous Mania Events and presented by the ever popular "Nature Boy" Rick Flare!

There is even a wrestlemania gallery and trivia quiz.

In the next section of my review I will go into detail about the first two discs, but not the third as I feel this would spoil the viewing if you did choose to buy this set.

I will not give away match endings or backstage happenings, I will only outline the contents in more detail.

Disc One: In Depth Outline

SmackDown United States Championship Match: Big Show vs John Cena - A typical title match with John Cenas usual rap entrance and relatively un-skilled wrestling style.

RAW World Tag Team Championship: Fatal Fourway Match: RVD & Booker T vs Dudley Boyz vs Garison Cade & Mark Jindrak vs La Resistance - An excellent match fuelled by RVD's rare combat kicking style action mixed with the fiesty French sympathisers dreadfully singing the Canadian National Anthem which always ends in mayhem.

Chris Jerico vs Christian (RAW) - More of a soap opera rather than traditional combat, particularly as they are fighting over the ever dominant Trish Stratus, but enjoyable all the same!

2-on-3 Handicap Tag Team Match: Rock n Sock Connection vs Evolution (RAW)- Comedy match featuring wrestling legend Mick Foley and a cameo appearence from "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson.

First-Ever Playboy Evening Gown Match: Sable & Torrie Wilson (SMACKDOWN) vs Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie (RAW) - One for the men with little sighting of the evening gowns!!

First-Ever WWE SMACKDOWN Cruiserweight Championship Open: Chavo Guerrero vs Jamie Noble vs Funaki vs Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio vs Nunzio vs Tajiri vs Shannon Moore vs Billy Kidman - One of the best matches of the show. A fast paced, high flying, elimination match with brilliant action as always from Ray Mysterio.

Goldberg (RAW) vs Brock Lesenar (SMACKDOWN), with special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin - A very disappointing match spoiled by two big egos and a build up which was not pulled off.

SMACKDOWN WWE Tag Team Championship: Fatal Fourway: Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi vs APA vs Basham Brothers vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team - A fairly decent match with some excellent highlights.

Disc Two: In Depth Outline

RAW Womens Championship: Loser gets their head shaved match!!: Victoria vs Molly Holly - Mediocre match with a predictable outcome.

SMACKDOWN WWE Championship Match: Eddie Guerro vs Kurt Angle - Outstanding match from the two vetterans with there usual quality of excellent technical wrestling, mixed in with some Latino fun in the form of "Lying, Cheating and Stealing"!!

Undertaker (SMACKDOWN) vs Kane (RAW) - Undertakers creepy return from the dead to fight the man who supposedly put him in his grave.A good sound technical match, as would be expected from these two veterans. However could have been better in parts.

RAW World Heavyweight Championship: Tripplethreat Match: Shawn Micheals vs Tripple H vs Chris Benoit - Another match with the stamp of excellence. Everything you would expect from this trio, with Shawn Micheals show stopping stunts, Benoits regimented submission holds and Triple H, "The Cereabel Assasin" being as viscious as hell!!


WWE Confidential: A chance to hear from The Rock and Sock Connection, and witness the NYC Press Conference. Both highly entertaining.

Pre-Match Comments: From various wrestlers all promising or declaring there win-to-be! Usual stuff with some interesting and amusing twists!

Post-Match Comments: See the victorious gloat and the Losers hit back in anger! Not exactly ground-breaking television but enjoyable all the same (probably more so for fans!)

Sunday Night Heat 7/3/04: Dudley Boyzs vs Lance Storm and Val Venus - A match to decide which team would take part in the championship match. Heat is a side show for RAW where the lesser wrestlers usually star. A big event for heat but all round, not a brilliant match.

"BYTE THIS" with Eddie Guerro 12/3/04 - Ammusing interview style epic!

Tv Promos - Most of them already featured prior to WrestleMania, on television, but good for those who do not follow wrestling, as explanations of themain match rivalries are disclosed.

In Summary
I would highly reccomend this DVD, but then I am an avid fan, however I don't think you need to be an 100% fan/watcher to enjoy this.

I think the DVD boasts exceptional value for money and was delighted with my purchase, as such did not feel the need to buy the deluxe edition.

Once bought this is definately one for the collection and can be watched over and over, being of the type that upon each viewing you spot something which you missed before.

I recommend it strongly especially those of you who either watch wrestling or have watched it in the past. This would be a good trip down memory lane!!

Hope you've found this helpful and enjoyed reading it!
Michelle x

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