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WWE - Wrestlemania 20 (DVD)

Features footage from Wrestlemania XX, including the World Heavyweight Championship match between Triple H, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels, and the b...

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published 27/04/2005 | Nytemare
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"Wrestlemania XX REVIEW"

Many wondered if the problems World Wrestling Entertainment had filling the show would come out on the night, but it did not. Every match bar three were excellent, even the dreaded Kane/Undertaker match was well booked.

Before I go into my review I wanted to draw your attention to Velocity, which I saw because it was on just before the pay-per-view. There was a match on there between Shannon Moore and the excellent Paul London. They went a good length and put in some nice moves, made Bob Holly Vs. A-Train look like Paterson Vs. Brisco all over again!

World Wrestling Entertainment showed the highlights of the hall of fame thingamajig and it was great watching the old legends that I used to scream myself horse cheering and booing for. The highlight of the segment and the part that made me well up (and that is no mean feat folks) was when Bobby Heenan took to the podium and he uttered the words "I wish Monsoon were here".

I had not felt emotion like that since Millwall won the second division!

[US Championship Match]
Big Show Vs. John Cena

It was rather baffling to see this match was being used as the 'curtain jerker', I would have placed one of the sudden death tag team matches on first to get the fans interested.

The build up to this one has been long and well put together. they have chosen not to rush the angle but to be patient with it. A good move in my view.

The match did come across as rather one-sided from where I was sitting (on my couch with potato chip crumbs everywhere), maybe they wanted to portray the David and Goliath type thingamajig (I love this word!).

John Cena's face when Big Show kicked out of his finisher was classic fear. He even stole a page out of Eddie Guerrero's book - throwing his chain across the ring and then as the ref went after it Cena picked up one of his knuckle ornaments and clocked Big Show with it.

An enjoyable way to start off the show but it would have received a better crowd reaction if it had been placed higher up the card.

Winner: John Cena

[Fatal 4-way Tag Team Championship Match #1]
RVD & Booker T Vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak Vs. La Resistance Vs. The Dudleys

Any kind of a match that includes "The damn Dudleys!" will receive a decent reaction from the fans in attendance. And since they were announced as hailing from New York the interest in the match increased dramatically.

World Wrestling Entertainment showed a slight spoiler just before the match bell was rung when Booker T and RVD came to the ring they were accompanied by a new video and new music, putting paid to the many predictions that they would split when they lost their titles at Wrestlemania.

Whether World Wrestling Entertainment meant to or not they showed a glimpse into the future. World Wrestling Entertainment showed that they have no future plans for either wrestler and will be left to rot in the tag team division.

I believe that in my prediction column I said: "The logical team to give the titles to would be the excellent young team of Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak, but that would be sensible and this is World Wrestling Entertainment...."

Proves my point really, doesn't it?

Winner: Booker T & RVD

[Friend Vs. Friend]
Christian Vs. Chris Jericho

This is the match that most people nominated as the toilet break match, the match everyone said would stink the place up. This was the match that I was looking forward to the most.

The lead up to this match was booked nicely and the match on the night was very good. It was intense, with some nice suicide type moves thrown in for good measure.

It was good to see good old Timmy White back in the ring after Triple H Nearly destroyed his career by falling on his shoulder, the dozy big-nosed clod! I dunno, first he keeps wrestlers down now he wants to bury the referee's as well!

But Timmy White obviously forgot about the microphones as he was clearly heard yelling "5 minutes guys" and then "bring it home fellas", aren't you meant to whisper this to them instead of yell it across the ring Timmy?

I am going to be very critical here, although the match was entertaining, the match went on for a little bit too long for my liking, the fans fell silent half way through and only came alive at the end.

Everyone was waiting for Trish to enter the fray and she duly arrived and ' accidentally' elbowed Jericho, costing him the win and then attacking and snogging the face off Christian, to complete her heel turn.

As I said before we can have another month from this angle, maybe Jericho could side with Victoria who looks set to turn face?

Winner: Christian

[Handicap Match]
Rock & Sock Connection Vs. Evolution

The fans again showed hometown boy Mick Foley that they really appreciate what he has done for this business by giving him not one but two standing ovations.

Obviously Mick Foley has not wrestled in over four years so it was only natural that Rock and the other guys did the majority of the work, but that being said Mick Foley rolled back the years and more than matched the other four men in the match, he just had shorter stints in the ring than the others.

The best spot of the night was when Ric Flair was back-body-dropped on the outside by The Rock and Mick Foley flew off the apron and hit his patented elbow drop onto the concrete, rolled over and did the 'bang bang' thing with his hands! The fans ate that spot up.

I nearly fell off my chair when I heard Ric Flair call The Rock a motherfucker! I never imagined that 'Naitch' was capable of using such uncouth language.

The finish was far too rushed for my liking, maybe they were having such a great time they over ran their time limit, I have no idea. It just seemed that someone said "hang on lads. We were meant to rap up five minutes ago!"

It may not have been the best match of the night but it was great to see Mick Foley and The Rock teaming up once again. And it plants that seed further into Randy Orton's gimmick.

Winner: Evolution

[Evening Gown Match]
Stacy Kiebler & Miss Jackie Vs. Torrie Wilson & Sable

I noticed only one thing during this match - some of the tiles on my toilet wall need a good clean with a bleach or some other chemical fluid.

The match was a pointless waste of precious television time. I know that World Wrestling Entertainment were reportedly struggling to fill the card but this is bloody ridiculous that certain wrestlers were overlooked for this pile of complete drivel!

Winner: Who bloody cares?

[Cruiserweight Open Elimination Match]
Rey Mysterio/Shannon Moore/Tajiri/Billy Kidman/Ultimo Dragon/Funaki/Nunzio/Jamie Noble/Akio

There seemed to be a problem with the top of the stage as Ultimo Dragon slipped as he came down the ramp, Bobby Heenan nearly came a cropper on the night as well but he had better balance than Ultimo Dragon.......Ha ha!

Actually having not seen Ultimo Dragon wrestle for a long time he looked very impressive with his arsenal of moves, reminds me of Rey Mysterio but with actual talent!

As I wrote the above paragraph Ultimo Dragon was forced to tap out in the ring, so, it looks like the jinx strikes yet again!

Billy Kidman nearly did a Brock Lesnar when he attempted a shooting star press to the outside and it was only the quick thinking and reaction of Jamie Noble and Nunzio that meant Kidman only hurt his neck rather than land on it and break it!

Chavo walked out with his title after cheating to retain the strap, a wise decision, it means that the Rey Mysterio/Chavo Guerrero feud can burn for another month or two before they extinguish it.

Overall the cruiserweight segment was a complete success and really should prove to Vince McMahon that these guys can deliver the goods just as well, if not better, than the big guys he currently prefers.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

[Interpromotional Match #1]
Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar
S/R 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

The news that Brock Lesnar is also leaving World Wrestling Entertainment after his match with Goldberg put this match into an interesting corner, how would the fans react to a match where both wrestlers would be sodding off shortly after the show ends?

We did not have long to wait, I counted about four seconds before the fans showed their opinion on both wrestlers.

This match will not go down as any form of a success, a match where the fans showed their disappointment with the performance of both wrestlers by chanting "this match sucks!", "You sold out", "Lesnar/Goldberg sucks" and the classic "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!"

Despite Jim Ross' desperate attempts to redirect the entire barrage of insults squarely at Brock Lesnar; half of the verbal onslaught was meant for Goldberg as well, which showed as Goldberg stood there dumbstruck.

When a fight in the audience gets more attention than a match in the ring with two big names like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar then something is definitely seriously wrong.

The match got worse as it took what must have been about 10 minutes before the two wrestlers could shake off the taunts and actually did any form of wrestling. The only notable thing was Goldberg military-pressing Brock Lesnar over his head and then as he came down he speared him to the mat.

If you look at it logically then it does make sense to give Goldberg the win, he will be heading off to wrestle in Japan whilst Brock Lesnar is walking away from wrestling so it will not hurt him at all.

The biggest cheer came when Austin not only put the stunner to Brock Lesnar but also hit the stunner on Goldberg to an even bigger pop than his stunner on Brock Lesnar.

I wonder if World Wrestling Entertainment will ask Goldberg to come back anytime soon?

Winner: Goldberg

[Fatal 4-way Tag Team Championship Match #2]
WGTT Vs. APA Vs. Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty Vs. The Basham Brothers

I can not remember the last time a champion of any kind came out to a wall of complete silence, Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty's music hit and a small cheer went up but it lasted one second because by the time they emerged it was dead silent. It was almost embarrassing as they walked down the ramp.

It was your typical multi-tag team match up, nothing really stood out and it was done in silence as most of the fans either fell asleep or went to get food.

Last month I singled out Farooq's declining performance in the ring. This month Farooq fared a tad better but it still showed that he really cannot stand with the current crop of talent Smackdown have these days, maybe retirement should come now rather than later.

Winner: Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty

[Women's Championship]
[If Molly Loses She Loses Her Hair]
Molly Holly Vs. Victoria

What a pity the fans were silent throughout the match, it really was a good match up between two of the female division's finest wrestlers, even having Molly's head shaved could not waken the masses.

Molly Holly and Victoria are both very talented and along with Ivory and Jazz these four women could drag the female division out of the position it is currently in, being reduced to lewd matches dressed in skimpy underwear.

This is not over. I can see these two gathering momentum if they are given the time to work the feud. I just hope they put Molly Holly in some ridiculous wigs, chinstraps and all!

Winner: Victoria

[WWE Smackdown Championship]
Kurt Angle Vs. Eddie Guerrero

Let's go Angle - Angle sucks, Let's go Angle - Angle sucks, Let's go Angle - Angle sucks. That is what the fans were chanting, one half was cheering on our Olympic Hero whilst the rest quickly replied with the wrestling version of "oh no he doesn't".

Whilst the match was not in the same calibre as the benoit/Angle classics it was, in my view, not only an excellent encounter but match of the night - just.

The finish to the match was brilliant. Eddie pretended his ankle was hurting him so he loosened his boot, Angle, smelling victory, locked on the ankle lock before Guerrero kicked his boot off and while Kurt Angle was standing there holding the boot Eddie rolled him up.

This rivalry could continue for another month or two as these two seem to be the only main event wrestlers, barring Big Show & John Cena of course, who look like they can perform to a high standard.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

[Interpromotional Match #2]
The Undertaker Vs. Kane

The arrival of the Undertaker had been anticipated since the day he was buried alive by Vince McMahon and Kane. Wrestlemania arrived and the lights went out and suddenly that familiar high-pitched screech of "Well, well, well" rang out through the arena as Paul Bearer waddled out onto the stage.

Finally Undertaker came out and the fans blew the roof off the place. It was all there from the eyes rolling, his music, right down to his tombstone piledriver finisher.

The match itself was poor but no one cared about the quality of the match we just wanted to see The Undertaker back as he used to be! And for the most part we were not disappointed.

The only question that most fans want to know is will Undertaker move to Raw to continue the feud with his brother? This would be a disaster for Smackdown if another of their stars leaves the brand. My guess is that Kane will move to Smackdown.

Winner: The Undertaker

[WWE Raw Championship]
Triple H Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Shawn Michaels

So this is it. Chris Benoit's biggest match and night of his career. One thing I noted when he came out to the ring was that he got a bigger pop than Shawn Michaels, so much for your ego eh Shawn?

Right through the match the fans were 100% behind Chris Benoit and their chants of "let's go Benoit" endorse this statement.

Many people, including myself, have persecuted Triple H over his lack of effort in matches but tonight he mucked in with his fair share, even selling many moves from Benoit.

The fan's response and the way they got behind Chris Benoit over Shawn Michaels has certainly shut Anthony Evans up, the condescending little runt!

Knowing that Shawn Michaels was involved in this match there just had to be a big bump and it duly came when Shawn and Triple H tagged up for about 2 seconds to suplex Benoit through the Smackdown announce table.

When the moment came and Benoit locked in the crossface and Triple H attempted to counter it, only to end up in the centre of the ring with the move still synched in, Triple H tapped and the place went nuts as Chris Benoit was announced the new world champion!

Eddie Guerrrero came out and hugged Chris and they celebrated as confetti came down as the fans gave him a huge ovation. Apparently when the cameras stopped rolling his family jumped into the ring to congratulate him.

How many people said that Benoit was not championship material and would never be given the nod? The list of 'journalists' who said Benoit would never make it is long but will they mention they were wrong in their next articles?

Winner: Chris Benoit!

So there we have it for yet another month. A bloody good pay-per-view from World Wrestling Entertainment and a great decision to give Chris Benoit the world title, even if it is only a brief reign. (I smell another Kane run here)

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  • luseantom published 29/04/2005
    I am a huge wwe fan i have a few reviews myself that you might like to take a peep at....excellent first review.on a great subject...i was ruiting for Shawn all the way in that last match...lynz xx
  • DBZKing published 27/04/2005
    Welcome To Ciao, A decent review -Shaun
  • Tea65 published 27/04/2005
    Hiya, Welcome to Ciao. Tea xx
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