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... Recently however, I had the opportunity to visit Wagamama, and despite some anxiety and reservations, I plucked up the courage to branch out of my comfort zone and try something new. I'd heard the name thrown about a lot, but until I visited, I wasn't sure as to what nationality of food the ... Read review

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**(WAGA) MAMA KNOWS BEST** Review with images

Advantagesamazing food, good prices, good service, growing so widely available

Disadvantagesbit noisy, can be busy, may be with diners you don't know, hard to initially understand menu

"...to be very open minded. The Wagamama story began back in 1992 when the first restaurant opened, located in Bloomsbury London. Since then, the restaurant has grown effortlessly in success and has expanded from the United Kingdom, now residing in over 17 countries. You may be interested to know, that the name of the restaurant actually means "Naughty Child". I found this quite funny as it wasn't something I was really expecting. The idea behind this ..." Read review

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Use Your Noodle and Visit Wagamama.

AdvantagesTasty Food, Quickly served, Laid back atmosphere, reasonably priced, good vegetarian options.

DisadvantagesNone worthy of mention.

"...I can only assume that Wagamama and Yo Sushi have moulded their food to suit Western tastes, in the same way that many of the Indian restaurants in this county have. If anyone thinks differently then please feel free to comment. The first time we stumbled across Wagamama was when I took my husband to London for his birthday about three or four years ago. Since then I have to say it has become one of my favourite Chain restaurants. ==What is Wagamama?== In ..." Read review

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Community Level 5annaroos1


Wagamama - a piece of heaven on earth Diamond review

AdvantagesCheap, tasty food


"...time I went to a Wagamama noodle bar I was more or less forced there by a friend who said that she had a 2 for 1 meal voucher which would make it a cheaper evening for two cash strapped students. Even though she was raving about the place I was not convinced when she described it as a canteen style noodle bar...hmmm! It turned out I did not have much choice in the matter however, so we ended up meeting in Camden Town at around 7 on a Friday night. ..." Read review

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Have you noodled yet? Review with images

Advantagesgenuine Asian food and delicious.

DisadvantagesA little expensive for me.

"...of Japanese Ramen bar. First Wagamama was set up in 1992 in London by Alan Yau, who came to the UK when he was 12 years old with his family from Hong Kong. Today the chain includes 90 restaurants across the UK, as well as other 15 countries in the world. According its official site Wagamama in English means selfish, but in Japanese the meaning is as wilful or naughty child. Their trademarked slogan is: positive eating + positive living. Although ..." Read review

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A healthy eat out at downtown Manchester!! Review with images

Advantages Pleasant and fast service, plenty of dishes for vegetarians

DisadvantagesEnd up sitting next to people you don't know. Can be abit daunting

"...my sister came across a Wagamama noodle bar within the Deansgate area of Manchester. I'll confess I had never heard of such a place until yesterday. Initially I was abit reluctant but when I discovered they had a good selection of healthy food suitable for vegetarians at affordable prices, I decided to give it a whirl. ~What is Wagamama?~ Wagamama is a network of Japanese Noodle bars. They have over 46 of these in the UK with over half existing ..." Read review

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poor service, flavourless food (*)
The real deal - authentic taste and at a great price!
No store near where I live -sob! (*)
Really good prices
On the edge of the shopping area. (*)
Great coffee, realxing and well-maintained stores
Pricey and apparently, evil (*)
Fair price, quick delivery and can view your previous order
None (*)
the burgers are nice
greasy, service isn't always good, not consistent (*)
Fab food at great prices
Desserts are a little disappointing (*)
Price, View, Menu Choice
Vegies Occasionally Dry, very busy at peak times (*)
Delicious food and lovely atmosphere
Nothing Major (*)
Free food, easy application process.
Range of offers not extensive enough. (*)
Cheap food, nice atmosphere and attentive staff
Some of the veg is coated in butter, not good for us watching our weight! (*)
delivery, lovely taste
sometimes very very busy (*)
great atmosphere, family friendly, great food
none (*)
Quick delivery, tasty, hot on arrival
I have yet to come across any. (*)
clean, good food, value for money
very busy (*)
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