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Warhawk (PS3)

The long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit takes flight on the PlayStation 3 system. In Warhawk, players experience the thrill of white-knuckle ae...

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published 25/01/2008 | MATTBFG
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About me :
Hey Ciao People. im new to all this :) Im 20 from MK with a love for films music and cpu games and all sorts of comedy :)
Pro fast quick and simple
Cons i swear there are cheaters
very helpful
Difficulty & Complexity

"online killing shouldnt be this good should it?"

Good God!!!!!

If you like your internet gaming fast violent and cheeky then steps right up you've found your next game.

Im a huge fan of Warhawk in my short space of time I've had with it but yet it has gripped me even though it has no single player.


Plan and simple the story goes as this..... Ecaduarion and Chanovian armies (may have spelt the factions wrongly oops lol) have waged war on each other and you take either side and fight the other.
Yep it's a great story with lots of emotional twists and turns lol

There are four matches up for destructive mayhem which starts with the typical deathmatch or if you're a team player team deathmatch.
Then the classical capture the flag is thrown in with a match called zones.
The first three game modes are common so shouldn't need explaining but with zones its fresh and breaks Warhawk in a new direction compared to the same old rubbish.
You start off with a base that after time increases in size the longer you stand by the central post (with me so far?)
The post has three grades and the longer you stay the higher the grade till it maxs out.
The point in this is actually very useful as the longer you stay increases your own personal points but also the weapons around you begin to appear.
for example level one at the post means you may just get a machine gun but level two you may get a jeep and level three you get rocket launchers, mines etc which aid you and your team.
The more posts at maximum level the more points your team as a whole gain to reach the target score.

What makes this addictive though is the ability to go alone as a troop spreading death or just for fun jump in a jeep for speed and grabbing the zones.
If you're feeling more brutish grab a tank and cause destruction in your wake or grab a turret and destroy any oncoming targets.
The final piece to the jigsaw is the Warhawk (plane) it can hover for greater control or press triangle and bang the boosters are on and you're bombing around like a suicidal nutter.

The amazing ability though is how not one vehicles has an advantage over anything else except the users skill in any given situation.
You maybe on foot and a Warhawk wants to give you grief but if you have a rocket launcher the fight takes a twist as you can lock on and let the Warhawk have it.


The weapons very and you'll soon find your personal weapon of fun to dish out the pain
You get your knife which is one slice kill
Your pistol which is kind of pants but can kill (just)
Ak-47 rifle is the gun you find most common and will use most to
Flamethrower for burning out tanks and jeeps
Rocket launcher for those Warhawks
Land mines are lots of fun unless you're on the end of one lol
Sniper rifle is one shot kill regardless of position on body
Binoculars are dangerous toys indeed.... spot your target hold the trigger and incomes the air strike.

The jeep comes with a mounted machine gun as standard and the tank has only rockets but a second person can jump on top and spread the deadly happiness.
Whilst the Warhawk has multiple ways to dish the dirt.
Standard rockets, homing rockets, air mines and electric bolts join self guided missiles and with the bolt on machine gun adds some interesting hardware

Or jump in a missile turret or even a 40mm turret to spread the joy.


All your efforts are rewarded for all the fun your having there is a ranking system that rewards you with ribbons badges and medals and you rank up through grades as well.
ribbons are given out after a round has been completed and range from being in the best three of your team to getting loads of zones and each ribbon has its bonus points to add to your score so there worth it.

badges have three grades bandit, master and Warhawk and are linked to every weapon or flag capture so for instance two knife kills in a round grants you a bandit badge in stabbing and later 100 knife kills and 5 knife kills in around grants you a master badge and so on.

Medals are the cream of all your hard work and getting these will take time but when rewarded you'll know you're good.

Finally there is your rank as an officer starting as a grunt and working your way up to general.
The bonus being the more you rank up through getting point requirements you'll unlock custom clothing for your trooper and paint designs for your Warhawk.

all in all you have to have a look to appreciate the amount of fun that can be had, granted you can have a bad round but you'll bounce back with a great round so go on have a try :)

OHHHHHHHH the best part...... £20 from the online store is a bargain!

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  • Red-blood-Black-heart published 31/01/2008
    good review welcome back, finaly some new reveiws lol.
  • watkins11 published 25/01/2008
    Not really my kind of game, but great value. Nice review.
  • CPTDANIELS published 25/01/2008
    Great review
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Product Information : Warhawk (PS3)

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The long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit takes flight on the PlayStation 3 system. In Warhawk, players experience the thrill of white-knuckle aerial combat with hundreds of enemy fighters, bone-crunching armored assaults and high-intensity infantry combat in a massive, all-out war fought both on the ground and in the skies.

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Publisher: Sony

Developer: Incognito Entertainment

Release Date: 30th August 2007

Age: 16+

Genre: Shooter

Sub Genre: Third Person Shooter

Theme: War

Max Number of Players Offline: 4 Player

Max Number of Players Online: 32+ Player

Format: Blu-Ray Disc; Download (PSN)

Platform: PS3

Aka: War Hawk

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