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EAN 9780749693220
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Children's
Title Water Supply
Author Rebecca Hunter
Publisher Hachette Children'S Books
ISBN 0749693223


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Interesting concept, plus it has sequels
The story is predictable. (*)
Well written, lots of beautiful illustrations. Great for kids of all ages. A useful tool for supplementing school projects or as part of a home-school theme on ships.
To do this book justice, you really need the time to examine each page carefully. (*)
It's a captivating Meg Cabot Book
some people don't like Meg Cabot I AM SHOCKED! (*)
Sturdy, good price, simple ideas, brightly coloured
None (*)
Plot, characters
Slow at times (*)
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Lots of information given, on subjects that really interest kids.
None (*)
Nice illustrations, repetitive text that small children really enjoy
The DVD is not as good as the book in my opinion, (*)
Interesting, informative, stunning photographs
May be a bit dark for some people (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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