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Confusing pricing - beware of ads

Advantages: Web and email redirection reliable and fast
Disadvantages: Confusing and now uncompetitive pricing, especially for ad-free web redirection

...I bought 10 domains (1 .org and 9's) from last year for a total of £105.63 for 2 years. Looking at their site, you could be forgiven for thinking that 10 domains would cost only a few pence, but you have to multiply all the monthly ...

jonball 23.04.2001 · Read full review
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Advantages: Nothing
Disadvantages: All

Incompetent, liars, irresponsible, cheats. They have lost the data of well 10 sites web and servant serious damages. The authorities should prohibit to similar people to operate online still! Shame! Here the facts: Ticket Details Ticket ID: VVH-40 ...

hopfrog 20.08.2008 · Read full review

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Good hosting

Advantages: good hosting company, no problems at all with them
Disadvantages: had negative customer service experience

I have my blog hosted through uk2s wordpress hosting. I was on a different platform with my blog and decided to go another route completely. I like wordpress much better than the other blogging platform I was using and uk2s wordpress hosting option have b ...

BessAl 09.12.2011 · Read full review

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UK2 puts their customers first

Advantages: Advantages: First class sales team
Disadvantages: Disadvantages: High prices for hosting packages

I know this is going to sound very cliché but UK2 really does put their customers best interest first. I chose a package plan a couple of weeks ago that I thought was going to work out perfect for me. When I realised that it wasn’t the right one for me ...

AMarks 28.11.2011 · Read full review

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Rip off, 30 day money back guarantee is a hoax, NO SUPPORT AT ALL

Advantages: easily misled by the nice site & features to believe they may actually provide a good service
Disadvantages: no support whatsoever, no money back, does not work!

...signed up with 2 days ago now (which forced me btw. to buy a domain as opposed to just letting me use one of my existing domains without actually transferring it to - thank God I did not do that as now I would be untangling that mess ...

Matthew.Oriordan 13.11.2009 · Read full review
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