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published 27/05/2009 | LaceyR26
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Hey Everyone! I'll be back in the New Year Don't lose touch x L@cey
Pro It's weetabix, only crunchier!
Cons Not enough to a packet (for me anyway)
very helpful

"A new way to satisfy your weetabix fix with a crunchy twist"

Weetabix Bitesize

Weetabix Bitesize

Ah! the Wonderful World of Weetabix! I live off the stuff! I think Weetabix biscuits are the best cereal/ snack/ pudding in the whole world but it seems to get a lot if criticism due to the tendancy to absorb milk and go soggy very quickly (I say, Put less milk in then!) lol.

Behold the answer to solve all your Weetabix woes- er, Weetabix bitesize? If you've watched the commercial, it's - 'all the goodness of Weetabix only bitesize like'. These are exactly the same as the Weetbix minis except there's no fruit, nut or choco chips (you could add your own anyway); they are simply just mini versions of the traditional Weetabix biscuits.

Apart from being a lot smaller, they look exactly the same as the biscuits; same golden colour with wheaty flakes cramed together to form chunky oval shaped biscuits about 4cm long and 1.5cm thick.
Same smell of that natural wheaty goodness with a very subtle sweetness. Even the taste is the same of, er, how can I put this; WHEAT (slightly sweet).

What is the point then? Why make a product that looks AND tastes AND smells the same as the original? Why have bitesize versions if you're going to mush it up anyway? Or, why do you want bitesize versions if you like to keep your weetabix whole? OR why on earth would you want to eat Weetabix in the first place?

The answer - apart from the obvious simularies, everything else about this actual product is different. The feel of the biscuits is a lot harder and firmer as they are condensed into smaller portions. They don't crumble easily at all to touch and I find myself having to really crush them between my thumb and finger in order for them to break. Standard Weetabix however, disinegrates into seperate wheaty flakes very easily, as I'm sure you may have noticed when you reach the end of your pack to find a big pile of wheaty flakes floating in the bottom.

Next- texture. For all of you who complain Weetabix is a soggy mush when milk is poured on now have no complaints. Because the bitesize weetabix is so packed and condensed they don't absorb the milk. Indeed, to examine one, you will find they are quite shiny and ever so slightly smoother with a sort of protective glaze over them. Hence, Weetabix just got crunchy. You can slosh your milk over these and the milk will still sit happily in the bottom of your bowl for ages. The biscuits do eventually begin to get softer but this only breaks through to protective glazed surface; the inside remains as crisp and crunchy wheaty flakes which is quite ear defening as you munch through them (espcailly if you've got a few in your mouth at a time). They are quite difficult to pick up on your spoon if they havn't absorbed the milk at all (though I di use a teaspoon for breaky because it makes it last longer; er;sort of. My bowl is still gone in less than a minute though).

Personally, I like to mix bitesize portions with 2 standard weetabix biscuits to add a variety of textures to my bowl. I roughly crush some of the bitesize versions so that there are some big chunks and some I leave whole. I pour over my milk and then crush up the big biscuits. They absorb all the milk and turn mushy. The whole mini versions remain crisp and the mini versions that I crush into smaller chunks go soft but not mushy. With a drizzle of chocolate sauce it's heaven! I have a nice mushiness that is bulked up with soft chewy bits and then harder crunchiness. It's such a delight to explore the textures and see which texture you get with every spoonful.

For those of you who like the crisp crunchy cereals then this is for you. You don't have to gobble down your normal weetabix before it goes soggy anymore because these will keep their soft and crunchy texture for you.

Enjoy the wonderful taste of weetabix in a whole new way! They even make lovely snacks; I eat them like crisps and if you have kids, you could even bung a few in their lunch box as a healthy snack - much better than a digestive biscuit and tasty too!

10 Weetabix bitesize equal one Weetabix. On counting this into a bowl, it looks huge because they are all stacked on top of each other. Obviously, I would need 30 little ones to equate to my morning serving of 3 weetabix which would use a lot of the packet contents. Thus, by mixing whole and mini Weetaibx, it goes a lot further and I appear to have a bigger bowl of my favourite cereal.

The packaging and design is exactly the same as normal weetabix (with the golden wheat field background) except that the front cover says 'bitesize' under the 'Weetabix' text and logo, inside a oval text box; plus, there are CG pictures of the little biscuits sloshed with milk. Weetabix traditionally identifies that it is:
'Low in fat'
'Low in sugar
'High in fibre'

The nutritional value per 100g is exactly the same as the standard version at 338kcal and 2g of fat (less than the mini's versions). Whereas 2 standard biscuits make a 37.5g serving, you need a 40g serving of these to equate to the same amount.

Same ingredients: Wholegrain Wheat (95%), Malted Barley Extract, Sugar, Salt, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Folic Acid

- and allergies (unfortunately):
Contains Barley, Malted barley extract & Wheat
May contain Milk, Other Nuts & Peanuts

These are roughly £1.89 in the big supermarkets and unfortunately, the Supermarkets havn't introduced there own version of these at a cheaper price yet, unless you count 'Asda's mini banana bixxies' which aren't quite the same and I don't partically like them (over sweet and I hate banana chips anyway). I would say, for an average 450g box, and for the normal person who is happy to have a 2 rahter than 5 Weetabix serving per day (20 bitesize biscuits), the pack should last you around 6-7 servings. For me, the box would last about 3 days.

I think this product is well worth its money and goes a lot further in conjuction with a supermarket brand of normal weetabixes at about £1. So for £2.89, you'll get a good deal.

Hope this was helpful.


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  • Amy69 published 27/05/2009
  • Amy69 published 27/05/2009
    Love weetabx, wouldnt dare try these xx
  • anonymili published 27/05/2009
    I used to like Weetabix with sugar but since I was diagnosed with diabetes, nothing could make me eat this stuff without sugar lol!
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