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Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer

Rock & Pop - StudioRecording - 1 CD(s) - Label: Universal International, Geffen - Distributor: Proper Note, Universal Music - Released: 09/07/2001 - 6...

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Review of "Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer"

published 21/06/2002 | Dream_weaver
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Pro One of the best cheery/summer albums ever
Cons Too short!
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"Don't Let Go."

Welcome to the world of Weezer. Please wipe your feet.

'The Green Album' was the first Weezer album I bought. Inspired by the fact that 'Hash Pipe' (The album's firts single) had been stuck in my head for almost 3 weeks solidly, and given the impetus to buy by the pay check from those three weeks as a temp, I strolled into my local huge HMV, clutching my crisp, new ten pound note, and walked back out 5 minutes later in search of a CD player.

After blowing my entire paycheck on a new portable CD player, batteries, and a soft carry case (with space to store 20(!) of my favourite CDs), I chose a nice spot of grass, lay down, inserted my new plastic earphones, and pressed the play button.

15 seconds later, after suddenly sitting bolt upright with a ridiculous grin on my face as 'Don't Let Go' - Track 1, started, I was bobbing my head like a fool, and mouthing random words, not knowing the lyrics yet.
30 minutes and 55 seconds later, I was feeling so immensely lifted and happy, that I treated myself to a large double-choc ice cream, and was presently sick all over the church steps. Ah, well, I didn't care, 'Hash Pipe' was back round again...

Seen as we're in a fairly convenient place, I'll give you the VITAL STATISTICS (ooo ahhh) of this lovely bright green opus.

Track List:
1) Don't Let Go
2) Photograph
3) Hash Pipe
4) Island in the Sun
5) Crab
6) Knock-down Drag-out
7) Smile
8) Simple Pages
9) Glorious Day
10) Oh Girlfriend
11) I Do

Album Highlights:

Don't Let Go;
This is a spectacular kick-off track, light, bouncy, with a *ridiculously* singable chorus ('Don't Let Go; Ooo-woah-ohhh; Don't Let Go' - it's better than it looks ;-)), and some of Weezer's best guitar work, Track One sets the tone for the entire album, and is like the happy child who dances for the guests at their mother's birthday, cheering everyone up with a reminder of lost youth and happiness... or not.

Hash Pipe;
The 'sore thumb' of the album, if sore thumbs were also the best thumbs within a mile radius, with big neon lights and fireworks proclaiming 'I AM A SORE THUMB, AND I'M DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!'... ahem.
Whereas the rest of the album continues Don't Let Go's happy, jumpy vibe, Hash Pipe is Weezer doing metal, or at least classic rock. Yet another catchy chorus ('You got your problems; woah-oh-ohhh; I got my ass-wipe; woah-oh-ohhh; You got your big chee-eese; I got my Hash Pipe'), supplemented by a KILLER RIFF (and I mean it, you will hum this one for DAYS), and some nice solos from Rivers (Cuomo - Frontman), make Hash Pipe a true stand out.

Knock-down Drag-out;
My third and final stand out (if I keep going, I'll pick the entire album :p), Knock-down Drag-out opens with the most memorable first line, both lyrically and rhythmically. ('ANy day now, YOU'll CALL ME up on the phone; Say you love me MORE THAN YOU ever did BEfore'), and continues throughout in the happy, cheery, yet under-laid with melancholy, sound that Weezer do so well.

My overall verdict on the album stands thusly:
Every track oozes both songwriting talent (Rivers Cuomo writes, and has written, a song a day, for the majority of his life) and musical perfectionism.
The overall atmosphere of the album is that of, well, summer. It's the kind of album to put on in the car as you speed off to the beach, and then to play on the beach as you sip beer and eat steak, and then on the way home, and then in the house while the unmentionables go on in various rooms between your drunken friends, and then the morning after when everyone's eating breakfast and trying not to look each other in the eye, but the chorus from Island in the Sun gets everyone singing and breaks the tension.
So, it's a summer album, great for cheering everyone up, great for parties, great for car journeys, just, overall, GREAT.

My only (ONLY) problem with this album is the fact that it is only 30 minutes long. With many other bands, this would mean the purchase of the album is ruled out completely, just not enough for your money.
But this is Weezer, and 30 minutes of this is more than worth your ten english pounds.

Trust me, Choose Weezer.

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  • JasonJRogers published 23/03/2011
    Well reviewed!
  • n13roy published 22/04/2005
    Nice easy to read review there. I think most people only know the single " Buddy Holly " by this band, unfortunately......Roy
  • drew_greenday666 published 14/12/2002
    I personally HATE weezer, Hash pipe was only a success because A) The song namr related to Drugs B) The video had fat sumo's making it remotly funny. I may be being harsh but i do really hate Weezer. It was a good review, i like the opening. Keep up the good op's Drew
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